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The X-Project journals were officially launched by Professor Charles Xavier and Dr. Hank McCoy. The project, a system of secured journals and comms designed to allow staff and students to communicate as a community, is locked behind a series of virtually impenetrable firewalls and security features.

As of May 5th, the roster of staff included:

Senior and grad students included:

Younger students and wards included:

Soon after the launching of the journal system, Madelyn Bartlet left the FBI to join the school staff.

During a routine field trip to the Museum of Natural History, Bobby, Marie and John created a full display of their powers. While Xavier was able to conceal the mistake, news came on of an attack on President McKenna by an unidentified mutant. In response, the President authorized William Stryker to retaliate against the school. At the same time, the X-Men recruited Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner to the school. The school was invaded, with Stryker capturing many students and staff, coinciding with Mystique breaking Magneto free from his cell. This culminated in a final battle at the old Weapon X facility at Alkali Lake. Both Col. Stryker and Dr. Grey were killed during the conflict.

During the aftermath of the Alkali Lake incident, Everett 'Synch' Thomas enrolled in the school, and a brief relationship between Ororo and Logan began. On the day of Dr. Grey's memorial service, John left the school to join the Brotherhood of Mutants. Soon after, Pete returned to the school with Jono 'Chamber' Starsmore, Jamie 'Multiple Man' Madrox enrolled and the X-Men retrieved Sarah 'Marrow' Morlocke, like Artie, one of the few survivors of the Morlock Massacre.

Nathaniel Essex joined the staff at Xavier's invitation, arriving the same day as Rahne 'Wolfsbane' Sinclair. Lorna Dane returned from a visit with her parents out west. Almost immediately after, lingering issues caused both Bobby and Marie, and Logan and Ororo to end their respective relationships. The next few days were mostly quiet, as students and staff tried to adjust to all the changes and each other.

At the end of the month, a practical joke played on Warren went disastrously wrong for Kitty and Jamie, causing them to be severely reprimanded by Ororo. In part, their shared experience led them to begin their relationship. The X-Men traveled to France to retrieve Marie-Ange 'Tarot' Colbert. Haroun ibn Sallah ‘Jetstream’ al-Rashid, the only survivor of Emma's ill-fated Massachusetts Academy, arrived at the school to seek a solution to his cybernetic issues. Scott and Alison took most of the students to a local amusement park to help deal with some of the trauma of the earlier attack, and to integrate the old and new students together.


May 5 - The X-Project journals are officially launched by Xavier and Dr. McCoy.

May 6 -

May 7 -

May 8 -

May 9 -

May 10 - Madelyn Bartlet joins the staff.

May 11 - Jean and Ororo take the students on a field trip to the Museum of Natural History.

May 12 -

May 13 -

May 14 - X2, Nightcrawler joins the X-Men, Jean is killed.

May 15 - Everett enrolls in the school.

May 16 -

May 17 - Logan and Ororo's relationship starts.

May 18 - Jean's memorial service. John leaves to join Magneto.

May 19 - Sarah is recruited. Pete brings Jono to the school. Jamie joins the school.

May 20 - Dr. Essex joins the staff. Rahne arrives. Lorna ‘Polaris’ Dane arrives from California.

May 21 - Ororo and Logan's relationship ends. Bobby and Marie's relationship ends.

May 22 -

May 23 -

May 24 -

May 25 -

May 26 -

May 27 -

May 28 -

May 29 - Kitty and Jamie prank Warren.

May 30 - Ororo dresses down both Jamie and Kitty. Marie-Ange arrives. Kitty and Jamie's relationship starts.

May 31 - Haroun arrives. Scott and Alison arrange a trip to the amusement park.



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