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James Buchanan Barnes
Bucky barnes.jpg
Portrayed by Ian Holm
Known Aliases: "Bucky" Barnes
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: May 22, 2006

A retired photojournalist and former CIA agent with a taste for the weird, Barnes was known as the 'grumpy old man downstairs' at the brownstone for years before his actual background was revealed.


Name: James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes

Aliases: "Bucky" Barnes

Occupation: Retired Photojournalist

First appearance: May 16, 2011

Family: Gail Richards (wife - deceased), Rebecca "Ricki" Barnes (adopted daughter)


James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, one of the great photojournalists of the last sixty years. He started as a photographer for the US Army journalist corp at 16, having lied about his age and was recruited as an operative, as a founding member of the CIA’s predecessor, the OSS, under “Wild Bill” Donovan. He went from WWII to Korea, before finally leaving the service in the mid-fifties. During the next twenty years, he worked for both the New York Times and the Washington Post, before finishing off with Time Magazine. He was considered the top connected war photojournalist until the My Lai Massacre in 1972. His photos, which he refused to censor, led to a major scandel for the Pentagon. Since then, Barnes mostly focused on elements of conflict and civilian losses, as opposed to his gritty but militaristic images of the 40-50s.

During World War II, before he went off to Europe, Gail Richards gave her fiance and Bucky's friend, Steve Rogers, a traditional ‘soldier’s farewell’. The result was a child she named Rebecca. When Rogers did not return from war, Bucky married Gail and adopted the child as his own. Only a few high-ranking members of the military and CIA know the truth about Rikki’s parentage, and the fact that she inherited aspects of the super-soldier profile from her biological father.

Bucky is 85 years old, and has been retired for close to 20 years, living in the south west ground floor apartment in the X-Force brownstone, refusing to leave. He makes a considerable living from both his pension and the revenues from his stock images and books of photography. For the last fifteen years, he's mostly been a recluse, and most people think he's died already. Bucky's secret obsession has always been for the weird, and some of the first public photos of mutants were taken by him. He still roams the city with a camera, but more and more, he uses the internet to view and collect material. He's gruff, insensitive, and seems a little thick until you actually talk to him, and release there's a mind like a razor underneath.

During X-Force's investigation into the Winter Soldier project, a combination of coincidences laid suspicion on the 'grumpy old man' as the Russian agent. Following an incident where he assaulted both Doug Ramsey and Wade Wilson, Bucky showed up at the Snow Valley offices, showing an alarming knowledge of their operations and offerinig his assistance in bringing into custody the true Winter Soldier - his adopted daughter, Rikki. Working with Bucky revealed the old man had considerable field experience and knowledge and that he wasn't above showing his lack of confidence in a team of 'kids', as he saw the younger members of X-Force.

He was instrumental in avoiding a massacre when the Brownstone was ambushed in December 2012, where he was able to trigger the fire alarm as a warning before barricading himself in his apartment.


None - baseline human, although he does have combat training and fights dirty.


May 2006 - X-Force moves into the brownstone (reference only)

December 2006 - Barnes was also trapped in the brownstone during the quarantine. (reference only)

Day Zero (reference only)

October 2010 - Amanda Sefton and Bobby Drake flood the Danger Gym and need to explain why Bucky's ceiling is leaking (reference only)

Operation: зимний солдат

Sons of Liberty

Operation: Poisoned Honey - Bucky's warning saves the lives of X-Force when the brownstone is ambushed.


PB: Ian Holm

Socked by: Dex

Operation: зимний солдат was the first on-camera appearance of Bucky - up until then, he had been repeatedly referenced, but never appeared in a scene.