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March saw a new student arrive, one Frank Ludlum, who quickly started making friends among the student body, as well as displaying somewhat of an anger management problem sometimes. Megan Gwynn left on a study trip to Hong Kong, and Logan and Wade Wilson had a sit down about their respective histories of the Weapon X program. Matt Murdock and Susan Storm broke up, and Billy Kaplan began acting strange, concerned that he was attracted to men. Lorna Dane enlisted the help of X-Factor (and, by extension, new lawyer Jennifer Walters) to access the mysterious safety deposit box whose key she had discovered at her parents' house. Tabitha Smith talked to Angelo Espinosa about potentially joining X-Corps and Sam Guthrie asked her about going out for a meal sometime.

Adrienne Frost, after a series of hallucinations based on previous Readings she had done, became convinced Jason Wyngarde was somehow wrecking his revenge on her. Despite thorough investigation by her X-Force friends and Garrison Kane and a psychic check up with Jean Grey, she remained convinced she was being messed with, until she had a stunning breakdown in front of Tandy Bowen and Sue, resulting in some very disturbing allegations before Adrienne fell into a coma. David Haller and Jean determined that her mind had overloaded from a backlog of every past Reading she had ever done, and steps were taken to help teach her to discard Readings she no longer wanted.


Mar 1 - Angel emails Sooraya to find out how she's doing with everything. Logan seeks out Wade a few days after a talk with North to have a little chat about their respective Weapon X histories.

Mar 2 - Laurie posts wondering what day it is. Laurie makes breakfast for Tabitha and Jean-Phillipe. Jean talks to Hope A. about what happened last week. Clint posts asking if anyone has seen the latest episode of Dog Cops. Scott tears Angelo away from his offices to take a spin on the Blackbird simulator.

Mar 3 -

Mar 4 -

Mar 5 - Tandy posts about the new Tomb Raider release and that she will be in her suite all week. Sooraya texts Angel and Yvette about crashing the Blackbird and that Scott is not happy about it; luckily it happens to be a simulation not the real deal. Topaz and Sue meet in their suite, and discussion ensues - it doesn't go well.

Mar 6 - Billy and Korvus discuss power mishaps and Billy not burning the mansion down.

Mar 7 - Maddie posts that her birthday celebrations will happen after the musical that she is in. Adrienne suspects that someone has been screwing with her computer.

Mar 8 - Tandy texts Maddie and Clint to see if they would want to go to Hollywood with her in April. Sue finds Hope A. at the mall and the two girls talk. Clint texts Maddie and asks what she wants for her birthday.

Mar 9 - Following a therapy session to help rebuild her memories, Molly shows Emma her hat collection, leading to a thrilling proposal.

Mar 10 - Kurt leaves this anonymously for Topaz for her birthday. Amanda posts a happy birthday to Topaz and leaves this pen for her. Topaz emails Kurt and texts Amanda to thank them for the gifts. Garrison and Adrienne have a lazy Sunday in bed and they talk about Tandy and the upcoming spring break vacation.

Mar 11 - Matt posts about being accepted into Pace Westchester. Hope A. leaves Topaz a pendant. Maddie texts Sue about PVRing a tv show for her while Maddie’s out at rehearsal. Matt leaves Topaz a book for her birthday. Doug emails Sarah V. to ask if she turned up anything on Adrienne’s computer, but neither of them found anything out of the ordinary. Matt goes to Angelo for help deciphering some of his college information and talk about future plans.

Mar 12 - Laurie posts about the busy life of a med student. Adrienne posts about the Red Sox loss and an injury to a player, only to be corrected by Doug and Maddie. Garrison emails Adrienne confirming that she was wrong in her post, and encouraging her to get checked out by Jean. Adrienne emails Jean about having some tests done. Matt and Sue discuss their relationship and the future and decide to break up.

Mar 13 - Amanda and Angelo talk about the recent anniversary of the bombings, his love life and her lack of one.

Mar 14 - Lorna announces pies for Pi Day in the kitchen.

Mar 15 - Emma emails Adrienne asking if she’s alright. Doug posts a graphic for Wade about Pi Day. Billy confesses a dream he had to Maddie in which he kisses another boy, and that he is afraid he might be gay, and despite Maddie’s support and reassurance that there’s nothing to be ashamed or afraid of, he makes her promise not to tell Clint. Angelo texts Jean-Phillipe to wish him a happy birthday and set up a meeting for birthday plans.

Mar 16 - Angel and Sooraya horse around in the pool and discuss adulthood. Topaz finds Kurt to thank him for her birthday present. Adrienne sees things that aren’t there in Amanda’s apartment when she goes over for dinner. Clint texts Maddie trying to glean information regarding Billy’s strange behaviour, but Maddie doesn’t bite. Remy enlists Sarah M. in field testing Cammie to make sure she can handle the job. Wade texts Marie-Ange to tell her about booking reservations for April for a new restaurant.

Mar 17 - Matt meets Wade in the kitchen and asks him to go to college orientation with him. Tandy texts Sue to ask how she’s doing after her break-up and invite her to watch movies with herself and Clint.

Mar 18 - Clarice is gleeful about the new David Bowie album. Marie-Ange and Jubilee go out on a job to pick up some information.

Mar 19 - Gershomi: Lorna visits the X-Factor offices and asks Bishop to locate the safety deposit box that goes with the key she found. Sue texts Tandy about beating Adrienne at chess, but doubt arises as to whether Adrienne was playing at her full ability. Jean emails Scott about their Spring Break plans. Sue emails Jean with concerns about Adrienne after receiving a 0 on a math test despite having the correct answers. Sam approaches Tabitha about going out sometime. Jean emails Garrison, asking him to keep an eye on Adrienne, given the strange things going on with her. Angel goes to Angelo to apologize for telling Sooraya about his relationship with Jean-Phillipe.

Mar 20 - Gershomi: Bishop has Adrienne do a Reading on the key and the book Lorna gave him. Clint texts Billy, asking if he has pissed the other boy off somehow and is told Billy is just busy with the upcoming play.

Mar 21 - Adrienne emails Doug, Emma, Amanda and Garrison, convinced that Jason Wyngarde is messing with her powers or her mind. Adrienne Reads the couch in the rec room by accident and sees something involving Tandy, Sue and Clint that highly disturbs her; when she goes to confront her ward, it’s obvious to Tandy and Sue that she’s seeing things and they call for help; Garrison arrives in time to see Adrienne have a fit and fall unconscious; in the medlab, Jean tries to determine what’s wrong; Jean and Haller discuss possibilities and Haller agrees to go into Adrienne’s mind to see if the problem is psychic; in Adrienne’s mindscape, Haller discovers her memory is overwhelmed by past Readings - every one she has ever done - and helps her start to clean things up. Tandy texts Clint about Adrienne, upset and afraid.

Mar 22 - New arrival Frank Ludlum is met by Clint and showed to his suite. Matt announces he has moved to a senior suite, sharing with Meggan. Adrienne posts to her journal from the medlab, focussing more on sport than on her condition; Tandy visits Adrienne and they talk about Adri’s vision of the couch; Adrienne asks Clint, Maddie and Sue to keep an eye on Tandy and emails Tandy to make sure she’s okay. Clint texts Maddie and Billy about the newcomer. Jean emails Scott about changes to their vacation plans.

Mar 23 - Maddie runs into a pantsless Frank in the boys’ suite and indulges herself in some teasing.

Mar 24 -

Mar 25 - Gershomi: Bishop e-mails Jennifer Walters about getting a warrant to open a lockbox. Frank makes his first journal entry to say hello after moving into the mansion. Sarah makes an excited journal post about someone posting a video showing all six Star Wars movies at the same time. Topaz and Frank meet in the library.

Mar 26 - Maddie texts Sue to see what she’s doing Thursday night. Frank and Hope A. share an interesting conversation.

Mar 27 - Clarice makes a journal entry about having to study over spring break and the party she’s going to have once she’s finished school. Matt convinces Topaz to accompany him to NYC - with the promise of eighteen miles of books. Frank, Topaz, and Tabitha find holi powder on the books, and they don't take it well.

Mar 28 - Megan makes a journal entry announcing she’s at an art school campus in Hong Kong on a fashion program trip for school. Frank meets Matt and doesn’t get his ass kicked.

Mar 29 - Wade announces he made a midnight shopping trip and has acquired and hidden 144 eggs throughout the grounds. Frank pays Angelo a visit and some unpleasant truths come to light. After his meeting with Frank, Angelo e-mails Fred to repair his office and Catseye, Korvus, Angel, and Haller to tell them to keep an eye on Frank. Doug makes a journal entry complaining about Wade pelting him with Reese eggs. Callie makes a journal entry announcing she’s made several kinds of chocolate candies for everyone. Haller and Topaz take a stab at working on emotional projection and accidentally bring Cyndi out to play. Tabitha decides, after five months, to find out what Topaz's deal is.

Mar 30 - Logan heads to the Boathouse to retrieve some half finished wood carvings, encountering a very chatty Madelyne Pryor. Sue and Hope A. head into the city for the trip to the promised hair salon. Wade texts Marie-Ange to let her know there’s a Deadliest Catch marathon on that evening. Garrison, Adrienne, and Tandy enjoy Spring Training, and the discussion gets serious while Tandy is in search of hot dogs. Topaz and Frank have another meeting in the library and actually have an interesting talk this time.

Mar 31 - Garrison texts Adrienne to wish her a Happy Birthday while still laying beside her in bed. Jean leaves a birthday gift for Adrienne. Amanda leaves a birthday gift for Adrienne. Frank meets Angel, and a ferret. Frank meets Callisto and gets curious. Angel posts a picture of a Reese’s peanut butter egg, which she got from her father, to her journal. Tabitha has that talk with Angelo, and she's nervous. Catseye and Clint chat about his family situation and her plans to open a restaurant.



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