Morlock Massacre

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Event: Morlock Massacre
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First Seen: Pre-game

The Morlock Massacre refers to the deaths of close to sixty homeless mutants at the hands of government forces in 2000.

The Morlocks finally came to the attention of the FBI and the CIA simultaneously just after 1999. Various reports of an 'underground mutant society' had been seen in the New York City press and through word of mouth, believed to be living in a section of the sewer system. While most believed the reports to be an urban legend, like the albino alligator myth, several agents in the FBI took the idea seriously, and began a quiet investigation. At the same time, the CIA were looking into potential terrorist links between activist mutant groups in Europe with a mutant 'underground' in America.

The confirmation of the story was kept secret, as the data from both agencies went to top analysts to measure. To their alarm, they claimed the 'Morlocks' had not only substantial mutant abilities but also strong potential ties to extremist international groups. The final report made the grim assessment that they possessed the ability to hold New York City hostage, and threaten millions of citizens if they chose.

The FBI appealed to the military, who authorized the use of the Special Force team, codenamed ' the Marauders' out of Fort Bragg to initiate contact and neutralize the threat. The CIA was permitted to send along an observer as well, to monitor for potential international connections. The Marauders, supported by members of the New York City SWAT moved into the tunnels. During the confusion, shots were fired, and all scene control was temporarily lost as both groups struggled to defend themselves from attack. By the time the mission commander, Major John Greycrow re-established control, over fifty of the mutants were dead. Post action analysis showed that the intelligence had been faulty; none of the mutants were powerful enough to be considered an active threat to the city, and no international ties or support were ever proven.

As the existence of the Marauders was considered an item of 'national security', the decision was made to quietly bury the incident. Resignations of the FBI Director of Operations and the Station Analyst for the Pentagon were accepted, and the entire incident sealed, considered an extremely unfortunate example of bureaucratic incompetence and professional misjudgement by both Agencies.

In actuality, the massacre was orchestrated by Chester Whelan, the ADDO of the CIA and their specialist in illegal black programs. Angered by the Pentagon's refusal to share information about their new mutant team, Whelan purposefully directed both the investigation and tampered with the findings to build up the threat of the Morlocks. The CIA observer was Gambit, specially chosen to create a crisis situation inside the tunnels. During the battle, Gambit killed on both sides, to enflame the situation and ensure maximum destruction in order to fully analyze the capability of the Marauders.

Over 90 percent of the Morlocks were killed in the battle. The few survivors abandoned the tunnels soon after. To date, few survivors are known: Sarah Morlocke, Artie Maddicks, Miles Blaire, Callisto and the members of Gene Nation.