Church of Humanity

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Church of Humanity
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Anti-Mutant
Socked By: Various
Introduction: February 22, 2008

An extremist anti-mutant religious group, the Church of Humanity have no formal ties with the Friends of Humanity, but are building themselves a high profile in the U.S. media.

First Appearance

February 27, 2008, although first referenced February 22, 2008.


No specific individuals have come to prominence yet, but the Church seems to be comprised of a wide cross-section of Americans, all extremely devout and with a tendency to speak in religious rhetoric. It is unclear how many members the Church has, with estimates placing it at around 200, across the U.S.


The Church of Humanity appears to have been in existence for some years, but was regarded largely as an lunatic fringe group, not to be taken seriously. Taking a leaf from the Westboro Baptist Church, with whom they share many traits, the CoH began picketing the funerals of mutants and those advocating peaceful coexistence, setting up a website to provide a forum for their beliefs and making public statements violently condemning groups such as Red X for supporting mutants and praising the actions of groups like The Preservers in targeting pro-coexistence targets. These actions have garnered increased media attention, as well as sparked debate in various forums.

Phase 1

In February 2008, the Church began picketing a mutant drop-in center in New York, in response to it featuring in the media as an example of changing attitudes towards mutation. Extensive research by Amanda Sefton into the group failed to yield any kind of criminal activity or any propensity to violence, and their financial records were clean of any suspicious activity. Then Alejandra Torres, Miguel Torres and Professor Christopher Lee, a sociology professor at Columbia University who had become a sponsor of the center were attacked by men they believed to be CoH, with Alejandra and Lee being taken to the Morlock Tunnels. The tunnels yielded a grisly sight to the rescue team - a number of crosses, upon which young mutants had been crucified over a space of months. Alejandra was the last to be crucified, the group of X-Force members and Angelo putting a violent end to things. With Amanda using the survivors to save the life of Miguel, who had been shot in the affray, there was no-one left to question about the uncharacteristic (for the Church) torture and murder of mutants.

Phase 2

The church resurfaced again in April 2019 with a new branch opening in North Salem. Unsurprisingly, they're exactly as anti-mutant as their old world counterpart.


Phase 1

These Earthly Things

Call of the Wild

Phase 2

Case File: Take Me to Church


Socked by: various