Call of the Wild

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Call of the Wild
Dates run: February 9-11, 2010
Run By: Craig
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I'm sorry Nicky, but you're sick! You're possessed by the devil!

After another encounter with Julian, Nick disappears into the woods. His trip leads him to a surprise from his past, and a new threat for the X-Men.

Part 4 of the Wayward Sons arc


Nicholas Gleason, Julian Keller, Kurt Sefton, Catseye, Alexander Lexington, Kyle Gibney

The Purifiers


February 9-11, 2010

Plot Summary

Attempting to train Nicholas Gleason to better use his agility in his wolf form, Kurt Sefton set up an obstacle course in the woods, with Julian Keller using his Telekinesis to throw several objects at Nick while he must complete a series of twists and turns. Having trouble, Nick began to get frustrated. Julian didn’t help matters by goading the boy and pushing him further. Eventually Nick went into a feral rage, scratching Julian across the behind. Filled with guilt, Nick disappeared into the woods, leaving his phone and other personal effects behind.

When Nick doesn't show up for several events at school, several people began getting concerned. Kyle Gibney and Catseye are the first to track down Kurt and hear the full story. The trio recruit Alexander Lexington to also help in the tracking and retrieval of the boy. Initially, Kyle followed Nick's trail Northwest, but it abruptly halted and turned back east.

Originally Nick had planned to go back to his home state and live his life as a wolf there, as it was the area that he knew the best. But the boy was thrown off by a familiar smell. The smell led him to a group calling themselves the Purifiers, and are lead by a charismatic man known as Reverend Matthew Risman. Risman had been traveling the country recruiting members to his side, but had taken a brief detour in Upstate New Your as he encountered a young mutant, whom the Reverend planed to sacrifice to show his devotion to ridding the planet of the Mutant plague, which he believes is the result of satanic work. Nick tried to save the boy, but is accidental brought into the folds of the group, leaving him to hope that a rescue team gets to him before it's too late.

The tracking team came across Nick as he was about to attempt to rescue the young mutant himself and the team quickly switches over to attempt to save the young boy. The group attacked the Purifiers to create a diversion while Nick goes to free the young mutant. While freeing him, Nick is approached by his sister, the familiar scent that brought him to the clearing. But the reunion is short lived as the girl turned on him, revealing herself as a member of the Purifiers In shock and confusion, Nick was almost killed by his sister, but at the last second, Catseye makes the save, pulling both Nick and the young mutant out of harm’s way. The group then made a hasty retreat back to the mansion.

Back at home, Lex gave a full status report to his fellow X-Men members about the new threat in the Purifiers. Nick found himself roommates temporarily with Julian at the hospital, and tries to apologize with no avail. But the boy's spirits are brightened up by Kevin Ford and a plate of fried chicken. While still in the infirmary, Nick is visited by Kurt. Still upset over his sister, he approaches the professor with many questions about family, prompting Kurt, in a surprising act, to offer to adopt the boy, a surprising offer that Nick graciously accepts.

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  • As a result of this plot, Nick was grounded for 8 weeks at school.
  • This was part 2 of a larger plot involving Nick and Julian's senior year.


Plotrunner: Craig