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April Fool's Day was marked by another of Billy Kaplan's magical mishaps - in an attempt to turn Clint Barton's hair blue, he inadvertently made him bald. Clint, seeking justice, emailed Amanda Sefton and Topaz for help; Amanda, tired of Billy's lack of thought with regards to his magic, gave Topaz permission to use a glamour to gradually turn Billy's hair - and the rest of him - blue. The prank worked - Billy emailed Amanda in a panic and the witch had Topaz remove the glamour, without letting him know what had actually happened.

Namor Mazur and Susan Storm also had a magical incident, although this one much more mild. During an outing they discovered that when Namor was close to Sue, the stone in the necklace she had picked up in the sea cave inexplicably glowed. Concerned, they emailed Amanda, who was less than pleased to find out the student had picked up a magical artifact without notifying anyone. Namor was also displeased and confused when, in a meeting with Marie-Ange Colbert, she went into a precognitive fit that required him to call her roommate Amanda to come fetch her home - it was too much weirdness on top of an already strange couple of days for him.

Finally, old face Nicholas Gleason - still suffering from amnesia and going by the name "John Doe", but beginning to remember things - returned to the mansion to continue his therapy.


Apr 1 - Sue emails the New Mutants (minus Maddie) to ask about a party for Maddie in the theme of 1950s. Billy texts the New Mutants (minus Clint) about how he had been practicing a color-changing spell on Clint’s hair. Cecilia posts how she will be in the medlab to avoid any April Fool Pranks. Clint posts to give props to the person who switched his deodorant with cream cheese. Kyle posts this picture to congratulate the ones that put the googly eyes on everything and to bring him a BLT to not rat them out. Hope A. texts Maddie and Topaz about who should provide the BLT and vote for Maddie.

Apr 2 -

Apr 3 - Tandy texts Sue on if they will continue to live here or should they find places near their colleges. Hope A. emails Lorna about helping organizing a party in the future. Tandy posts about her school musical Legally Blonde and that the tickets are now on sale with the dates. Tabitha and Scott play soccer in the Danger Room - with their powers.

Apr 4 - Topaz leaves this shirt and this card on Maddie’s dresser with a picture of Maddie and Sue together for her birthday. Clint leaves this cookbook and this pendant for Maddie’s birthday.

Apr 5 - Lorna and Namor meet to discuss what he likes to eat and other things. Billy emails the New Mutants except for Clint saying not to comment on Clint’s hair (or lack thereof). Billy leaves this goat with a happy birthday note for Maddie.

Apr 6 - Clint texts Amanda and Topaz saying that he is bald and that it is Billy’s fault and asking them to help him get back at him. Sue texts Clint asking if he is free and that she has figured out how to get a robotic spider to perform to voice command. Lorna and Hope A. get together to plan their Easter celebration.

Apr 7 -

Apr 8 - Billy emails Topaz, concerned about his hair - and scalp - turning blue. Hope A. leaves Maddie a birthday gift.

Apr 9 - Maddie thanks everyone for her birthday gifts and shares a YouTube video. Clint emails Topaz over the success of their prank. Cecilia shares her plans of watching the Daria dvds over wine.

Apr 10 Tandy shares her new ring tone. Billy emails Amanda, asking for help to remove his blue-ness before his date. Hope A. and Lorna invite everyone to an Easter egg hunt and dinner. Tandy, Sue, and Namor are on their way into the City when they discover Sue's necklace glows.

Apr 11 - Topaz goes to ask Catseye about a job and they talk about birth families not being all you could want. Amanda emails Topaz and Clint to let them know Billy’s had enough and to ask Topaz to remove the glamour. Marie-Ange goes to the mansion to apologize to Namor for Wade’s behaviour, and winds up in a pre-cog fit that requires Namor to call Amanda to pick her up.

Apr 12 - Sue and Maddie spend Spring Break at a friend’s house in California.

Apr 13 -

Apr 14 - Cecilia wishes all of her Jewish friends a Happy Passover.

Apr 15 - Namor e-mails Professor Xavier and Haller to express his concerns with how the school instructs newcomers to handle powers-related incidents.

Apr 16 - Namor e-mails Amanda to inquire about a stone that glows around him which Sue took from a cave last year.

Apr 17 - Amanda makes a journal entry about losing track of time while in the Ukraine, and wishing Garrison a happy birthday. Amanda e-mails the staff of Xavier’s inquiring if the school needs a refresher course in how not to mess with magic.

Apr 18 - During their Spring Break trip, Namor and Catseye introduce Angel to a whole new underwater world. Cecilia and Clint head into the city so they can check out the entirety of the known universe.

Apr 19 - "John" meets up with his adopted father and prepares for a trip back to the unknown. Hope A. e-mails Lorna asking if everything’s going well with the kitchen for tomorrow.

Apr 20 - Susan and Namor meet with Amanda at Snow Valley to discuss Susan's glowing necklace and next steps.

Apr 21 -

Apr 22 - Billy and Clint make plans to catch up with one another while going for cheeseburgers. In the midst of power training, Sue and Cecilia talk about being two girls with forcefields at Xavier's Mansion McCrazy.

Apr 23 - Marie-Ange warns Wade that taco yogurt isn’t a good idea while Billy offers to make it happen.

Apr 24 - Amanda is forced to resort to giving Billy a sign warning that trouble starts off as fun. "John" spots Catseye spying on him and the two of them start talking, after "John" falls out of a window to catch up with her.

Apr 25 - Angel and Garrison decide to do a Danger Room run and end up cursing Scott’s name a few times.

Apr 26 - Jean and Angelo have a Danger Room session involving a kidnapped boy in Madripoor; the session is completed but not without some problems.

Apr 27 - Johnny reminds everyone that April is good because it’s one step closer to spring while Angel warns Wade off trying to recruit him as a minion. Cecilia finds an old photo of herself in Dr Bartlet’s desk, making her feel nostalgic.

Apr 28 - Remy comes across Marie-Ange late at the office drinking and questioning her lack of questioning and they talk.

Apr 29 - Yvette emails Hope A. about joining a committee to plan a Red X fundraiser. Garrison and Fred train in the Danger Room.

Apr 30 - Clarice emails Billy about rescheduling teleportation training. Matt posts about Easter candy and Spanish finals. Looking to crash at Amanda's, Matt instead runs into Jubilee and winds up with take out and conversation.



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