The Brownstone

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Location: The Brownstone
First Seen: May 11, 2006

First Appearance: May 11, 2006

The Snow Valley crew live in a small brownstone complex in the East Village near Tompkins Square Park, owned by Emma Frost. They have almost the entire building, except for an old guy who lives in the first floor SW apartment that they can't get rid of, because he's been there for forty-five years.


The complex is moderately sized, originally two three story brownstone apartments that were joined in the mid thirties into a single square building. There is a lobby on the south side, the east and west sides hold all the apartments, the north side on each level (as well as the south side on the second and third level) hold common areas. The lobby itself is the only access to the building and other floors, save for fire escapes and the roof. In the middle of the building, running down all three levels, is the original courtyard. It was glassed in from the room sometime in the 50s, and all four walls are windows into the common rooms and the hallways for the apartments. Access is via the north common room on the first floor.

The foyer holds a security desk, where an employee of Emma Frost's acts as doorman. Jubilee also has a part time job manning this desk, to give her a reason for living in the building. The brownstone itself also has a series of mystical protection wards placed on it. These will alert the creator (Amanda Sefton) to the following:

a) some kind of mystical interference, such as the opening of portals to demon realms; and

b) someone moving past them with violent intentions to the inhabitants.

The first floor holds eight one-bedroom apartments, four on each side of the courtyard. The second and third floors hold six two-bedroom apartments, three on each side of the courtyard. There are also common areas at the north end of each floor, plus on the south end of the second and third floors. There is roof access from the third floor south common room, and sewer access via the basement.

There is also a gym on the third floor, for the purposes of training. The younger members of X-Force have dubbed it the Danger Gym in honour of the mansion's Danger Room.

The building had been basically neglected from the early eighties to the late nineties. When Frost Industries bought it, workers brought it up to code, replaced wiring, insulation, etc. While the building is structurally sound, but it still needed a lot of basic renovation and maintenance to start looking decent.

Current Residents

First Floor: Sarah Morlocke, Carmilla Black, Jubilation Lee, Bucky Barnes, David North, Nico Minoru

Second Floor: Amanda Sefton and Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey and Artie Maddicks, Wanda Maximoff

Third Floor: Remy LeBeau and Ororo Munroe, Lucas Bishop


Over Christmas 2006, the residents, including Bucky Barnes, the old man downstairs, were trapped in the brownstone for a week as the result of a belated 'gift' from Infectia.

This Savage Land

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Operation: Take A Bow

Day Zero

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