Lincoln Family

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Lincoln Family
Portrayed by various
Known Aliases: Elina Lincoln, Otoahhastis Lincoln, William Lincoln
Affiliations: Maya Lincoln-Lopez
Socked By:
Introduction: August 2015

The Lincolns are the immediate family of Maya Lincoln-Lopez.


First appearance: August 14, 2015

William Lincoln

William joined the army at the age of eighteen as there were very few jobs in Lame Deer where he grew up and the army gave him the ability to send money home to his Grandparents. He served eight years in the United States army as a Special Forces soldier before being honorably discharged.

When Willie arrived home he worked for a time at odd jobs and construction until he met Tia Lopez and fell in love. One thing led to another and after a bit of foolishness on both their parts, they found out Tia was pregnant with Maya. Unfortunately, Tia did not survive the birth. Willie hyphenated their two last names on Maya's birth certificate to honor Tia's memory. Maya's birth meant that he needed to find a steady paying job and with his skill set, he found mercenary work the best return for investment.

He has always tried to take jobs state-side, or those that require more skill then brute force. His days in the army saw him well equipped to help with things like security or protection details. It was during his early mercenary days that he met and befriended Wade Wilson - although the jobs they regularly undertook were as different as chalk and cheese.

PB: Alex Kruz, socked by Michael

Tia Lopez
mother (deceased)
Died while giving birth to Maya.


Elina Lincoln
Elena Lopez.jpg
Elina Lincoln was born in Anchorage, Alaska and is of Cree descent. She has a strong sense of right and wrong and taught Maya to always follow her instincts, and never let anyone dictate her path for her. Elina was trained as a teacher in her early twenties and still teaches to this day.

It was Elina who taught Maya to dance, and helped her to learn ASL when she lost her hearing. One of Elina's favourite things is frybread, and she passed this love down to Maya.

PB: Irene Bedard, socked by.

Otoahhastis Lincoln
Otoahhastis was born in Lame Deer, Montana, and has spent his entire life in the town, training as a Medicine Man with his own Grandfather when the time was right. He is currently one of several medicine men of the tribe but has the most experience with healing.

He met his wife Elina at a Sun Dance, and they married a year later, their son Willie following two years later. When Maya was born, he agreed to raise her while Willie continued to work, although he did have arguments with his son over his chosen profession, believing that mercenary work was against the teaching of the Cheyenne Elders. Despite this, he loves his son and his Granddaughter and has always tried to teach them both via example.

While Otoahhastis has deep connections to the ancestors and traditions of his tribe, he also has knowledge and joy of more modern pursuits - having a love of pick-up trucks and the upkeep of said vehicles and a love of American football.

PB: Gordon Tootoosis, socked by Rei

Other family members: None


William was almost killed in 2015, which was also when he discovered his daughter's mutation and sent Maya to the mansion after being suggested to do so by his old friend, Wade Wilson. William and his parents went into hiding after that. Otoahhastis came out of hiding in 2016 to meet Amanda Sefton and Topaz after Maya was possessed by other worldly entities and he gave them a protection amulet to give to Maya so she would be shielded from further possession.



Socked by: Michael, Rei