Operation: Mad Men

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Mad Men
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Dates run: June 1-7, 2018
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: Operation: Mad Men

Attn all team - need an extraction at following address. KS down and unresponsive. Sapiens League at large.

A decades old case comes back to haunt Kevin Sydney.


Kevin Sydney, Nina Thurman, Gabriel Cohuelo, Wanda Maximoff, Emma Frost, Felicia Hardy, Jubilation Lee, Marie-Ange Colbert, Amanda Sefton, Artie Maddicks, Doug Ramsey, David North

Sapien League


June 1-7, 2018

Plot Summary

In 1965, Special Agent Kevin Sydney received his first station to manage; a covert office in NYC following up counterintelligence programs that they did not want to share with the FBI, due to Hoover's tendency to selectively leak intel for political gain. His first mission was an odd one. The Soviet's premiere agent, a woman known to the West only under the alias of Dottie Underwood, had been spotted in the city and was believed to be connected to a spy ring made up entirely of women. The CIA had put together out of their limited pool of female agents four women who would work with Sydney to uncover the reach and purpose of the ring and shut them down. They were successful at infiltrating the ring and discovering their purpose; identifying a site for HELOIS to start from. Unfortunately, they were unable to identify what or who HELOIS was and Underwood was able to evade arrest. While the threat was neutralized, question marks remained.

Recently, several members of X-Force successfully survailled a Sapien League meeting, in which they discussed a new mission against mutants in the city. As they recorded the conversations and hack their computers and phones, the name HELIOS came up. While quite a long shot, Kevin remembered his old mission and went to investigate a possible connection. While following that up, Kevin was ambushed by the Sapien League while tracking down Underwood and was shot to death by the Sapien League members, although he was able to alert X-Force to the situation. X-Force was able to track him via his phone, but discovered his corpse, reverting to Kevin's alien-like sexless default state. Getting him back to the mansion, Emma and Jean made the discovery that Kevin still possessed a level of active neurological activity taking place and could be reached via telepathy. Unfortunately, segments of his brain had been destroyed, meaning they could only access his memories as opposed to his consciousness.

While some of X-Force continued to work on Kevin's investigation angles, a second team was telepathically inserted into Kevin's memories of the HELIOS mission in 1965, tweaked to assume the roles of the female agents. By living through the memories, they were able to learn more about Underwood’s operation and through Emma, transmit the information the remaining X-Force members to follow up in the modern day.

During their investigation, they discovered what was supposed to have been the final location of HELIOS in the past. The investigation revealed that HELIOS was not a person or a mission. It was the codename for an atomic bomb that the Soviets had assembled in secret and buried in the basement of the building they had identified. After Underwood's mission had failed, the trigger code had been lost and the whole thing forgotten, buried in files until the machinist who had been involved in the original construction sold it to the Sapien League. X-Force raced to the location, taking down the Sapien League troops guarding it and dismantling the bomb while Emma pulled the team out of Kevin's head.

Meanwhile, Kevin's body had healed enough for him to wake, but the shock of his default form and realization that he's been seen like this by everyone led him to escape the med lab and the mansion in short order, disappearing for weeks from the team.

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During the plot, Kevin's only remaining living relatives are revealed: his half-nephew.


Plotrunner: Dex

'Dottie Underwood' was the operative from the Peggy Carter MCU television series. However, the original actress playing Dottie, Bridget Regan, was also the PB for Jean Grey at the time.

'Operation: Mad Men' was a reference to Kevin's PB John Hamm's starring role as Don Draper in the television show 'Mad Men'