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Adrian Toomes
Portrayed by Colm Feore
Known Aliases: The Vulture
Affiliations: Doctor Octopus
Socked By: Michael
Introduction: Endangered Species

""This is a man's fight, about dignity, injustice and intellectual property theft."

A disgruntled biochemical engineer, Adrian Toomes became the Vulture in order to get revenge against OsCorp and those he believes ruined him.


Name: Adrian Toomes

Aliases: The Vulture

Affiliation: Doctor Octopus

First appearance: May 14, 2016

Family: U/K


A former biomechanical engineer at OsCorp who left to start his own start-up with businessman Greg Bestman. Their company, B&T Inc., went under in mid-2015, and Bestman fled town with what remained of the money, leaving Toomes destitute and ticked off. To make matters worse, Bestman had apparently sold several of Toomes’s designs and schematics to OsCorp without Toomes’s permission or credit. Doctor Octopus, who had worked with Toomes when he was at OsCorp many years ago, contacted Toomes in October 2015 after hearing about his troubles and offered a chance for revenge against Norman Osborn and Bestman. Toomes barely hesitated to don the experimental mecha suit that Octavius designed, and now calls himself the Vulture. He first appeared during an attack on Osborn which was fended off by members of Generation X


His suit serves as durable body armor, increases the wearer’s strength to five times peak human strength, and permits flight up to 150 mph. The wings are constructed from a light, razor-sharp material that can cleave through concrete.


Endangered Species


PB: Colm Feore

Socked by: Michael