A Brother's Protection

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A Brother's Protection
Dates run: May 5-7, 2010
Run By: Craig
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Just let me get my bible, and we can do whatever you need to do to get me away from that man.

Family ties demand that Nick respond when his little sister contacts him, seeking escape from the Purifiers.

Part 6 of the Wayward Sons arc.


Nicholas Gleason, Kurt Sefton, Henry McCoy

The Purifiers


May 5-7, 2010

Plot Summary

At the beginning of May, Nicholas Gleason received an e-mail from his sister. In the e-mail she sounded frantic, asking Nick for help. The girl claims that she has seen the true teachings of Matthew Risman, and that she needed to get out. The girl is petrified that Risman will track her down and hurt her if she tries to run, and needed the help of her brother and some of his “friends” to get her out. She e-mailed him the address of an abandoned steel mill in Pennsylvania that the Purifiers were supposedly holed up in.

Nick’s first stop was with his adopted father, where he beged Kurt to help out Natalie. Nick would have liked to go himself, but he was still grounded from his earlier encounter with the Purifiers, and realized that he may be in a bit too far over his head with the situation. Although he was hesitant at first, Nick’s constant pleading wass eventually enough to convince him that Natalie does in fact need help. After doing research, Kurt decided that it would be best to do a quick grab of the girl than a full scale invasion, as it could set the Purifiers off, or provide terrible press in the X-Men are seen involved in the fight. Instead, he had Nick e-mail his sister to meet him at a specific place in the mill at a set time, and asked Hank to go with him to help with a nimble escape, or to help treat the girl if something goes horribly wrong during the escape. After posting to the rest of the team, the two set off for Pittsburg

In disguise Kurt teleported in and nabs the girl. It was surprising very easy and seemed to go off without a hitch. But on the way home, Kurt was distracted by a pair of voices in the next room. One of them was that of Matthew Risman, but while the other is familiar he just could’t put his finger on it. He also heard several buzz words, including things like “cyborgs” and “robotics”, but was still confused.

Back at the mansion, Nick and his sister shared a joyful reunion. However, the boy is confused by his sister’s lack of willingness to stay at the mansion. It appeared like she’s still uncomfortable with the prospect of staying around mutants after all of the teachings of Risman she has heard. After thoroughly searching, Charles Xavier was able to find a temporary foster home in the near area for her so that she couldstay close to Nick and was able to gain a temporary restraining order between her and Risman, so that her adopted father couldn't snatch her back. Something that both seemed to be grateful for.

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This was one of several plots depicting the change in Julian Keller and Nicholas Gleason during their senior year at the mansion.


Plotrunner: Craig