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Chester Whelan - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: CIA
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: December 18, 2003

Former ADD of Operations within the CIA, Whelan was responsible for such projects as Lost Boys and for the Morlock Massacre. His sole priority was the safety of the US, regardless of the cost. He was killed by Sarah Morlocke, led to him by Remy LeBeau for the chance to avenge her family.


Name: Chester Arthur Whelan (deceased)

Aliases: None

Affiliation: Former Assistant Deputy Director of Operations, Central Intelligence Agency

First appearance: December 18, 2003

Family: Patrica Whelan - wife (deceased)


Chester Whelan was born in Deersford, Iowa in 1924. He left school at seventeen to join the United States Marine Corp in the middle of the Second World War and was posted to the Pacific. There he was involved in several major battles, including Guadalcanal and Bougainville. He was noticed by Bill Donovan and the OSS for his skills in recon missions behind enemy lines, and was subsequentally drafted into the service.

Following the end of the war, Whelan resigned from the Marines and accepted a position in the newly formed Central Intelligence Agency as one of their first operatives. His speciality was black book missions; covert operations that were often hidden from Congress and occasionally the President himself. Whelan served in the field until the end of the fifties, until injuries and age forced him to move into a desk position.

Whelan's operational brilliance, combined with his ambition and ability to maintain covert resources and operations saw him quickly climb the ladder, and he earned the position of Assistant Deputy Director of Operations at the age of 45. Whelan ruthlessly expanded his office, launching close to a dozen new programs in his very first year.

Over the next thirty years, Whelan increased both the power and secrecy of his position. While he technically reported to both the Deputy Director of Operations and the CIA Director himself, Whelan's power was such that he rarely needed any sort of authorization, and was rumoured to have once defied President George H.W Bush directly. His operations regularly broke the rules against the CIA operating in the United States, but most of his programs operated on independent funding, and were untraceable by Congress. Whelan jealously hoarded information about rival and allied agencies, going so far as to engineer the events leading to the Morlock Massacre in order to gain intelligence about the fruits of USAMRIID's Project Tearaway.

One of his most notable programs was Lost Boys, a collection of age-manipulated mutant agents and assassins, who worked all over the world. Whelan was once credited with boasting that his people had hastened the fall of the Soviet Bloc by more than ten years.

In 2000, under growing pressure and illness, Whelan made preperations and finally resigned his position two years later, in the fall of 2002. His protage, David Langstrom, was installed in his former position, and Whelan retired to the southwest. He regularly visited the CIA as a consultant, and it was his suggestion to use his former favourite operative, Remy LeBeau, as a trojan horse against the growing influence of the X-Men.

Ironically, it was LeBeau's memory returning that doomed Whelan. LeBeau, along with Sarah Morlocke, one of the few surviving Morlocks, broke into Whelan's home following Remy's return to his full memories. LeBeau stole a large number of Whelan's private files, later to present them to Charles Xavier to counter illegal programs and as leverage against further interference by the CIA. Whelan was killed by Sarah, taking revenge for his part in the death of her family.

According to official reports, Chester Whelan died of a heart attack and was buried in Arlington National cemetery.


None. However, Whelan was an extremely influencal and powerful figure on the international intelligence community for close to five decades, giving him many secret and overtly powerful friends and allies.


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Socked by: Dex