The Purifiers

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The Purifiers
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Father Matthew Risman, Natalie Gleason
Affiliations: Friends of Humanity, Church of Humanity
Socked By: Ryan
Introduction: This Devil's Workday

A zealous separatist group of the Church of Humanity lead by Matthew Risman. The Purifiers believe that the COH and FOH were too passive in their efforts and have begun taking up arms to “cure” the mutant threat.

First Appearance

December 21, 2009


Father Matthew Risman
A youth minister for a large church in Minneapolis, Risman went through a drastic change after the discovery of mutants. He believed that mutants were the spawn of Satan, and it was his job, along with that of all believers, to rid the world of these hell spawns. He was one of the first individuals to join in the Church of Humanity, but thought that their actions weren’t proactive enough to rid the world of the mutant menace as he put it. Eventually, he split from the Church of Humanity to form his own group, the Purifiers, intent on handling the mutant threat by any means necessary. During the events of A Betrayal of Heart, Risman's face was struck by superheated shrapnel, leaving his face with a large scar.

PB: Paul Bettany


Phase 1

The Purifiers are a right wing religious group that started in the American-Midwest. Fundamentalist and Christian, the Purifiers believe that mutations and mutants are unholy and unclean. They're a terrorist organization and commit acts such as murder, as in their minds the only way to 'save' a mutant is to kill them. They believe that this is doing God's Work. The thought is to save the soul, the unclean, mutated body has to be destroyed.

The founder of the Purifiers is Matthew Risman. Though not ordained in any church as a minister, Risman started the movement in Wisconsin. They've grown exponentially since then and have chapters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa. The followers are fanatical in their devotion and their ideas. When told they will even commit suicide rather than jeopardize their work.

Brewster House in Chicago is just one place where this ideal is coming up. These people genuinely believe they are doing God's work. The purifiers are, essentially, a cult.

Later in the year, the group was spotted trying to sacrifice a mutant. However, it was foiled by combined effort of Kurt Sefton, Catseye, Kyle Gibney, Alexander Lexington, and Nicholas Gleason. During the fight, Nick came to the shocking revelation that his sister, Natalie had joined the ranks of the Purifers.

Natalie Gleason e-mailed her brother near the end of the school year, claiming she had reformed, and needed out. A covert group, consisting of Kurt Sefton and Hank McCoy were able to collect the girl and bring her back to the mansion. Still seemingly shaky around mutants, Professor Xavier allowed her to move to a home near the school and filed a temporary injunction against Risman so he could not reclaim the girl.

But the reform was eventually found to be a ruse, as Gleason, wearing an inhibitor built by Donald Pierce was gaining information to allow the Purifiers, and new allies the Reavers to invade Xavier's Graduation in June 2010. The mission of the Purifiers was to eliminate as many mutants as possible. The attack was eventually turned back by the mutants in attendance, and several Purifiers were captured. However Risman, and several high ranking officials escaped and are currently at large.

In August 2012, Risman and his group reappeared, threatening a mutant-positive rock concert in Minnesota. The X-Men were able to intervene when they attacked the concert on the second night, but their attempts to capture Risman were unsuccessful.

Phase 2


Phase 1

This Devil's Workday

Call of the Wild

A Brother's Protection

A Betrayal of Heart

X-Men Mission: Joyful Noixe

Phase 2


Socked by:Ryan

Previously socked by: Craig