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One old face resurfaced on the journals - Callie Betto, returned from Brazil and attending college in New York, living on campus there - and one new one appeared, troubled blind student Matt Murdock, sent to Xavier's as his last chance. He had a less than stellar welcome, with Jared Corbo suggesting a hazing and incurring the wrath of everyone in the school, even usual supporter Yvette Petrovic. The incident resulted in a word from Charles Xavier and Jared being asked to move out of the suite he shared with Kyle Gibney. Lorna Dane, still experiencing problems with her powers, left for Muir Island to get a different perspective on the problem and the X-Men had their own encounter with the past, ambushed by an extremely not-dead Lady Deathstrike and three others in Madripoor whilst investigating a lead into the Alpha Flight massacre; the incident resulted in serious injuries for several X-Men.

Powers incidents dominated: Laurie Collins came close to starting an orgy among the grads when her air scrubber broke during a visit from her boyfriend, with several people hooking up and Marius Laverne leaping out of a window to escape an uncomfortable scene with Laura Kinney. Molly Hayes almost crushed herself with a boulder, showing off for Wade Wilson, only to discover that her superstrength was teamed with invulnerability. Artie Maddicks got into a fight at school over his mutancy and was put on probation for threatening the other boy. Kevin Ford continued to experience strangeness with his powers, a potential disaster with Jean-Paul Beaubier averted by his powers shutting off in his sleep. And Wade, following a trip to Germany to get payback on the men who had caged Meggan Szardos as a circus freak, began chemotherapy for his hairy cell leukemia.

On the relationship front, things were complicated, and not just from the aftermath of Laurie's powers accident. Tabitha Smith and Warren Worthington got flirty, as did Janet Van Dyne and Kevin. Kevin's flirting and Wade's sense of humour got them a lecture from Amanda Sefton, protective of Meggan after soem remarks on the journals. Wade and Vanessa Carlysle, after a brief stint of being 'friends with extra', went back to just being friends and Jean-Paul Beaubier and Vanessa got involved in a threesome with William Bower, the two men later establishing a regular relationship.

And finally - Wade gave Molly a baby moose called Daisy.


Mar 1 - Jubilee sends Doug an email asking him to come over to her place. The Grotesque and the Sublime: Dugan emails Garrison with news about setting up a meeting with Archie Corrigan; Jean sends a message out to the team and enlists the help of Angelica Jones, Henry McCoy, Paige Guthrie, Bobby Drake and Yvette Petrovic to assist them in Madripoor; later that day, the X-Men arrive in Madripoor and get the lay of the land from Dugan. Yvette sends Kevin an email apologizing for not being able to attend the art gallery opening. Doug sends Jubilee a text message asking if she's still up and she agrees to come over. Laura asks Kevin to help pick out her dress for the art gallery opening. Megan lets everyone know that she's turned 17 today. Nico leaves Megan a birthday gift. After dinner, Vanessa and Jean-Paul head over to the art gallery opening to view Kevin's work. As promised, Jan shows up to the art gallery to view Kevin's artwork.

Mar 2 - Artie emails Marie-Ange about powers training. John sends Angelo an email regarding the water project in Sudan. John gets in touch with Amara via SMS. Kevin thanks Jan for her gifts via email and they get to chatting about who they're dating or not dating. Artie sees Wade in the kitchen and they get to talking about his powers. Jean-Paul and Vanessa have drinks together at Zeitgeist. The Grotesque and the Sublime: Some of the X-Men meet with Archie Corrigan at the Princess Bar; the rest of the X-Men keeping watch outside run into some trouble with an Asian gang; the X-Men follow up on Archie's hint with an investigation of the docks of Subline Pharm Solutions. Warren takes Tabitha out flying. Marie-Ange posts about being gifted with goggle wearing yellow minions and crocheted chickens.

Mar 3 - Laura posts about enjoying the art show and especially the after party. Lex and Wade meet in the weight room and an impromptu sparring match ensues. Kevin finds a very cranky Amara in the kitchen and puts forth his best and least obvious efforts to distract her. Wade thinks his minions brings all the girls to the yard and posts about it. On the way to work, Vanessa and Jean-Paul discuss the events of the previous night. The Grotesque and the Sublime: The X-Men head back to the SSA hanger, and find a lot more than they bargained for; between tending to some serious injuries on the jet, Hank sends out a report to the mansion as the X-Men make their way back. Jean sends an email out to Crystal, asking if she is able to teach some of her classes as she has to attend to the injured. Yvette leaves a voice mail for Jean-Phillipe asking him to help her out with her RA duties. Amara lets Kevin know that the chicken he cooked tastes amazing.

Mar 4 - Unable to sleep, Wanda decides to doze on the roof but when Remy arrives, they wind up talking about how messed up their life style really is. Kurt and Wade meet for the first time while Kurt is practicing on the trapeze bars. Angel is in a lot of pain and gets some attention from her friends. Remy and Sarah have a chat in the Snow Valley break room. Kyle offers to make deliveries of food and drinks to the injured X-Men. While at the office, Amara and Angelo have a talk about her and John. Jean tends to Hank's injuries and they talk about the mission. Molly has a nightmare and Meggan tries to comfort her, giving her a few hats in the process, and the two share a pre-dawn breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate milk.

Mar 5 - Julian decides to give Nico the heads up by letting her know that he will be spending the day watching movies with Angel. Marius makes a post asking about Deathstrike. Wade comes by the rec room to talk to Molly about training and ends up playing Hungry Hungry Hippos. Artie gets into a fight in his other school and Jim is required to come and collect him after a rather unpleasant call from one of the staff members there. Artie makes a post voicing his disagreement about being put on probation for fighting someone after being harassed and asks for opinions regarding dealing with harassment.

Mar 6 - Laurie sends Kyle an email to let him know that he was being a douche nozzle. Marius leaves some get well gifts for Yvette, Angel and Paige. After an X-Men meeting, Tabitha catches up with Warren, and after a bit of flirting and kissing, the two head back to her suite. A groggy and drugged up Garrison manages to insult Jean by accident. Doug confronts Marie-Ange about his sister, and the talk does not go well.

Mar 7 - John returns from the Sudan at three in the morning and there is talk of Amara with Angelo before he steals his roommate's bed. Jubilee leaves Marie-Ange some ninja crochet octopi. Wade serenades Tabitha in the library. Tabitha announces it's her best Monday morning ever. Marie-Ange emails Garrison in the medlab to check on him and is treated to Garrison on painkillers. Angelo posts, asking how to remove John from his bed. Jean-Phillipe totally fails to cook dinner for Jean-Paul and take-out is ordered. Yvette is allowed back to her room from the medlab. Vanessa and Warren talk about their not-relationship.

Mar 8 - Garrison posts to the journals post-painkillers, and is tormented by various people. Jean takes an enforced break from the medlab at Amelia's 'hint'. Yvette goes to visit Angel after getting released from the medlab, talking about the mission and also about boys. Laura and Wade spar, before going out for food. Marie-Ange visits Garrison, teasing him and some flirting and possibly more occurs.

Mar 9 - Laurie posts a "You know it's time to sleep when..." list to her journal. Jubilee gives Amanda a ninja crochet witch, complete with broom and cat. Yvette sends apples to Hank, Garrison and Jean. Sarah V. complains about her parents fighting and emails Nico to ask about theraputic violence, which Nico happily provides with the Staff of One. Warren and Wade carefully talk about their respective opinions of violence. Amara brings John food at his apartment and the two end up cuddling on the couch.

Mar 10 - Jean thanks Yvette for the apples. Crystal sends Wade a gift basket, congratulating him on his first month in the mansion. Jean leaves Hank a number of birthday gifts from Think Geek; Piotr gives Hank a painted lab coat. Wade is gleeful about his fruit basket, although not so much about the pineapple. Kevin reminds people about the boathouse renovations and the ensuing thread includes talking about Meggan and Kevin. Doug and Jubilee get together to eat food, drink wine, and watch movies together, and a date is made.

Mar 11 - Wade kidnaps Julian to help him get renovation supplies, and treats him to lunch; Wade gets a feeling they're being watched. Wade emails Vanessa to let her know his friend Crazy Frank is in town and that they'll be visiting him on Sunday. Jean-Paul emails Jake to make sure he's still alive, since the last time they saw each other, Jake was being followed. Lex invites people to his birthday party on the 13th. Meeting in the gym, Lex and Amara talk about the issues of being a 'passer' and District X.

Mar 12 - Amanda emails Wade and Kevin with some family history on Meggan and a warning about flirting with her casually. Crystal reminds everyone daylight savings time begins that night. Following a Danger Room session, Kurt and Warren discuss religion and wealthy families. Kevin emails Meggan to apologise for any inappropriate behaviour and she reassures him he's fine. Meggan and Wade watch the first two original Star Wars movies, then Wade makes them some sandwiches while they discuss what her powers are and offers to teach her some self-defense.

Mar 13 - Wade emails Kurt, asking about Meggan's captors. Wade and Vanessa go on a road trip to visit Crazy Frank, and in the car they discuss getting attached and sticking around; at C.F.'s, they pretend to be married and parents of twins while testing out various guns and it comes out Frank used to supply Mág Ealga; in the car on the way home, talk turns to the possibility of Wade settling down at the mansion and then sours when he jokingly refers to Vanessa seriously thinking about their fictional twins. Hank posts his return to active life following his injury, although he needs more healing time yet and calls for a prank truce. Jean-Paul visits Jean-Phillipe and over wine discovers JPC has a crush on Warren. On her return, Vanessa wishes Lex a happy birthday via email. Lex and Crystal sit at the dock and chat in the wee small hours following Lex's adult-only party, both of them tipsy, which leads to unexpected questions and physical closeness.

Mar 14 - John has insomnia. Angelo confronts John on the forums about what he did to his car. Amara texts John to see if he's alright. Laurie invites herself to Kevin's homemade gumbo dinner and the two make plans for a potential summer road trip to New Orleans, right down to debating over who they should and shouldn't take with them. Crystal makes a Happy Birthday entry for Marius. Molly shows off her powers for Wade, accidentally slipping in the process and getting trapped under a boulder she lifted; Kyle and Julian show up and move the boulder, to reveal a sleeping and completely unharmed Molly, and they call for medical assistance just in case; Molly is brought to the medlab where Kyle and Wade watch over her, and Hank informs them she's okay though they will be keeping her there to run further tests later regarding her powers. Meggan goes to confront Amanda following Amanda's e-mail to Wade and Kevin, coming close to yelling at her, though in the end they discuss getting dinner together. Nick seeks out Kyle to give him a cd he found in his room, and they talk about old movies and trying to fix his amnesia.

Mar 15 - Jubilee announces that she'll be traveling for the next few days and should be back by Friday. Wade and Hank talk about Wade's test results, which aren't what Wade wanted to hear, and a course of action is decided upon. Vanessa sends out texts to Jean-Paul and Lex, telling them she's going out of town for a case, asking the former if he'd like to go with her and the latter to reschedule a meeting. Yvette makes a journal entry to wish both Marius and Jean-Phillipe a happy birthday. Vanessa and Lex meet up at Harry's in an attempt to become better friends, ending up with something with which they can both work. Kevin and Jean-Paul play some pool together and chat, going home together. Vanessa makes an entry to x_factorinvestigations, letting everyone else know she's going to be out of town on a case and that she's taking Jean-Paul with her.

Mar 16 - Laurie e-mails Wade to ask if he's available for lunch, making a raincheck for it as he's going out of town. Amara can't sleep and is feeling overly hot, which is unusual for her. Warren texts Vanessa about a meeting he has in District X that day and asks if she'd like to meet up for lunch; she's leaving town so takes a raincheck, and the exchanging of dirty pictures is discussed. Wade makes a post about leaving town until Sunday. Wade e-mails Molly to let her know he's going, and to be prepared for a huge sandwich a la Wade when he gets back. Kevin and Jean-Paul wake up together without feeling guilty about doing so for the first time, and they have breakfast together, talking about how Jean-Paul's hood slipped off during the night. Julian leaves a t-shirt with a comical picture of squirrels on it outside Dori's door. Kyle wants to recreate a shot from Teen Wolf and asks who has a camera to record it. Molly announces that she's invulnerable, that she misses Wade, and that her folks have e-mailed her.

Mar 17 - Janet announces there will be green food and snacks available for all, as it's St. Patrick's Day, and has green food coloring on hand if anyone needs anything turned green. Jean-Paul and Vanessa head to the library in Gardner, MA to further investigate Vanessa's case by researching the local newspaper archives, turning to personal conversation as they do so and then head out for lunch. Lex walks in on Julian as he's brooding in the kitchen, so Lex asks him to help him with repairs to one of the vehicles in the garage, which they then take for a test drive and head out for some food. Marie-Ange e-mails Amanda about potentially pulling a moose-y prank on Kurt in the not-too-distant future.

Mar 18 - Garrison posts to let people know Lorna has decided to go to Muir Island to sort out some powers related issues, accidentally leaving her laptop behind and asking him to inform everyone of her situation. Vanessa announces to X-Factor that her missing person case ended up with finding the person's body in a morgue, that she's driving back tomorrow early in the morning to tell the parents, and that there may be drinking required after all that; Jean-Paul will be flying back some time that night. Klara and Monet talk over tea after the scent of Klara's baking catches Monet's attention, talking of mutant crop-growing and whether corporations are all evil. Yvette and Amara chat about John.

Mar 19 - Jan joins Kevin during a break from the work in converting the boathouse into an art studio, thoroughly distracting him with innuendo; they meet up after Kevin cleans up and more flirting and innuendo distracts Kevin even further. Vanessa texts Warren to let him know she'll be home shortly, and asks if he's got any plans for tonight yet, as she'd appreciate a distraction from her case.

Mar 20 - Jean and Haller go for a walk by the lake and come close to having a talk about their problems, but instead resolve to go drinking. Marius and Laurie review some of their most recent Danger Room logs over popcorn. Nick/John goes to Jean for a check-up and some advice about his identity problems from an expert. Bobby tries to give Molly an impromptu math lesson in the snow, though she ends up teaching evil snowmen a lesson instead. Yvette wishes Kyle a happy birthday. Kyle announces that he's 21 at last and he's on his way to Harry's. Angel asks someone to entertain her in the rec room because she doesn't want to be doing homework. Kurt has a special surprise for Meggan, who passed her driver's license test and now has a license.

Mar 21 - Callisto and Garrison intervene in a mutant bashing incident. Wade texts Marie-Ange, postponing their meeting. Kevin and Jean-Paul have lunch and Jean-Paul reveals that he's sort of seeing someone else as well. Wade gives Molly a moose. Molly posts to the journals about being given a moose. Marie-Ange posts to the journals about the moose in the stables. Sarah V. asks people to accompany her to the city. Sarah V. and Angelo chat about their respective powers and backgrounds. Yvette and Hank chat about their most recent X-Men mission. The air scrubber in Laurie's suite stops working during a passionate night with Eamon and the resulting powers mishap affects all the graduate students, leaving them unaccountably horny: Monet chases Meggan out of Kurt's suite so she can have sex with Kurt; Jean-Phillipe and Warren have dinner and sex whilst affected by Laurie's powers; Marius chooses to jump out a second story window after getting uncomfortably bitey with Laura, breaking both ankles.

Mar 22 - Jan, affected by Laurie's powers, has sex with Kevin; Kevin later goes jogging with Amara. Molly discovers Marius lying injured in the snow and pokes him with a stick. Kyle brings Marius back inside and fetches Crystal, who clears the air inside the mansion while Laurie is shocked to realize that her filter has broken. Yvette posts to the journals, mentioning that she spent the night with HeliX. Laurie posts to x_grads about hers powers mishap, revealing the cause of the previous night's events. Some of the grads are distinctly annoyed, whilst others are more sympathetic. Yvette emails Laurie about the powers accident, saying Laurie ought to apologize to those affected. Crystal invites Warren out for dinner. Vanessa texts Warren about being jetlagged, insomniac and in Wales. Kyle gives Marius one free lunch to be paid by Laurie. Kevin emails Laurie, explaining that he's okay about her powers accident the previous night. Marius gives Laura a bottle of vodka and apologises for jumping out the window.

Mar 23 - Molly emails Wade, telling him that she is going to go punch things with Monet and Wade explains that he's leaving for a few days on a secret project (which is, in fact, chemotherapy). Meggan leaves two Golden Girls dolls outside Wade's door and says she's been practicing Bea Arthur hair. Kevin visits Wade in the Medlab and provides visual aids for his battle against the hairy cell leukemia. Jean-Paul recieves a call from Vanessa whilst working a job and they discuss horses, zen and Will. Vanessa and Wade have an SMS conversation that touches on badgers and otters. Laurie posts to x_grads, apologizing for her powers mishap the previous night. Laura texts Kevin about Marius, revealing that she was the one he jumped out the window over. Wade drops by the brownstone to see how the penguin he gave Marie-Ange is doing and they wind up having dinner.

Mar 24 - Laurie and Eamon wake up together at Eamon's flat in town. Monet and Wade have a chat about Molly's powers training and Monet explains that she will be most displeased if Wade ever hurts either Molly or Meggan. Kevin and Wade email each other about girls, Jan, Laura and Meggan and Kevin's intentions or lack thereof with them. Kevin emails Angel about his situation with Laura and Jan. Nico posts nerd humor to the journals and discusses the similarities between her and Kevin's powers, Wade and Kevin have an innuendo laden conversation and Wade introduces himself to Nico.

Mar 25 - Kevin and Jean-Paul text each other to arrange a meetup that night. Jean-Phillipe emails Jean-Paul to let him know about the end of his dry spell. Vanessa texts Wade pictures of Holyhead Island in Wales. Kurt visits Wade with some comments to make about the deaths of the Grgic brothers in prison.

Mar 26 - Marius borrows Yvette's powers so that he can dance with her. Kyle and Doug text each other about Marius jumping out the window following his encounter with Laura. A drunken phone call ends up with Wanda and Haller at a bizarre little diner in the middle of the night.

Mar 27 - Callie posts to the journals, announcing that she's back and asking what she's missed over the last year: Nico explains that she is now a mutant, Jean-Paul asks what she's been doing.

Mar 28 - Jean-Paul has an appointment with Hank to talk about his medication and they discuss how much better he's been sleeping, and Hank suggests trialing lowering his dosage.

Mar 29 - Xaviers' newest student Matt Murdock arrives and is met by Jean, who takes him to his sound-proofed room. Matt is pleasantly surprised, though later is less so when he meets his new suitemate, Artie. 'John' comes to see Kurt about a photo he found of him and Catseye, wanting to know who she is. Something of an olive branch is offered. Amara and Sarah V. chat in the kitchen about being homesick, their powers and living at the mansion while Amara is making coffee. Warren and Angelo run into each other in District X and end up discussing going into practice together once Angelo has graduated from law school. Jubilee calls Marie-Ange about an exit strategy for a family in Egypt. Haller visits Matt, introducing himself as the school counsellor and starting to establish a bond with him. Haller later emails Kurt about Matt attending church with him. Matt posts on the network, introducing himself and belatedly let people know that he's blind. Laurie posts to the medical staff about giving Matt Advil. Later that night, Vanessa calls Warren from Wales, and they talk about Warren's love life, methods of therapy and learning how to ride a horse.

Mar 30 - Kyle emails Professor Xavier about Jared moving out of his suite, and Angelo about not solving his problem with violence. Kevin texts Kyle about the possibilities of being able to hurt Jared. Kurt apologizes to Meggan for Monet chasing her out of his room, and there is chocolate cake. Callie texts Kyle about catching up after classes. Yvette emails Jean-Phillipe about helping Matt. Wade emails Jared, threatening him about threatening to haze Matt. Jean-Paul contacts Callie about catching up over food. Vanessa texts Wade a picture from Wales, and the talk turns to Jared. Wade and Molly have sandwiches, and she gives him a present. Warren and Monet have dinner together and discuss drunken flying.

Mar 31 - Piotr posts to the staff about his concerns in regards to Jared and their duty of care. Jan emails Kyle about being a member of the staff, and they discuss Jared. Meggan emails Wade and Kevin about sharing her chocolate cake with them. Professor Xavier emails Jared, requesting a meeting. Yvette emails Jean about an idea for a Danger Room experiment for Jared. Meggan runs into Garrison in the stables, and the two feed the moose together. Jean emails Wade about his test results, and suggests an appointment. Laurie texts Kyle about giving Jared the runs. Meggan and Matt meet in the library, and she offers him some of her chocolate cake.


X-Men Mission: The Grotesque and the Sublime

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