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The Halloween pumpkin mystery was solved when Amanda Sefton, on behalf of the mansion's Romani contingent (Wanda Maximoff, Meggan Szardos and Kurt Sefton) confessed to teasing the mansion with an old Rom folktale about vampire squash. Julian Keller managed to patch things up with girlfriend Tandy Bowen, and Everett Thomas, while helping Jean-Paul Beaubier with his powers training, inadvertently cast doubt on the legitimacy of the Quebecois' Olympic medals by pointing out his powers set included super-speed (which Jean-Paul had not been aware of). Clinton Barton emailed Everett, Topaz, Kyle Gibney and Matt Murdock about starting a new team devoted to science and magic combined.

The U.S. election results cast a pall over the mansion, with a mysterious Someone committing random acts of kindness in its wake and Maya Lincoln-Lopez retreating to the tree house for some quiet. The high school seniors began their college applications, with Miles Morales indulging in some wishful thinking about going to college at all. Wade Wilson had a shipment of Christmas candy hijacked by Clarice Ferguson and Amadeus Cho reassured people that his land shrimp were perfectly under control, while offering mallets if needed. Christmas decorations came early, with Gabriel Cohuelo mocking the eager beaver who had put up mistletoe over the gym door.


Nov 1 - Amanda admits the Romani contingent at the mansion were behind the pumpkins.

Nov 2 - Miles posts explaining how stressed he is trying to write his English paper in one night.

Nov 3 - Kyle offers to write everyone late notes, explaining he can hear their screaming re the World Series. Jean-Paul seeks out Everett in the gym and asks for help with powers training leading to an unexpected bit of news. Ev asks Clint and Tasha if they’re familiar with Jean-Paul, letting them know that he’d given the man some bad news he probably shouldn’t have. Unable to distract himself from Ev’s revelation Jean-Paul seeks out Quentin for a distraction.

Nov 4 - Jean-Paul goes to Gabriel's workplace and cadges free drinks, but they arrange alternate means of payment. Jean-Paul texts Topaz to inform her that he’s kidnapped her cat for a little while, as well as her couch. Topaz finds Jean-Paul and they talk about his powers revelation. Maya wonders why 15 years olds can’t vote.

Nov 5 - Doug posts about the new hacker hero for Overwatch, comparing her to Domino. Julian pulls himself together to try to, successfully, patch things up with Tandy. Jubilee posts a link to a new song she’s enjoying.

Nov 6 - Maya tries to punish Garrison for calling her 'Becky', it doesn't go quite as she intended. Billy considers getting rid of daylight savings time.

Nov 7 - Miles posts about having sent in his early decision college application for Columbia. Clint emails Everett, Kyle, Topaz and Matt about starting a new team. Alison posts about her new look.

Nov 8 - Darcy posts about having voted. Jubilee posts about having a headache.

Nov 9 - Logan contemplates moving to Canada.

Nov 10

Nov 11 - Gabriel posts about his clothes being stolen from the dryer. Cecilia thanks the person who left the latte on her desk and Maya does the same for whom gave her the cactus.

Nov 12 - Amanda thanks the person who left her a pumpkin scone. Alison posts a tribute to Leonard Cohen.

Nov 13 - Maya asks Wade if they can go camping. Laurie posts about it being Match Day for med students.

Nov 14 - Wade asks about a missing shipment of Christmas candy.

Nov 15

Nov 16 - Alison asks for rhyming help.

Nov 17 - Laurie thanks a mystery benefactor for a mocha. Kitty expresses her disdain for raisins. Alex and Scott enjoy a night of drinking at Harry's.

Nov 18 - Darcy shares a YouTube video. Lorna lets people know it's her birthday, and that there's cake.

Nov 19

Nov 20 - Maya posts about Hamlet. Jubilee searches for God.

Nov 21 - Tyrone is on the hunt for a Turducken recipe.

Nov 22 - Gabriel makes plans for Black Friday. Maya announces that she’ll be spending more time in her tree house. Miles has some wishful thinking regarding college admissions.

Nov 23

Nov 24

Nov 25 - Darcy offers cupcakes to everyone. Gabriel sends a text message to Wade from the hardware store.

Nov 26 - Maya wonders if it's too early to celebrate the death of Fidel Castro.

Nov 27 -

Nov 28 - Angel is excited about Donutula’s holiday-themed donuts.

Nov 29 - Gabriel mocks whoever put mistletoe up above the gym door. Amadeus reassures everyone that the land shrimps are under control and there are mallets available if needed.

Nov 30 -



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