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November was occupied predominantly by the abrupt arrival of potential "children" of various residents from an alternate future. They had come in pursuit of their world's Topaz, who had fallen into darkness and was aiming to go back in time to prevent the loss of her parents. A trap was set using Avalon and Topaz' doppleganger was dealt with - permanently.

Following these events, a number of individuals expressed interest in becoming X-Men, taking advantage of Garrison Kane's re-certification drive to begin their training.


Nov 1 -

Nov 2 - Kyle and Jean-Phillipe go for brunch, which results in drunk texting and a confused return text to Kyle from Jean Phillipe's confused husband. Marie-Ange has a check up with Jean and they talk about prosthetics.

Nov 3 - Time Stand Still: Topaz emails Amanda, Marie-Ange and Doug to let them know her therapist has sent her on a weekend retreat.

Nov 4 -

Nov 5 -

Nov 6 -

Nov 7 -

Nov 8 -

Nov 9 - Time Stand Still: While at the retreat, Topaz is approached by an emotion-draining witch who seems familiar, but who leaves her memories of the encounter jumbled; Amanda alerts the teams to the incident.

Nov 10 - Time Stand Still: An odd group of mutants arrives at the gates of the mansion, telling Sooraya they’re from the future and they’re there to stop something bad; while they’re waiting for someone in charge to appear, one of the strangers reveals she looks a lot like Kurt and calls Amanda “auntie”; Doug and Emma question half the group while Jean and Topaz do the same and it appears they’re telling the truth, that they’re there to stop Topaz from their future from destroying the mansion; Doug discovers one of the newcomers is his and Marie-Ange’s daughter, by way of Wade; a strange conversation between Marie-Ange, Doug and Ellie follows; Darcy is confused about the sudden appearance of children; Amanda’s ‘niece’ stops her after the briefing to apologise for the earlier scene and reveals her name is Talia and she’s the daughter of Kurt and Wanda; Kyle acts as a punching bag and a listening ear for Topaz; Topaz and Amanda talk about the discovery there’s a version of her that has gone bad, and what to do about it.

Nov 11 - Time Stand Still: A teams meeting is held to discuss what to do about the other Topaz; Alison meets Franklin, the six year old son of Sue and Reed, and is bemused; Kevin goes over Topaz’s schedule for the plan and is concerned about her lack of a life.

Nov 12 - Time Stand Still: Molly comes across Shogo, the technopathic son of a vampire Jubilee, and they discover the toaster is evil; Jean meets Ruby and Garnet and they bond over ‘old’ movies; Ruby and Garnet force a confrontation between Emma and Fourteen when they reveal that they are clones of Fourteen, with possible Summers DNA mixed in and Emma finally owns her ‘daughters’; Ellie comes across Artie, who is totally Done with everything; Shogo meets Jubilee and has trouble remembering she’s not his mother or a vampire, asking her very strange questions.

Nov 13 - Gabriel reflects on how the mansion never ceases to surprise him. Time Stand Still: Alex meets Franklin early in the morning in the kitchen and helps him achieve mac and cheese and cartoons; Kurt meets Talia and it’s not actually weird at all; Cypher calls for volunteers for the ambush in Avalon; Changeling draws the Other Topaz to Avalon and the trap is executed; Wolverine, Facade and Sombra cut a path through Other Topaz’s shadow creatures on one side, while Ronin, Blink and Pyro do the same on the other side; Echo, Skin and Sentinel take care of the third side and the Frosts - the White Queen, Fourteen and Ruby and Garnet - psychically prevent her from draining emotions for power; finally, Tarot, Dust, Marvel Girl, Psylocke and Topaz overload Evil!Topaz, allowing Daytripper to come in and kill her.

Nov 14 - Time Stand Still: Sooraya meets her 'nephew' Nathan, son of Clinton Barton and Angelica Jones; The ritual is performed to send the visitors home; Topaz posts to let people know the crisis is over and their guests have returned to their own time and place; Betsy points out that the whole thing was a good example of why not to have kids; Alison admits she enjoyed the experience, in small doses at least.

Nov 15 - Time Stand Still: Maya wants to know if she can mock Ronin’s code name; Sooraya catches up with Angelica and they talk about the weirdness of Angel having a son with Clint.

Nov 16 - Clarice asks a hopefully rhetorical question about stabbing people over coffee. Fourteen reveals her true nature to Doug when he checks on her at Marie-Ange's behest.

Nov 17 - Jubilee asks if anyone else found Shogo weird. Fourteen calls Marie-Ange to confess the truth of her existence.

Nov 18 -

Nov 19 -

Nov 20 -

Nov 21 - Marie-Ange and Topaz have a very frank discussion following the time-travel shenanigans.

Nov 22 - Garrison announces re-certification sessions for those wanting to remain or become X-Men; Maya asks about joining the team.

Nov 23 -

Nov 24 -

Nov 25 - Jean issues an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with her parents, which Garrison accepts.

Nov 26 -

Nov 27 -

Nov 28 -

Nov 29 -

Nov 30 -


Time Stand Still

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