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X-Force came to the rescue of Artie Maddicks, who had run afoul of Arcade in Atlantic City; with Artie in debt to Arcade and reluctant to return to the school, Marie-Ange Colbert decided to give him a job at the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs so she could keep an eye on him and hone his training. Lorna Dane finally gained access to the mysterious lockbox, only to discover a picture of a much younger Magneto and indications he had known her birth mother; unsettled by the possibility he might actually be her father, Lorna sought out Wanda Maximoff and convinced her to do a comparative DNA test.

Susan Storm and Madelyne Pryor got together during the cast party for the musical, and Billy Kaplan finally admitted to himself and others that he was gay - the reaction was far more laid back than he had expected. Sooraya Qadir, in the meantime, continued struggling with the philosophical conflict created by her religion's views on homosexuality, and she sought out advice from various friends. And Matt Murdock asked his friend Hope Abbott to the prom.

Newcomer Frank Ludlum continued to seek out more about the school, talking to Yvette Petrovic about the Red X program, volunteering with X-Corps, bonding with his English teacher Kyle Gibney over Shakespeare, discussing addiction with Matt and being teased with the news of Sue and Maddie's new relationship. Jean Grey took on Adrienne Frost to train her in psionics in the wake of her powers mishap the previous month and Korvus Rook'shir organised celebrations for Holi, an Indian festival involving lots of multi-coloured dye powder being thrown.


Apr 1 - Clarice posts complaining that it’s Monday and she’s breaking out while a girl in her class is still flawless. Adrienne puts a message up on her journal celebrating the beginning of Baseball season. Frank meets Kyle and they nerd out over Shakespeare. Excelsior East: Artie gets caught by Arcade trying to scam one of Arcade’s casinos; to prevent himself from being killed by Arcade Artie agrees to steal a disk drive from one of Arcade’s competitors, unfortunately he is caught by security as he is sneaking into the new casino. Tandy and Frank meet for the first time after the journals.

Apr 2 - Wade wants to look for something for Marie-Ange at the mall, Billy wants to find a gift for Maddie... so Wade gives Billy a ride.

Apr 3 - Kyle texts Maddie telling her to check out the game which Texas won. Frank leaves Topaz a packet of Kimberly Mikados like he had promised. Topaz texts Frank thanking him for the Mikados. Gershomi: Jennifer Walters e-mails Bishop promising to get him a court order to open the lock box by the next morning. Excelsior East: Arcade contacts Snow Valley telling them Artie is in trouble and tells them where Artie is in exchange for the return of his hard drive; X-Force infiltrate Lorina Dobson’s casino by simulating a particularly nasty breakup; Cammie is thwarted in her quest for a drink when the bar is closed do to a sickening smell; Emma enjoys herself at the blackjack tables before the fire alarm clears the casino; Ororo and Sarah distract security by trading accusations and barbs until the fire alarms unleash chaos; Amanda, Wade and Wanda sneak into the back rooms under cover of the confusion and manage to rescue Artie. Remy, North and Jubilee fight their way into Dodson’s office and acquire the hard drive Arcade wanted. Billy and Frank discuss magic over milk and cookies.

Apr 4 - Korvus gathers the students in the gymnasium for a secret meeting. Tandy texts Maddie wishing her happy birthday. Billy promises Maddie a cake as soon as she can eat dairy frosting again. Excelsior East: Arcade and Dodson make up and plan to have dinner while figuring out ways to create a security system that can beat X-Force.

Apr 5 - Sarah leaves Maddie a t-shirt for her birthday. Matt hits Topaz with pink dye as part of the Holi celebration, she is not amused. Logan singles out the students who managed to hit him and promises dire revenge. Hope A. thanks whoever stained her dress allowing her to get rid of it.

Apr 6 - Jean goes into Adrienne's mind with her to better understand Adrienne's mindscape with hopes of helping to better manage it.

Apr 7 - Billy gets all twitchy and stuff, and this time, Clint's not about to let him off the hook.

Apr 8 - Adrienne posts about it not being fair that the Sox season starts on a Monday afternoon. Amanda posts about the death of Margaret Thatcher. Wade texts Doug about wanting to shoot his laptop. Doug posts about being annoyed at cicadas.

Apr 9 - Hope A. and Logan run into each other and talk about wilderness survival training.

Apr 10 - Maddie asks everyone to watch the musical because Billy is great in it. Sooraga and Jean-Phillipe discuss the latter's relationship with Angelo.

Apr 11 - Excelsior East: Marie-Ange hunts Artie down in the sewers and questions are asked about what Artie plans to do next and how he's going to deal with the fallout from his little incident in Atlantic City. Hope A. emails the non-acting New Mutants about attending the play together. She also emails Korvus, Angel and Catseye to ask about possible transportation.

Apr 12 - Kyle pulls Billy aside to talk about his distraction during class - the conversation goes in a direction he wasn't expecting.

Apr 13 - Matt posts about not being a fan of Hamlet and having a music party. Marius and Sharon run into Molly while playing around in cat form; Molly wants to play too.

Apr 14 - Adrienne gives Amanda a bronze Dalek replica and a card for her birthday. Topaz gives Amanda a charm for her birthday. Maddie and Sue spend some time catching up at the Cast Party, which results in playing with Sue's curls and some unexpected kissing.

Apr 15 - Johnny makes a journal entry asking how the downstairs window got broken. Tandy makes a journal entry about being free from rehearsals and memorizing lines now that the show is over, and is glad to have her afternoons back. Clint texts Maddie and Billy to tell them it’s a movie night. Tandy texts Sue to come to movie night. Billy texts Maddie about his recent kiss with a male cast member.

Apr 16 - Sue goes to talk to Maddie about their kiss during the cast party. Jubilee texts Amanda, Marie-Ange, Wanda, Ororo, Cammie, Nico, Sarah M., and Emma to ask them over to her place Friday night for drinks and food. Sue texts Matt to see if he’s free to talk.

Apr 17 - Frank and Yvette talk about Red-X, and Frank doesn't punch anything. Adrienne makes a journal entry wishing Garrison a happy birthday. Jean leaves Garrison a biweekly subscription to Fresh Orange Juice of the Week as a birthday gift. Tandy delivers Maddie a belated birthday gift. Maddie and Clint talk about Maddie's new relationship with Sue.

Apr 18 - Frank makes a journal entry about three males getting kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being too sexy. Seeking a slightly more normal high school experience, Matt gets nervous and tongue-tied trying to ask Hope A. a question. Hope A. walks in on Sue and Maddie making out and things are Awkward.

Apr 19 - After a routine check-up, Wade and Jean decide to head for lunch.

Apr 20 - Garrison and Haller meet at Harry’s and have a lengthy conversation about life, the universe and everything female. Angel finds Sooraya thinking about Angelo and his relationship with Jean-Phillipe, and tries to help her with figuring things out.

Apr 21 - Kyle makes a journal entry asking if anyone saw the Brewers/Cubs game on Friday. Matt makes a journal entry about running away to join the circus. Maddie makes a journal entry informing Care Bear (aka Logan) that he just got served, son.

Apr 22 - Thinking that Vanessa had returned, Adrienne goes to see her but instead finds Callisto and both open up about coping, counselling, bonding over Vanessa and motorcycles. Tandy makes a journal entry about The Great Gatsby movie coming out and that she can’t wait for the TMC festival in Hollywood this weekend. Adrienne and Sue play chess, catch up, and Sue freaks out Adrienne out with robot talk.

Apr 23 - Sue texts Hope A. and Tandy about planning Maddie’s belated birthday party. Garrison and Walters get lunch together and talk about the mansion and its mission. Matt and Kurt train on the trapeze and discuss other circus-type tricks.

Apr 24 - Sue finds Frank in the Rec Room and Sue talks about her family. Johnny and Frank meet for a movie. Topaz finds Matt taking out his frustrations about Maddie and Sue on a punching bag and tries to comfort him - sort of.

Apr 25 - Callie emails Lorna about a project on growing a garden and asks Lorna for any requests. Frank and Clint give up on Math and start playing games. Frank and Matt meet, discuss Matt’s addiction and eventually agree to practice self-defence together.

Apr 26 - Sarah V. posts this. Billy texts Maddie about asking the boy he has been crushing on out and ask how LA is. Clint texts Billy about not texting him and if he is acting weird again. Frank visits Sue, finds Maddie and in the course of things finds about the girls’ relationship.

Apr 27 - Maddie texts Sue about meeting Aaron Tveit with this gif.

Apr 28 - Tabitha posts to her journal saying that she can’t sleep and that she ran to the store to get hair dye. Angelo checks on the X-Corps new intern, Frank. Tandy texts Sue and Hope A. about how it is going with the party and that she met some directors. Hope A. delivers invitations to Renee, Clint, Billy, Frank and Molly. Matt emails Topaz about doing something Wednesday night.

Apr 29 - Tandy posts this music video and mentions how it is going to be her new ring tone. Gershomi: Bishop finally gets access to the lockbox for Lorna and she discovers a photo among various papers that looks like a young Magneto.

Apr 30 - Catseye is excited about the imminent end of her school and her plan to open a restaurant in Salem Center. Clarice goes to talk to Jean about her impending graduation and a job in the med lab. Gershomi: Unsettled by her discovery and the possibility Magneto could be her father, Lorna goes to Wanda to look at getting proof in the form of a DNA comparison; Lorna lets Wanda know she has made an appointment for the blood test. Sooraya and Sam talk about religious faith, in the wake of Sooraya’s conflict about Angelo’s sexuality. Matt posts about taking further steps to get closer to college.



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