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The month began with an all-hands call from X-Corps - and specifically Yvette Petrovic - to save the remaining mutants on Avalon from an approaching tsunami. It was a tough situation, with many of the residents refusing to cooperate, and when the first wave hit, Hope Abbott was washed out to sea, triggering her first journey to the astral plane. Namor Mazur was able to rescue her, but it took Jean Grey to bring her back to her body. Cecilia Reyes, who had been unable to use her forcefield to protect Hope A., was considerably shaken by the incident, and made plans to further train her mostly-ignored powers. The tsunami also inexplicably attracted reality TV survivalist star Longshot, who earned Jean's contempt for using the disaster as some kind of publicity stunt.

Fred Dukes graduated from the X-Men trainees, taking on the official code name of "Anchor". Jean had a rather unpleasant spat with Wade Wilson in response to one of this less well-planned pranks, resulting in Wade formally requesting Cecilia be his doctor. And Topaz raised some questions about the legality of her status with mentor Amanda Sefton, following a conversation with Adrienne Frost on the journals. The older witch reassured her that all was fine and there was no way for Taboo to get custody of her ever again.


May 1

May 2 - Red-X Mission: King Tide: Yvette announces an tsunami is threatening Avalon and Red X goes to help. Hope A. and Cecilia desperately try to evacuate the some of the remaining residents. Scott and Tandy evacuate refugees and must clear a path through the jungle before the tide hits. Matt and Angel race against time to get a trapped family out of a building and to safety. Kurt and Billy attempt to evacuate a resistant Avalonian. As Hope A. is pulled under, help is on the way in the form of Namor. Jean and Angelo try to retrieve an old cranky Portuguese woman from being hit by the tsunami. Jean enters the astral plane to help find a panicked Hope A. who has lost control of her astral projection abilities during the tsunami. Bruised, banged up and bandaged, Matt runs into a curious sort of quasi-volunteer. Cecilia comes to Yvette's aid as she works to free a tsunami victim from the debris of his house. Kyle and Clarice end up swimming to assess trapped survivors in a damaged barracks, remove two bodies and rescue a amphibious mutant. Yvette posts to thank the volunteers. Kyle posts about a bonfire party.

May 3 - Cecilia posts about wanting to hide. Jean posts about Hope A. being in the Medlab. Matt posts about recognizing Longshot. Kyle posts about the same.

May 4 - Tabitha wants tater tots.

May 5 - Billy texts Clint about getting him a sandwich. Fred emails Scott about paperwork to become a fully fledged X-Man. Fred announces that he is no longer an X-Men trainee. Cecilia asks if anyone wants to do a Danger Room run.

May 6 - Tandy mentions that if anyone sees her with a video camera and filming them to pay no mind to her. Marie-Ange posts that Eurovision Song Contest finals are this weekend and that her cousin is hosting a party and everyone is invited. Cecilia visits Hope A. in the medlab and feels guilty about not being able to prevent her being washed away by the tsunami.

May 7 - Doug mentions today is his birthday and is looking for suggestions of what to do. Matt posts that he is done with Spring Classes and that he is finally declared a major, criminal justice and thinking about applying it towards law school.

May 8

May 9

May 10 - Cecilia leaves a recorded message for Matt saying, “Trust me when I say you needed a new one of these. Happy birthday, buddy. Let's celebrate in style.” and gives him a new red backpack. Jean-Phillipe posts about Eurovision Finals is starting and the party is in his suite.

May 11 - Sarah asks Kane for help with handling firearms, and he shows her a few things.

May 12 - Cecilia posts about a man whose brain injury made him a math whiz. Sooraya seeks advice about Malala’s Rose from Cecilia and Jean.

May 13

May 14

May 15 - Cecilia texts Wade about messing with her phone’s autocorrect. Matt is elated to celebrate the end of his last final for the semester. Hope A. posts from the Hyatt, where she and Maddie are participating in the model UN.

May 16 - Cecilia asks if anyone wants to go to the beach.

May 17 -

May 18 - On the second anniversary of the Genosha rally abductions, Fred posts drunkenly about cupcakes and muffins and emails Callie a picture of his left eyebrow.

May 19 - Rachel sends a series of texts to Angelo, Matt and Sooraya, including an invitation to Muir to Angelo and Sooraya. Wade reports to Cecilia that he has no fungus in his lungs.

May 20 - Hope A. writes thank you notes to Matt, Sue, and everyone else thanking them for her gifts. Hope A. encounters Namor near the gardens and thanks him for his assistance on Avalon.

May 21 - Adrienne makes a journal entry letting people know they can watch the Sox and Jays play from her box at Fenway if they want.

May 22 - Jubilee makes a journal entry about Danger Mouse and sharing a clip from it.

May 23 - Clint e-mails Adrienne about having to drop chess club next year due to his pending X-Men obligations. Cecilia posts about her blind date canceling and asking what’s going on this holiday weekend.

May 24 - Jean makes a journal entry about marathoning Dog Cops and asking someone to send pizza. Clarice posts a cool tattoo she proposes Wade should get about tacos.

May 25 - Hope A. and Clint discuss the menu for the Red-X gala before he asks her a pressing question. Rachel and Wade meet in an unlikely place and shenanigans ensue. Scott texts Wade about his plane banner stunt. Jean texts Wade to let him know she knows he was behind the banner stunt. Cecilia e-mails Scott and Garrison to ask for assistance with training. Tandy texts Sue to see if she wants to go to a photo shoot with her on short notice. Wade leaves the rolled up sign from the plane stunt at Scott’s door. Jean e-mails Cecilia giving her a heads up that Wade may likely approach her for treatment as Jean will no longer do so.

May 26 Cecilia thanks Namor for saving Hope A.’s life at Avalon. Lorna suggests she and Jean do wine and a movie. Molly brings Wade a present, and Wade explains engines to her. Adrienne takes Matt shopping and gives him the talk about treating Tandy well. Later, Adrienne arrives at Jean’s suite and convinces her to come out onto the town to go to a bar and forget her problems for a while.

May 27

May 28 - Scott invites Jean to the Xavier’s prom. Cecilia thanks Clarice for taking care of her fern, and notes they’ll need a lot more B+ blood type. Adrienne shuts the stray cat out in the rain and when she and Garrison go searching for it, they decide to keep him and name him Rooney. Haller and Cecilia meet in the med lab when he goes in the get some sleeping pills. Wade drags North and Jean into the Danger Room to play real life Temple Run.

May 29 - Adrienne proposes a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art the afternoon after prom. Rachel posts a Selfie of herself and Molly. Megan posts in remembrance of Maya Angelou.

May 30 - Adrienne decides to buy Katharine Hepburn’s beach house. Topaz admits she misses England and is greeted with many offers to get her home for a while. Clarice posts a picture of her prom dress. Topaz texts Adrienne to answer questions about her guardianship. Molly posts a picture of her prom dress. Molly and Rachel run into one another in the library and Molly convinces Rachel to dye her hair a little.

May 31 - Topaz e-mails Amanda asking for details about her guardianship and Taboo. Tandy thanks Matt for taking her to Prom. Marie-Ange helps Matt "see" the art at the museum by making models of it for him to touch.


Red-X Mission: King Tide

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