Shakespeare Syndrome

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Shakespeare Syndrome
Dates run: April 7-22, 2008
Run By: Sil
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It's not only us.

Just caught WWE recap.

All kinds of weird shit.

They ended the show.

Lots of guys saying it's fake.

But we all know that.

The mansion gets caught up in a spare of poetic truth-telling when a new sports drink hits the shelves.


Jean Grey, Kyle Gibney, Crystal Amaquelin, Angelica Jones, Jane Doe, Julio Richter, Jennie Stavros, Laurie Collins, Lorna Dane, Betsy Braddock, Theresa Cassidy

Luke Williams


April 7-22

Plot Summary

Capitalizing on the energy drink fad, a new "all natural" "organic" blah blah blah energy drink called "Green Speed" finds sudden popularity. Celebrities embrace it, athletes swear by it, gyms start stocking it in bulk. Lorna orders cases of it for the school. Most people love it and they drink it like it's going out of style. Quite unexpectedly, people start speaking Truth in verse. Like food poisoning, this need to declaim shows up quickly (between 20 minutes to an hour) and runs its course in 24-48 hours depending on metabolism (Kyle/other hyped metabolisms would probably process it faster, like 12 hours.) The connection to the new energy drink isn't immediately obvious, taking a couple of days to figure out.

Understandably disgruntled by the outbreak of Truth telling, the residents of the mansion figure out that the cause is the new energy drink, specifically a bad batch of it (including a case that made it to the school). Analysis of the drink shows some unusual elements not included in the nutritional labeling. Getting the name of the manufacturer from Lorna, Jean and Jennie track it back to a "green" company in Oregon and then narrow the suspects down to one of the bottlers. Luke's a disgruntled new wave hippie who is also a mutant and just wants everyone to embrace "values and truth and togetherness, man", so he's been adding his truth serum secretions during the bottling process. With a little persuasion, they convince him that his talents would be better served NOT poisoning people involuntarily--like in prison. They turn him over to the local police and book it back home. The company announces a recall of the bad batch and destroys what they have in storage.

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Trivia and Meta


There were a variety of poetry styles used by the hapless victims.

Several of the confessions made involved personal relationships, which varying impacts: Julio and Nori's relationship progressed; Lorna admitted to Alex she was still in love with him; Jennie was horrified to discover she had romantic feelings for her best friend Marius and Terry confessed to Nathan the frustrations of her marriage.

Newcomers Adrienne Frost and Inez Temple were extremely confused by the entire incident.


Plotrunner: Sil

This plot was largely run via personal journals and the comms, rather than being logged.