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In the wake of a battle with London's protective avatars, Amanda went missing for two weeks, rendered amnesiac and confused by her time inside the city of London. Arrested for criminal damage, she was bailed out and returned to New York, still suffering memory lapses and undergoing therapy with Sofia and Emma.

Two new arrivals came to the school - a woman calling herself Morgan Lennox, a mercenary undergoing powers problems and Callisto, former Morlock, who made her presence known when a group of radical underground mutants calling themselves Gene Nation almost brought another Morlock Massacre down on their heads. Sarah became caught up in things, with Ororo and Remy both having to confront elements of their pasts to resolve the situation. Remy also departed New York after this, unable to remain there safely after revealing himself to David Langstrom.

The Prom was the final straw in Kevin and Jay's tumultuous relationship - upon finding out Kevin was taking Cessily, Jay came to the decision he didn't like the person his obsession with Kevin was turning him into, and ended the relationship. Unfortunately, his attempts to remain friends frightened and antagonised Kevin, who was also becoming increasingly fearful of his powers and his urge to use them. His fear resulted in him seeing Jean for a medical solution, at Nathan's suggestion. Manuel and Laurie also had a prom-related drama, with their powers interacting in a way that frightened them both. Tatiana, at least, had the fairy-tale prom, care of an anonymous donation of formal clothes. And on the night before she left to go to school at Berkeley, Lorna and Alex finally acted on their still-lingering feelings for each other. Marie also departed for some time in Canada to visit Logan and try and sort herself out.

Monet became a trainee, Jan quit the X-Men because she was failing school and Marius received his full team tags. And just in time: Christian Kane reappeared, this time with news of a meglomaniac with plans to create a doomsday device. The various teams who tried to intercept the pieces he needed were unsuccessful, and the Enchantress made an appearance to snatch a number of energy projectors for the final part. A last minute rescue and the destruction of the Doom Fortress saved the world, but it was unclear if Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil had survived or not.


May 1 - Operation: London Calling: In response to Amanda's weird feelings, X-Force goes to London; upon arriving, things are too quiet so the team goes to investigate; Amanda is sucked into the city and various protective avatars are released; each member of X-Force has an avatar to fight and defeat. Operation: Take A Bow: Mark has a final flashback to his escape from the Warwolves' home dimension. Marius and Tatiana discuss Prom and not other more awkward topics.

May 2 - Angelo and Lorna discuss the future and say goodbye. Operation: London Calling: Regrouping at hospital the next morning, X-Force discovers Amanda is still missing. Bedlam: Confused and not remembering who she is, Amanda reappears at Liverpool Street Station and is mistaken for being homeless and told to move on; Remy notifies the X-Men team leaders, Kurt, and Angelo as to the situation; Wanda lets the journals know Amanda is on a 'research trip' and not contactable. Monet asks Ororo for permission to become a trainee. Lorna's prankster continues to make it hard for her to pack. Kevin agrees to take Cessily to the prom, since she doesn't know anyone much.

May 3 - Bedlam: Amanda continues to wander the city, confused and caught up in an elaborate fairy tale version of her history. Crystal reminds Forge of the prom.

May 4 - Tatiana asks about the prom and what happens. Bedlam: Amanda, still delusional, is mugged for the necklace Kurt gave her for her birthday; Angelo asks Wanda if he can help and he makes the trip to London; Wanda can't see the strings properly and goes to Cambridge to try and get a different perspective; Angelo fails utterly at hiding what happened to Amanda from Nathan and Rachel.

May 5 - Julio explains Cinco de Mayo. Lorna lays down the law to her prankster after her luggage goes missing.

May 6 - Angel asks Scott if she can bring one of the guys from the fire station to prom; Terry offers to take those needing shopping to the mall. Bedlam: Amanda is thrown out of an all-night cafe for drawing on the walls. Jan tells the team she's taking a break because she is failing her classes.

May 7 - Monet announces her new trainee status. Angel has an alarming encounter with Marie's pet monkey, Jack. Crystal arranges for Forge to go to Attilan for a tux fitting. Haller and Lorna go kite flying on her last day. Charles 'fires' Ororo and Scott from being headmasters in anticipation of various changes happening over the summer break, which they don't mind at all. Jan asks John to the prom and gets a response she didn't anticipate; later, John feels a bit guilty and emails her, agreeing to go; Jan emails Tommy, asking if he had any issues with her breast size. Haller's birthday, and Betsy is nearly caught in a compromising situation by Cain Marko| Cain, dropping off a gift of beer. On the eve of Lorna's departure, she and Alex act on their still-strong feelings for each other.

May 8 - Garrison is 'encouraged' to leave his suite by Twoyoungman. Bedlam: Emma has to go back to the States, but reassures X-Force Amanda is still alive and will be found. During his tux fitting, Forge has an awkward conversation with Medusa about his relationship with her sister. Inez notes a box has been left for Tatiana, who is confused; the box turns out to be a full set of formal wear for the prom from an anonymous source; Tatiana enlists help to find Inez Temple - Phase 1| Inez something to wear so she can come to prom too. Besty emails Cain about potential embarrassment the day before. Samson reports on a disturbing book on mutant therapy about to be released and the various official responses planned. Jay emails Kevin about the prom and is unhappy to find Kevin is taking Cessily; hurt, Jay asks Tommy publically to go to the prom with him and Kevin is angry; Kevin is frightened by what Jay says about having a death wish and emails Haller, Scott, Terry and Forge for advice and to switch rooms temporarily. Morgan Lennox, mercenary and shapeshifter, arrives at the mansion for powers help and introduces herself on the journals. Kevin catches up with Nori and they talk about his relationship issues. Jane has a gift certificate for a games store to give away. Out with his college friends for lunch, Tommy runs into Vic at the bagel shop and is worried about his angsty persona being outed. Laurie offers to help people get ready for prom the next day; Monet proposes a trip to Silver for those wanting to escape prom. Jay stops by Tommy's room to try and explain why he asked him to prom and apologise; Terry comes to Jay's work to ask about what happened with Kevin, in response to Kevin's concerned email, and she encourages him to break the relationship.

May 9 - Bedlam: Amanda sees a girl shooting up and remembers a conversation with Marie many years ago. Xavier's Prom: Jennie helps Nori find a dress; John is rather rude about the whole thing and Jay and Kevin fight some more on the ensuing thread; Kevin and Cessily go to the prom, but neither is up to dealing with crowds and they go for ice cream instead; Laurie kisses Manuel good night and their powers mix badly, with Manuel fleeing; an upset Laurie goes looking for Forge and is comforted by Crystal while Forge is surprised to find Manuel didn't take advantage of the situation. Jay and Mark talk about music.

May 10 - Sofia notices the Jays got extremely beaten and emails Garrison with her 'concern'. Making up for previous neglect, Kevin helps Nori with her homework, as she's failing most classes.

May 11 - Mother's Day - Jay sends flowers to his mother, like most of the rest of the clan. Jay breaks up with Kevin for his own sanity; Kevin asks Jennie out for waffles and relationship talk. Bedlam: Amanda continues to wander the streets of London.

May 12 - Bedlam: Amanda gives away her St Jude medallion for food and a place to sleep. Cain announces the start of spring and various projects. Remy announces he and Sarah are returning to New York to pursue some of Snow Valley's other matters and asks Bishop to be in the office.

May 13 - Bedlam: Amanda scrounges for food; later, she searches for a place to sleep and dreams of Angelo; Kurt emails Wanda, checking on things; Angelo calls Nathan. Jay runs into Forge in the garage and tells him about the breakup. Remy and Betsy spar.

May 14 - Bedlam: Amanda is wakened by garbage collectors; Angelo finds Amanda's birthday pendant in a pawn shop and lets X-Force know; Emma directs Adrienne to go to London to see what she can find out; Amanda has a vision in passing traffic. Jay emails Terry to let her know about Kevin and emails Kevin to check how he is; things go badly as Kevin tells him they can't be friends. Laurie hates her English poetry class. Yvette invites Kevin to have lunch with her and won't take no for an answer. John and Jennie bond over cigarettes. Gene Nation: Sarah and Remy uncover something strange happening in the old Morlock Tunnels; Sarah is ambushed by Gene Nation; Ororo, leaving the brownstone, is accosted by Callisto, who tells her of the trouble Sarah is in; Ororo warns Remy, and he discovers Langstrom is involved in what might become another Morlock Massacre; while Callisto and Ororo go into the tunnels to save Sarah, Remy tracks down Langstrom and takes on the Gambit persona in order to save Gene Nation; Ororo fights Bezerker for the control of Gene Nation and wins, offering the mutants sanctuary at the mansion; Ororo offers Callisto a job at the school.

May 15 - Monet announces she's found someone's underwear in a vase; Cessily emails her to claim them, having abandoned them after melting at Prom. Gene Nation: Remy emails Ororo, letting her know that the Morlocks are safe as long as they don't cause trouble and that he can't stay in New York any longer; Sarah complains about being back in medlab. Bedlam: Amanda's last piece of chalk is broken; Adrienne uses her powers on Amanda's necklace and tells Angelo she was mugged. Nori asks if the bus run is on for the weekend. Kevin goes to see Haller about his increasing fear of his powers; Haller arranges with Jean for her to medically examine Kevin for potential powers addiction issues. Nathan and Jean continue to try and work on his shielding problems and consider a possible physical cause.

May 16 - Kevin has his appointment with Jean. Laurie has a good day of archery practice. Angel and Inez meet on the basketball court and bond. Bedlam: Amanda is arrested in an arts supplies store; at the police station, she's deemed too disturbed to charge and is held whilst a bed becomes available; Angelo tracks down the muggers and deals with them; fingerprints turn up her old warrants and a call to Muir is made as she's a mutant; Muir contacts Remy and Pete, and they, along with Angelo, turn up to claim her; Marie-Ange and Doug go to the art supply store and pay off the owner; Angelo takes Amanda to a hotel to clean up and sleep; Doug announces Amanda's return on the team comm. Jennie confronts Forge about his spending on supplies. Inez has her first training session with Cain.

May 17 - Bedlam: Wanda visits and makes sure for herself Amanda is okay. Jane invites people to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" with her. Monet meets Morgan and gets her help in deciding a hair style. Jane asks Monet to explain fetish clubs after a journal conversation with Morgan.

May 18 - Charles announces that Scott and Ororo will be standing down as headmasters and that the school will be undergoing some changes over the summer. Forge meets Callisto and they work out a prospective job. Gene Nation (plot): Remy announces to the XF comm that he has to stay out of New York for the time being to avoid trouble with Langstrom; Sarah emails Amanda welcoming her back and mentioning more Morlocks have been found. Bedlam: Adrienne notes a newspaper story about Amanda's muggers being found naked and amnesiac and lets the cat out of the bag as to her being missing.

May 19 - Marius is made a full X-Man and makes an announcement to the same on his journal which becomes a discussion in tactics against fellow X-Men by Laurie and Monet. Jean emails Kevin to let him know there's a medication which may help with his mutation, although it has serious side effects. Tabitha's knee is healed and she emails Jane about marathon training again. Terry finishes her finals and goes back to Ireland for a couple of weeks.

May 20 - Bedlam: Amanda and the remaining X-Force members come back to New York. Forge emails Paige about her old files on the X-Men's weaknesses. Clarice emails Kevin, telling him to stop being a recluse. Yvette and Cessily meet and bond over similar powers issues. Jay waylays Kevin and pushes him into freaking out by not taking 'no' as an answer; following the confrontation, Kevin goes to Nathan, trying to find a loophole in his parole that will let him leave the mansion; Kevin later emails Nathan, telling him he'll be gone for several days.

May 21 - Manuel emails Amanda about Adrienne's post and Amanda is truthful about her disappearance. Angelo meets Callisto and things are stiff and awkward. Doug posts a mock poll about Marius' future code name and later complains about people not ticking the box. Laurie asks who moved her cheese. Ororo encounters Callisto tearing up her garden and they discuss things, both learning things about the other but neither happy at the end. Julio and Tatiana talk about the aftermath of the truth telling.

May 22 - Emma emails Adrienne, unhappy at the slip about Amanda; Emma warns XF not to trust Adrienne with anything confidential. Clarice meets Callisto and they have a clash of personal philosophies. Laurie emails Nathan, asking where Kevin might be as he's missed meditation sessions with her. Nathan talks with Ororo about the Jay and Kevin situation.

May 23 - Yvette asks about Kevin, worried, and Nathan tells her he has gone for a few days. Following the discussion on Marius' journal, Jennie suggests a porn and booze night to the x_grads. Nathan meets Callisto and they get on surprisingly well. Morgan meets Clarice and they engage in bitchery. Laurie runs into Manuel and apologies are attempted but Manuel's powers cause another scene. Jubilee and Amanda spar, but Amanda has a flashback to their fight several years ago.

May 24 - Morgan meets Kurt in the library and they get on well until the subject of religion comes up. Kevin returns and lets Nathan know he's back and wants to go back to Muir; Laurie talks with Kevin about his disappearance and his powers problems; Clarice tries to cheer him up but Kevin isn't having any of it. Dani has a crush on Indiana Jones. Kyle is accepted to Empire State University.

May 25 - Zemo: Christian Kane dreams of the last time he and his fellow spies faced down Baron Zemo in his Doom Fortress in the 1970s and when he awakes, he finds a newspaper article that makes him believe Zemo has returned; Christian and his wife go to Ororo to enlist the help of the X-Men to stop Zemo, much to Garrison's disgust; Garrison arranges for a small team of X-Men and Adrienne to go investigate the thefts and work out if Zemo is involved.

May 26 - Zemo: The investigation team goes to Europe and meets with some of Kane's old associates in France; moving onto Russia, they join with another and confirm Zemo and his Masters of Evil are again active; before they can raise the alarm, they are abducted by the Enchantress, working for Zemo; Garrison and Christian are separated from the rest of the group and all of them face imminent death before managing to escape, with the plans to Zemo's latest doomsday machine. Jan complains about having schoolwork on Memorial Day.

May 27 - Zemo: Shiro emails Amanda about the Enchantress being on Earth; Marius is not happy about being kidnapped for his first mission as a full X-Man; Adrienne is also unhappy about the kidnapping and cancels her classes for the next couple of days; Christian emails the X-Men and X-Force, asking them for help in getting to the final pieces of Zemo's machine before his people do; Forge is sceptical on the X-Men comm whilst X-Force are hoping there's no Nazi bees this time; Crystal emails Adrienne rebuking her for mentioning kidnapping on the journals and asking what is going on; Terry asks if she's needed; Remy emails Ororo with the locations of the last pieces and plans; Forge asks Crystal to come on the mission with him as her powers will assist; the first team arrives in Indonesia and battles Skurge the Executioner for a magical gem, but fail to secure it; Garrison asks a reluctant Adrienne to help further with the Zemo issue.

May 28 - Zemo: The second team goes to an undersea city in Russia and face the Melter with Natasha Romanova; the Melter gets away with the piece and destroys the station in his wake, nearly killing the team who have to use a clever powers ploy to get back to the surface safely.

May 29 - Zemo: Nathan posts about Romanova's actions on the team comms, causing a debate about professional behaviour; Remy and Ororo take a team to Monaco to try to win a piece of the machine in a high-stakes poker game against Radioactive Man; the game is won, but the piece is lost when Radioactive Man steals it. Crystal confronts Adrienne about her tone in her email and little is resolved.

May 30 - Zemo: Amanda reports on the lack of success in Indonesia and emails Monet to thank her for saving Strange's life; in the Bahamas, a second X-Force team infiltrates the black market to seize the last piece but run into the Black Knight and barely escape with their lives intact; Jubilee posts about the lack of success with the Monaco mission.

May 31 - Zemo: The Enchantress kidnaps Marius, Shiro, Angel, Jubilee and John from the mansion; the kidnapping fries Amanda's protective wards and Forge raises the alarm from security footage and the school is locked down; Remy reports the kidnappees have been found and gather a strike force of X-Force and X-Men to rescue them; at the United Nations, the Security Council receives a communication from Zemo, stating he will tear the earth apart with his Thermal Gigantinator; Manuel is sarcastic about the security of the mansion; the rescue team manages to free their people and destroy the Doom Fortress, but Zemo's fate is uncertain. Bishop and Crystal meet and have a very short and awkward conversation.


Operation: Take A Bow

Operation: London Calling


Gene Nation (plot)


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