Tim Dugan

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Tim Dugan
Portrayed by Bruce Campbell
Known Aliases: "Dum-Dum" Dugan
Affiliations: None - former SHIELD operative
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Old Man of the Mountain

Once a member of SHIELD, "Dum-Dum" Dugan is now living quietly in Madripoor, lending his skills to assist in various small 'jobs'.


Name: Tim Dugan

Aliases: "Dum-Dum" Dugan

Occupation: Freelance security advisor

First appearance: June 8, 2009

Family: various 'lady friends' who support him periodically


Tim Dugan started out with US special forces in the first Gulf War, a docorated soldier who was considered an ideal point man for secret missions. After multiple black ops in South America and Asia, Dugan was co-opted by SHIELD, and Dugan ended up working for his old boss, Fury. Dugan remained the lead man for SHIELD field operations until eighteen months ago, when a combination of injuries and age forced him to be retired from active field work, and assigned to a more powerful role in SHIELD, but one in which he would work from a desk. Dugan was not well suited to the change, and after only a month, instead decided to retire early and resign the position.

He used his savings to travel to Madripoor, where he quickly carved out a reasonable living between being a freelance security advisor, a trainer in military tactics and operations, and a freeloader off whatever rich ladyfriend he's found this month. Dugan still works on and off for SHIELD, and ended up part of Kane's own network back in the 90s during some cross training with the SAS.

When Amahl Farouk ran afoul of the Indian goverment thanks to betrayal from one of the Alamut, Dugan was provided as a source of information in Madripoor, helping the mixed-team of X-Forcers and mansion dwellers to seek out a missing Indian diplomat who could get Farouk off the hook. During his interactions with the team, it became clear there was some history between him and Betsy Braddock, from her days with STRIKE.

In July 2012, it was Dugan who alerted Garrison Kane to the presence of a young mutant girl - who turned out to be the Rachel Kinross-Dayspring - in Madripoor. in November 2014 he again provided information to Garrison, this time about the Alpha Flight Massacre. This information, unfortunately, proved to be a lead into something else entirely.

He resurfaced in April 2019 to provide Kevin Sydney with information for a simple mission meant to be a test run for Clea Lake.


None - baseline human. Despite looking and occasionally acting like the big, thick, rude American thug, Dugan is a hugely experienced and capable soldier. He's an expert marksman, highly trained in hand to hand combat, and above all, is widely and deeply connected in Madripoor, making him an invaluable source of local rumour and gossip. He's virtually never taken as a threat, a trait that he's used not only to advance his own means, but also to save his life on occasion. He's loyal to a job, once he takes it, and has a basic core of decency.


Phase 1

Old Man of the Mountain

X-Men Mission: The Grotesque and the Sublime

Christian's Angels

Ashes and Mist

Death is Legion

Phase 2

Escort Duty


PB: Bruce Campbell

Socked by: Dex

The characterisation of "Dum-Dum" Dugan was based on that of Sam Axe, from the series Burn Notice.