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Dates run: May 2-16, 2008
Run By: Rossi
Read the logs: Bedlam

"Once upon a time there was a great Magician, and he had twenty sons and twenty daughters. And the sons and daughters were bright and brave and beautiful, and they all had a magic power, every one a power of their own. And the Magician was so proud of his children, he sent them out into the world - he wanted everyone to marvel at the children he had made..."

Ejected from inside London, Amanda wanders the city with no knowledge of her true self, whilst her boyfriend and teammates search for her. Part two of the Bedlam sequence.


Amanda Sefton, Angelo Espinosa, Pete Wisdom, Remy LeBeau, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Adrienne Frost

Caitlin Sheppard, PC Acland, PC Patel


May 2-16, 2008

Plot Summary

As the last avatar was defeated, Amanda was expelled rather abruptly from London's consciousness as it went back to sleep. Unfortunately, the site of that ejection was Liverpool Street Station, the original site of the Our Star of Bethlehem Hospital, once known as Bedlam. Buildings hold memories just as people do, and the site of Bedlam was steeped in fear, madness and desperation. Passing through this, her mind already reeling from fusing with London, Amanda lost herself - her memories, her knowledge of magic, her ability to think coherently... it was all wiped away, leaving her confused and disoriented on the streets of London. She quickly slipped through the cracks, just another homeless mad person, babbling to herself.

The only link Amanda had with her identity was an elaborate fairy tale which she told herself, of a wise old magician who had a hundred sons and a hundred daughters, each with a special gift... She drew stick figures on anything she could find, illustrating her stories, and it was this that eventually drew the attention of someone - the local police arrested her for theft and criminal damage in an art supplies store.

During this time, XF was searching for Amanda. They knew she had been inside the city, so they tried to use a combination of magic and telepathy to try and get her out again, or at least communicate with her. Charles was approached and used Cerebro, but given Amanda's mind was fractured, he was unable to help. To avoid a panic, a general announcement was made that she was on a research trip somewhere remote.

Upon her arrest, Amanda was fingerprinted, and her prints turned up a series of previous convictions from her days on the street. Her old Social Services case worker, Caitlin Sheppard, was notified, and from there it was revealed that their Jane Doe was a mutant. Unsure of whether her disorientated (and downright psychotic) state was powers-related, they contacted Muir Island - Dr. Connors and/or Moira raised the alarm, and Pete, Remy and Angelo went to the police station to secure Amanda's release while Doug and Marie-Ange smoothed things over with the owner of the art store. Amanda's memories had gradually been becoming clearer, and upon seeing her 'family', she remembered herself, although she was stil very much confused and dazed from the experience. Much counselling with Sofia, and psychic therapy with Emma, awaited her.

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Trivia and Meta


Amanda's 'fairy tale' included references to most of the people with some significance in her life.

The Magician = Charles Xavier.

The Broken Prince = Manuel de la Rocha, with references to the incidents of Heiress Discordia.

The Wolf = Remy.

The Emerald-Haired Princess = Lorna Dane

The Goddess in the garden = Ororo Munroe

The Knight and his Lady = Nathan Dayspring and Moira MacTaggart

The Squire/the Grey Guardian = Angelo

The Man In Black = Pete

The Healer with the cursed heart = Sofia Mantega-Barret

The Beautiful Monster = Sarah Morlocke

The Seer = Marie-Ange

The Wordsmith = Doug

The Chaos Witch = Wanda Maximoff

The Diamond Queen and her Bodyguard = Emma Frost and Lucas Bishop

The Jester = Mark Sheppard

The Warrior = Betsy Braddock

The Lost Girl = Illyana Rasputin

The Wolf's Apprentice = Jubilation Lee

There were also references and quotes from past events, such as the junkie bringing to mind a conversation with Marie D'Ancato back in March 2004.


Plotrunner: Rossi

This plot was first conceived (and partially written) in 2006, when the player was reapplying to the game. At the same time, this icon used for the posts was created:

Bedlam icon.jpg

Bedlam poster.jpg Click image for full size version of the poster.