July 2022

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Bobby Drake announced his departure, intending to attend college and move in with Miles Morales in New York, just in time for a heat wave. Doug Ramsey sought advice from Kevin Sydney on teaching the nanites how to mimic human skin. Garrison Kane put newcomer April Parker through her paces in the Danger Room. Theresa Cassidy and Kyle Gibney came back from Ireland. And Hope Abbott opened her consultancy business.


Jul 1 - With Independence Day just around the corner, Jubilee asks the mansion to join her in celebrating. A Danger Room session with Garrison has April evaluating her moves. Terry texts Darcy to ask if she'd be willing to pick her and Kyle up Sunday.

Jul 2 - Doug stops by Kevin's office and is taught a new trick by the shapeshifter.

Jul 3 - Darcy texts Kyle and Terry to ask them where they are. Marie-Ange shares a new tarot deck she's found.

Jul 4 - Clint posts thanking people for joining in on the festivities.

Jul 5 - Terry emails Angelo and Sooraya to thank them for helping out while she was away.

Jul 6 -

Jul 7 - Alani asks where the summer's gone and requests people join her on her journey to enjoy it.

Jul 8 -

Jul 9 -

Jul 10 - Pyotr emails the mansion to inform them that the Enhanced Strength Training Area will be receiving some work.

Jul 11 -

Jul 12 - Pyotr apologizes for Boris' barking.

Jul 13 - Darcy wonders how much she'll get murdered if she brings spray tea in a can to work.

Jul 14 - Monica posts about visiting Louisiana with her dad.

Jul 15 - Hope A. posts about the opening of her consulting business, and emails several friends to invite them to dinner.

Jul 16 -

Jul 17 - Doug asks Amanda to borrow her girlfriend for Hope A.'s dinner.

Jul 18 - Jubilee texts Kevin about drinks.

Jul 19 - Kevin lets people know he'll be on the West Coast doing "important spy things." Bobby let's everyone know he's moving back to school and out to the city with Miles. Terry posts wondering about volleyball.

Jul 20 - Jubilee posts a TikTok video.

Jul 21 -

Jul 22 - Gabriel bemoans losing the mansion's human ice machine and works by the pool.

Jul 23 -

Jul 24 -

Jul 25 -

Jul 26 -

Jul 27 -

Jul 28 -

Jul 29 - Artie posts, for Doug’s attention, an article about scientists using dead spiders as necrobiotic grippers.

Jul 30 - Marie-Ange shares her new favorite deck and does a number of readings for people.

Jul 31 - Alani has a craving for Filipino food and takes some folks out to get some. Jean shares the fact it is George Jetson’s date of birth today.



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