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First Seen: May 14, 2016


OsCorp is a multinational pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and bioengineering company, founded , owned and run by Norman Osborn.

In May 2016, OsCorp Industries received FDA approval for gugaltinib/Osgal®, a novel tyrosine kinase inhibitor that treats some of the major symptoms of various rare metabolic diseases. OsCorp received some attention during development of Osgal because some of these conditions are seen in mutants with enhanced metabolisms. The few open mutant advocates, such as Moira MacTaggart, heralded the development of Osgal and called for expanded access/compassionate use so mutant patients could use it. In a surprising twist for an American corporation, OsCorp has gone on record to say that this is under consideration. It may not be entirely noble, because CEO Norman Osborn has stated that he believes the x-gene to be akin to a genetic disease and this could be seen as a step towards a “mutant cure,” but the potential benefits to mutant health still make him worth working with. Therefore, there is some public support from mutant advocates for Osgal, and the corresponding denouncements from bigots.


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