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First Seen: January 2015


A biotechnology company that was acquired by Worthington Industries in January 2015. The current President is Bolivar Trask and there is a focus on anti-mutant or mutant-controlling technology. It was this technology that Jean Grey sought further information on, going so far as to begin dating Warren Worthington in order to obtain it. She came clean to him when her conscience demanded it, and to her surprise Warren revealed he was a mutant himself. He joined her in her task, both unaware that the drives they used to download information had been provided by The Tinkerer and would alert certain individuals of anyone viewing the information.

It was due to this that Crossfire was sent to assassinate Jean. She survived, thanks to a rescue from Warren. Unknown to the mutants, Bolivar Trask and his partner, William Stryker, had paid for the hit.


Case File: The Sting

Patent Pending


Introduced by: Zoila and Mackinzie