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Dates run: February 27 - June 10, 2013
Run By: Rei
Read the logs: Gershomi

"I've only seen pictures but add a very odd helmet and I think you have a young Magneto."

A discovery in her parents' attic leads Lorna to once again wonder about her relationship to Magneto.


Lorna Dane, Lucas Bishop, Wanda Maximoff, Remy LeBeau, Jennifer Walters

Janice Dane


February 27 - June 10, 2013

Plot Summary

Lorna makes makes plans to go back to California and visit her parents for a week. While helping her mother clear out the attic for a charity event, Lorna stumbled upon a small key. Curious of where it goes too, Lorna goes to Lucas Bishop in order to help shed some light on it. Lucas takes the small investigation and takes the key to Adrienne who Reads it and gives him the name of the bank on which the key belongs too. It leads him to the lock box with Lorna's birth mother's name. After informing Lorna of his findings, she gives him the okay to try and obtain the lock box. Bishop goes to Jennifer for assistants and the next day a court order is issued to him to get the bank to release the contents in the lock box.

Upon opening the box Lorna finds an old photograph of Magneto. Old memories start to surface as Lorna starts to wonder if he was telling the truth to her all those years ago. The next day, Lorna goes to Wanda and tells the other woman of her findings. They agree to do a formal sibling testing to see if they are related.

After getting the results, she goes to show Wanda, but instead runs into Remy whom Lorna confined in him what had happened over the last few months. He urges Lorna to get the testing done again but this time by someone who they trust. Lorna is hesitate at first but agrees and goes to Scotland for the weekend with Wanda to get the testing done by Moria. After a couple of days, the results come back that Lorna and Wanda are indeed sisters.

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Plotrunner: Rei