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Newcomer Jared Corbo introduced himself to the school and did his best to settle into a very strange place. Kevin Ford and Jean-Paul Beaubier's relationship was outed on the journals, leaving Kevin to explain to an upset Yvette Petrovic where she stood. Amahl Farouk decided to leave the mansion, refusing an offer of protection from David Langstrom and deciding to go it alone despite the dangers from the Templars still pursuing him, handing Remy LeBeau his file on Ozymandias.

Carmilla Black, at Jake Gavin's suggestion, approached Remy about a job with X-Force, but things did not go as she planned. Laurie Collins graduated to full X-Man and took on the code name of Wallflower. Artie Maddicks rejoined the New Mutants and Bishop accepted a half-joking job offer to join Vanessa Carlysle's detective agency.

Nicholas Gleason received a call for help from his estranged sister Natalie, which resulted in Kurt Sefton and Henry McCoy rescuing her from a strangely underprotected Purifiers compound. Natalie, uncomfortable with the idea of staying at the mansion, was found a place with a foster family in Salem Center for the duration.

Nico Minoru's Staff of One complicated a simple introductory game of DnD for the New Mutants, casting an illusion that they were inside the game and inhabiting their characters. A quest to raid a dragon's lair and the apparent death of one of their party later, the spell was broken and they 'returned' to the library, none the worse for wear.

And in an unexpected turn of events, after a period of increasing oddness, Marie-Ange Colbert quit X-Force and dumped Doug Ramsey via a "Dear John" letter, leaving for New Orleans. Doug was unable to follow her as he wanted, being bluntly warned by Remy that the New Orleans Guilds had put a price on the heads of all Hellfire Club members following their role in the ascension of Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau to Black Queen.


May 1 - Jared introduces himself on the journals and in the course of comments, Kevin's relationship with Jean-Paul is outed. Artie runs into Kurt and Triscuit while out on his bike and they chat about India and Artie's schooling.

May 2 - Jean-Paul runs into Jake again at a bakery in New York and they have a tense discussion about Jake's lack of warning to the school about his presence and possible pursuers. Cammie offers her roommate, Laura, for sale.

May 3 - Kevin emails Yvette, apologising for not telling her about relationship with Jean-Paul in person. Meggan gets a visit from Kurt, during day one of her two days of enforced bed rest. Yvette e-mails Angel about going out for ice cream after her e-mail from Kevin. Kurt gives Cammie a lesson in cheating at cards, and then Nico comes by and they talk about the Staff of One and choices. Amanda resurfaces, informing people she isn't quite dead after her previous fun on the journals. Jan posts about Cinco de Mayo. Laurie visits Jean-Paul to change his dressings, give him a healing boost with her powers and feed him soup.

May 4 - Crystal posts about finally being out of Medlab and goes out to dinner with Warren.

May 5 - Yvette e-mails Logan and Garrison about X-Men combat training. A Brother's Protection: Nick receives an e-mail from his sister begging for help; Nick goes to see Kurt, the first person he thinks of that can help save his sister and Kurt agrees to help Nick get her out; Kurt recruits Hank in case of medical emergencies; Kurt posts to the X-Men comm with a note on what they're doing, and why.

May 6 - Jared e-mails Jean-Phillipe wanting some company as he feels a bit adrift. Amara finally catches up with Angelo to get her tour of Elpis and she is very impressed. A Brother's Protection: Hank and Kurt arrive at the steel mill and find it surprisingly sparsely guarded for a stronghold; Kurt teleports in to save Natalie, and is surprised by the ease of everything; things are thrown into question by two voices passing by; Kurt later returns to the mansion with Natalie, and are met by a very relieved Nick.

May 7 - John and Amara have coffee. Vanessa runs into Bishop at her favorite cafe, jokingly poses an offer and finds herself with a prospective PI for her agency. A Brother's Protection: Nick takes his sister to go meet with Xavier to help decide the next course of action for her.

May 8 - John SMS's Amara to find out how her studying is going and to invite her to the movies, and receives a cranky response. Amanda drags Bobby out to Harry's for enforced social time.

May 9 - Jean-Paul e-mails John to find out how work is going. Amara e-mails John with an apology.

May 10 - Kurt and Garrison share duty down in the situation room, reviewing the post-mission involving Risman's intentions.

May 11 - Laura gets her cast off. Kyle awakens from his coma. Jean-Paul gets food delivered to Kyle's suite. Jubilee stops by Remy's apartment to drop off a package and discovers Ororo instead.

May 12 - Sarah makes a post on the journal, and there is talk of restyling Logan's jeans but all hell breaks loose when Doug and Amanda get into a fight over recent events involving Belladonna, forcing Remy to step in. After emailing Amanda and receiving news that Belladonna's been made Black Queen, Angelo informs Doug that their friendship is over. Farouk meets with David Langstrom in Washington and declines an offer of protection by the Company. He meets with Remy soon after and informs him of his intention to leave the mansion, but not before handing over the Ozymandius File. Doug sends Amanda an email letting her know that he will continue to do his job regardless of how everyone else feels about it. Doug sends Angelo an email to try to set things straight. Nico decides to plan a surprise party for Dori and contacts the New Mutants about it. While nursing a hangover, Jared meets Kurt in the kitchen and they make small talk. John picks Amara up after work and they head out for a movie. Sofia makes a post in her journal, commenting about the drama in her office.

May 13 - Jubilee invites Amanda out to Silver. Doreen posts about her WoW achievement. Jared runs into Garrison while at Harry's and considers returning to work as a bartender.

May 14 - Megan sends Lorna a request to bake a birthday cake for Doreen's party. Nico gets in touch with Doreen after her surprise party. Artie seeks Tabitha out for a quick chat about the New Mutants, and later makes a journal post informing everyone of his decision to rejoin the New Mutants.

May 15 - Doreen makes a posts in her journal and thanks everyone for her surprise birthday party. After a conversation with Jake, Cammie goes to see Remy about a job but things don't go so well. Megan and Garrison meet for the first time and find that they have a mutual interest in music.

May 16 - Laurie sends Yvette an email asking for a favor in relation to Kyle's physical therapy.

May 17 - A romantic evening in for Jean-Paul and Kevin is interrupted by Jean-Paul's nightmares and a powers flare which destroys Kevin's television and leads them to waffles and a late night swim.

May 18 - Laurie emails Yvette and Hank about Kyle's recovery routine. On a visit to the Snow Valley offices, Meggan takes the chance to thank Remy for helping save her life from Selene.

May 19 Hank gives Laurie her full team uniform and tags; Laurie posts her new code name - Wallflower - to the team comm. Staying at Amanda's apartment, Marie-Ange can't sleep for nightmares and discovers that Amanda is having sleeping issues of her own when she discovers the witch awake, the kitchen clean and a fry-up happening; Marie-Ange is weird and Amanda is twitchy.

May 20 - Sam announces that he'll be going to Muir Island to help Jay's therapy during the summer vacation.

May 21 - Yvette checks in on Jared to make sure he is settling in.

May 22 - Dungeons and Derangements: Several of the New Mutants - Dori, Julian, Nick, Catseye, Artie, Megan, Klara, Meggan and Yvette - play Dungeons and Dragons in the library, only to find themselves caught up in a realistic magical illusion as the Staff of One gets involved; the group find themselves at an inn, with no Staff and variously changed to become their characters; Nico finds out the Staff is likely to be in a local dragon's hoarde and the group decides to go retrieve it; Julian and Nick argue on the way to the dragon's cave, leaving it to their girlfriends to be sensible; at the cave, the group is separated and each one faces a test before they can regroup with the others; in the dragon's lair, Yvette accidentally wakes the dragon sleeping under its hoarde and the group does battle, Nick being killed while protecting Julian; Nico retrieves the Staff and stops the spell, with all of them discovering they never left the library at all, Nick is alive and no time has passed.

May 23 - Cammie and Laura come to blows over musical differences in the early hours and wind up in the gym to fight it out, which they enjoy more than they anticipate. Amanda helps Wanda with the injuries sustained in India, and they talk about how they're both doing.

May 24 - New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain: Marie-Ange quits X-Force, leaves Doug a "Dear John" letter and leaves for New Orleans without explanation.

May 25 - Remy posts a journal entry to the Snow Valley journal explaining Marie-Ange's resignation and departure.

May 26 - Jared e-mails Garrison about a job at Harry's. Jean-Paul e-mails Vanessa about Jake being back. Garrison goes to talk to Paige about Danger Room sessions and taking over the creation of them.

May 27 - New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain: After Marie-Ange's departure, Remy gives Doug more field work and warns him to stay out of New Orleans since New Orleans Guilds| the Guilds have put a price on the heads of every Hellfire Club member due to Belladonna's ascension.

May 28 - Kyle and Angel work out in the Danger Room and Angel learns an important lesson about using everything you have. Wanda e-mails Jake asking him to come see Remy, and bribing him with alcohol. Jake e-mails Remy to set up a meeting time.

May 29 - Crystal e-mails Warren about escorting her to the Prom.

May 30 - Jan posts about a cookout Monday night. Kyle decides to complain on the journals about his sore muscles and gets given a lecture or two. Kevin e-mails Kyle to tell him to stop being a jerk. Laurie e-mails Jean-Paul telling him to ignore Kyle. Jean-Paul and Kevin go for a walk when Jean-Paul wants to get away from the journals, Kevin asks Jean-Paul to teach him French.

May 31 - Laurie sends Jean-Paul an email about Kyle and to ask if he's interested to help her bake next Saturday. Kyle makes a journal post complaining about his knee injury and admitting he was an idiot the day before. Catseye drops by Jean-Paul's room to discuss about ancient mythology.


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