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Gabriel Cohuelo and Clint Barton continued to not-date, enjoying each other’s company, while Gabriel slowly – and reluctantly - adjusted to life at the mansion. The paparazzi-baiting game became less funny when Tandy Bowen reacted badly to a photograph of Julian Keller with another girl, revealing that her feelings at least were genuine. After several days of her avoiding people and especially Julian, things blew up with a fight in the kitchen and were eventually resolved as the pair kissed and made up.

The Weapon X alumni, along with Garrison Kane, acted on a lead provided by Tim Dugan about an old research lab; at the same time, Kyle Gibney, responding to a message from his parents, was taken to the same lab, to retrieve some files related to the program for Omega Red and Abraham Cornelius, his parents brought as hostages to his good behaviour. While Logan and Wade Wilson attempted to help Kyle against a sentient virus, another part of the Weapon program and retrieve the data, Garrison Kane and David North attempted to rescue Kyle’s parents from Cornelius and Omega Red. They were partially successful and rescued Kyle’s father, but his mother was taken by the pair as they escaped. Once recovered from the virus, the group pursued after advice from Malcolm Colcord, only to find the progenitors of the Weapons program, two proto-ferals. Kyle’s mother was unfortunately killed, and the group only just managed to escape with their lives, thanks to the eleventh hour intervention of Deathstrike and her team. Grieving for his mother, as difficult as their relationship had been, Kyle withdrew from mansion life.

Arthur Centino appeared in the news again, ahead of the release of his new show, Impossible Odds. Firstly he stopped a mutant terrorist attack in Kansas, then he foiled an armed robbery in Texas a few days later. His sudden intervention as a crime-stopping hero raised questions and concerns from the various teams.

Finally, in an attempt to reconcile with her adoptive family, Rogue took a group – including Julian and Tandy, who were still not talking at that stage – on a road trip to Mississippi for Thanksgiving. It went about as badly as it could possibly do so.


Nov 1 - Clint visits Laurie in the medlab and talks about training, the paparazzi, and his attraction to Gabriel. Gabriel texts Angel to thank her for visiting the day before.

Nov 2 - Clint and Gabriel wake up on Gabriel’s couch and Gabriel is disappointed that his plan to have sex failed, but after discussing Clint’s schoolwork, their weirdness and ridiculous with each other, and Clint’s trouble with the paparazzi and Keller, the plan gets back on track.

Nov 3 -

Nov 4 - Wade's sorting through his accumulated mail for an alias, Marie-Ange is helping - and then she gets to the fancy envelope. Gabriel and Clint have a not-date. Rogue and Namor talk tennis, latinisms, and art.

Nov 5 - Tandy and Clint try to have lunch but the paparazzi make it difficult. Amanda invites people for Guy Fawkes night. Namor texts Clint about the previous evening.

Nov 6 - Amanda posts about Guy Fawkes day and the Putin image seen in Sussex. Jubilee posts about being short.

Nov 7 - While out after going to the opera, Jean and Rogue go for a drink. Things don't go as planned. Rogue posts to the journals about these events

Nov 8 -

Nov 9 - Rogue and Clint meet several meters off the ground and a challenge is issued. Angel and Rogue catch up in the boathouse and talk family, manifestations, and art.

Nov. 10 - Laurie posts about the perfect Christmas present for Doug and Wade. Julian texts Tandy about hanging out and gets no response. Tandy texts Adrienne telling her not to let anyone into the suite except Sue.

Nov. 11 - Death is Legion: Dugan texts Kane about some Weapon X info; Kyle's mom calls about his dad being in a car accident, resulting in phone tag as Kyle tries to call her back about going to see her; Kyle posts on x_staff looking for someone to take his classes while he goes home; Kane gathers the mansion's Weapon X survivors to discuss their next steps; Wade leaves voicemails for Marie-Ange and Doug letting them know he's going out of town for a while.

Nov. 12 - Death is Legion: Following the email from his father, Kyle arrives home and discovers the news is definitely not good; Arriving at their destination, Kyle discovers just what he's needed for; Kyle begins investigating with no idea what he's looking for; While Kyle is in the lab, Garrison, Logan, Wade and North arrive, following the lead from Dugan; Wade and Logan go after Kyle, hoping their healing factors will be able to save them; While Wade and Logan are looking for Kyle, it's up to Garrison, and North to rescue Midge Gibney from Omega Red; things get bad down in the facilities, with the Weapon X survivors fighting for their lives; On the surface, the fight with Omega Red is going badly and things get worse when Cornelius plays his trump card; Kyle, Logan and Wade manage to survive the virus long enough to get back to the surface where the anti-virals are. Too bad there's not better news; Wade texts Marie-Ange to let her know he's still alive. Rogue and Megan go shopping and discuss art history and drugs. Tension between Julian and Tandy finally boils over, resulting in a fight in the kitchen. Angel texts Julian about the fight. Gabriel texts Clint expressing disdain at the possibility of getting dragged into drama. Gabriel thanks Kurt for saving him from Thornn and Phantazia.

Nov. 13 - Julian texts Angel asking if she wants to go out. Namor posts about the snow. Clint texts Gabriel asking him to join him in snow watching. Namor texts Clint about the fight between Julian and Tandy. Tandy accidentally sends Julian a text meant for Adrienne, then really texts Adrienne about going to Connecticut to hide.

Nov. 14 - Wade texts Tandy wondering why she's been missing her knife throwing lessons. Wade emails Doug about messing with the paparazzi. Sue texts Tandy asking if she's okay. Angel and Julian wake up very hungover with a couple of furry friends and no memory of how they got to the hotel they're in. Angel texts Lorna asking if she can keep the cat she found. Rogue texts Jess asking her to keep her from meddling. Rogue texts Tandy about going on a road trip. The Wild Hunt: Having recovered from the effects of the virus, the group makes their next move - contacting Director Malcolm Colcord with Department H; With help from Director Colcord, the group heads to the Canadian Rockies and the old feral training ground, where hopefully their prey awaits; Lorna posts about getting an alert ping from Garrison's phone; The hunters become the hunted as the Tiber Complex's secret is revealed; Garrison, Logan and North try to buy some time while Wade and Kyle escape with Cornelius; the Weapon X survivors attempt to escape with the help of some unlikely rescuers; Kyle and Wade's retreat with Dr. Cornelius is cut short by the unexpected arrival of everyone's least favorite Lazarus impersonator, Deathstrike.

Nov. 15 - Julian texts Angel about the final bill from the hotel room they destroyed.

Nov. 16 - Clint posts about the season premiere of Arthur Centino's show, Impossible Odds.

Nov 17 -

Nov 18 - Yvette, Angel and Sooraya have a very muddy Danger Room session and wonder who to blame.

Nov 19 - Adrienne takes Rogue out to a mutant speed dating session and proceeds to kick a groper in the balls; after their night out, Adrienne emails a variety of her female friends to suggest a spa day. Lorna asks for a headcount of those staying for Thanksgiving. Rogue and Scott train, then chat.

Nov 20 - Rogue and Logan have a long overdue reunion, and both talk way more than they usually do. In a safe house, Jubilee makes breakfast for dinner for North.

Nov 21 - Namor attends a networking mixer where Gabriel is working the bar and a bet is made. Cecilia lets Wade know his digestive tract is healthy enough for spicy food again. With nothing better to do on a Friday night, Gabriel decides to horn in on Miles' nerdfest of the Spider-Man movie on TV and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Nov 22 - Impossible Odds: The news media reports on Longshot stopping a mutant terrorist attack in Kansas.

Nov 23 - Gabriel comments on the previous day’s news story, remarking that being able to turn into a dragon would be a nifty power to have. Rogue and Matt go for a random flight around town, enjoy delicious treats, and learn something new about each other.

Nov 24 - Scott makes an important discovery about Gabriel's powers that involves a pool, and Gabriel does not take kindly to the way that discovery is made. Adri texts Kane to taunt him about recent baseball trades. Impossible Odds: Jean makes an x_team journal entry about Longshot’s involvement in the attempted terrorist attack in Topeka. Rogue texts Adri about her date with Todd the Barista.

Nov 25 - Impossible Odds: Scott e-mails Doug about the team’s concerns over Arthur Centino. Clint texts Gabriel to ask if he has any Thanksgiving plans. Rogue makes a journal entry about Mississippi overturning its ban on gay marriage, and how proud she is of her home state.

Nov 26 - Rogue sends clandestine texts to Julian and Tandy, then informs Jessica the plan is complete. Rogue, Tandy, Julian, and Jessica drive to Jackson, Mississippi, and no one's going to road trip with Rogue again. Tandy texts Adri and Sue to blame Rogue for Julian being with them. Adri texts Rogue to congratulate her on getting Tandy and Julian together, hoping they can work things out.

Nov 27 - Matt makes a Thanksgiving journal entry about stretchy pants. Julian and Rogue go and see her family, which ends exactly as expected.

Nov 28 - Impossible Odds: KVUE Local News in Austin, Texas announces Arthur Centino foiling an armed robbery. Julian and Tandy kiss and make up.

Nov 29 - Cecilia makes an incredulous journal entry in response to the latest Centino incident. Doug e-mails Scott with further info on Centino as previously requested. Tandy and Rogue do some bonding while spending money

Nov 30 - Logan goes to check on Rogue after her Thanksgiving road trip and in typical fashion ends up picking up the pieces before everything ends in a nap.


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