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November saw the return of two old faces - Sooraya Qadir came back to complete her schooling, and Warren Worthington, his relationship with Piotr Rasputin ended, came back to rejoin the X-Men and to make a new life for himself. He started in fine form, flirting with old friend Amanda Sefton and more seriously with the emotionally unstable Jay Guthrie, who wasn't sure how to react. Morgan Lennox began seeing Alexander Lexington casually and Manuel de la Rocha was brutally frank with Carmilla Black about their relationship and her inability to drop her attitude even with him.

Julian Keller was disowned by his father following his purchase of a car for a self birthday present; Julian took this extremely badly and his friends Doreen Green and Nico Minoru tried their best to be there for him. Also in the realms of fathers, Catseye became curious about hers, striking a deal with Yvette Petrovic, questioning the circumstances behind her kidney transplant, to research their respective fathers, albeit carefully.

Amanda continued to caution Nico about her Staff of One, warning her to use it only when necessary due to the nature of its magic. Callie Betto and Klara Prast were pushed to use their mutual cholorkinetic powers against a strange plant on a botanical field trip which tried to eat Catseye and Adrienne Frost found curiosity can nearly kill the cat when she inadvertently Read one of Remy LeBeau's staffs and was confronted with a graphic image of one of Gambit's 'games'. Fred Dukes, having problems with his own powers, enlisted the help of Angelo Espinosa, whose powers weren't dissimilar and David Haller for some psionic tuition. Things went badly, Fred's powers going out of control and leaving him in a coma. Having established that the boy needed time to mentally heal, Charles Xavier arranged for him to go to Muir Island Research Facility. Callie, Fred's girlfriend, took the incident especially badly, her coldness confusing many of her fellows and driving Julian to call her out on it on the journals.

The X-Men found themselves stretched to the limit when a mass break-out of mutant prisoners during a prison transfer to the Vault resulted in the escape of many old foes, including Toad, Infectia and members of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Magnetic North and the Mutant Liberation Front. SHIELD and the X-Men managed to recapture a number of escapees, but many remain at large.

And finally, the New Mutants had another drama-filled dramatic production, this time when Regan Claremont, a young mutant with illusion powers and a grudge against Kurt Sefton, used her powers to send the production of Jeckyll and Hyde 'back in time', goading Nicholas Gleason to lose control of his wolf form. Fortunately, Nick's girlfriend, Catseye, was able to talk him back to humanity and Regan managed to slip away in the confusion.


Nov 1 - In the very early morning, a drunken Manuel comes home and encounters Cammie and he tells her some truths about their relationship. Kyle is confused about the decorations at the party the night before. Jennie posts about beating her birthday curse. A pain in Fred's arm concerns Callie and she prompts him to get it checked out, and he reveals there is a problem with his powers but flees before he can tell her what it is.

Nov 2 - Manuel emails Amanda to thank her for looking after Valentia and asks Bishop to postpone their chess game due to his hangover. Kurt posts about his return from Germany and his sister Jimaine's 20th birthday. Fred emails Haller and Angelo mentioning the similarity between his power and Angelo's and asks for some help with telepathic therapy. Amanda and Nico meet to discuss magic and Amanda recommends that the younger witch use her staff as little as possible. Catseye runs into Yvette returning from a kidney checkup at the medlab and their discussion ends in the two agreeing to find more about their fathers. In Nico's exploring, she finds Jay in the greenhouse and startles him. He barely stops from lopping her head off before she leaves. Jay leaves to see Hank about extracting cactus needles from his hand and talks to Hank about apologizing to Nico and going on some anti anxiety medications. Later, Jay goes to see Nico in her suite to apologize and she makes a point to clean herself up before trying to help him focus on the management of his instinct control. It doesn't go well and Jay leaves before he does something he'll regret.

Nov 3 - Emma, Valentia and Manuel have dinner and when Emma subtley questions his loyalty to the White Court, Manuel takes his sister and leaves. Catseye asks Megan to paint a present for Nick for her. Julian gets a letter from his father disowning him and he talks to Jan about his lack of family and funding.

Nov 4 - Angelo and Fred are linked together telepathically by Haller to work on Fred's telepathic therapy, but the idea backfires when Fred's body inflates and refuses to hold a shape; he slips into a coma and Angelo and Haller get him to Hank in the medlab. Hank emails the staff to let them know about Fred's accident and that his condition is stable but mentally unresponsive. Julian tells Callie about Fred's accident. Julian posts to the student community letting them know about Fred. Manuel visits Remy, bringing him muffins but isn't welcomed and leaves.

Nov 5 - Angelo posts obscurely about the accident with Fred; Monet finds Callie in the greenhouse and berates her for apparently not caring about Fred's condition. Manuel invites Garrison to a poker game for the following night and the two discuss the Hellfire Club. Kyle goes to see Jay about fixing his ceiling fan and while doing so, tries to apologize, only to have the topic changed and the two talk about instincts and how to go against them. Jay catches up with Lex while jogging and the two bond. Amanda announces Guy Fawkes Night on her journal and that she'll be celebrating on the brownstone roof if people want to join her.

Nov 6 - Modern Nature: A new species of native carnivorous plant is discovered in the New York Botanical Garden and advertised in the New York times for public viewing.

Nov 7 - Yvette comes across Callie in the kitchen and tries to find out if she's okay.

Nov 8 - Modern Nature: Crystal announces on the staff comm a field trip to view the new plant for the biology students. She also emails a number of her students, giving them notice that they have a free period while she is out on a field trip for biology.

Nov 9 - Modern Nature: Crystal takes Nick, Callie, Klara, and Catseye to visit the New York Botanical Garden to see a new species of carnivorous plant and they find the line is very long to get in; while viewing the plant the students notice that there is no wildlife around the plant and suddenly it eats a bird and attacks Nick but Callie and Klara save him and defeat it by shrinking it to the size of a dandelion; Callie meets with Charles to discuss what happened at the Garden and the Professor arranges for a medlab for Callie so she can study the carnivorous plant. Hank emails Jubilee and Carlie, asking if they want to join him in a surprise but expected visit to Edinburgh to visit Maddie for her birthday. Then he emails Kyle and asks the feral to be a guinea pig in exchange for help around the mansion when things blow up. Cammie goes down to see Hank for the routine draining of the toxins from her hand. The two snark at each other, though its not at all unwelcomed.

Nov 10 - Yvette and Logan teach Laurie a little about stealth.

Nov 11 - Hank informs the staff that Fred is breathing on his own although he's still in a coma and that if students are skipping classes to see the young man, he'll send them on their way. Logan meets Callisto after her class and pegs her for a streetfighter. He asks her out for a drink and food, she agrees and he gets to know her over games of pool at Harry's. Amanda and Doug teach Laurie about being on a team and trust as well as combat, before relocating to Silver to lower her inhibitions and let loose a little in the most unorthodox way. Before Adrienne is to meet Morgan, she sees Remy and accidently reads his staff, going through a part of his past she would have rather not seen and threatens to call the police. Adrienne emails Emma and asks her sister to mind wipe that event with Remy. She also messages Morgan and asks for a raincheck.

Nov 12 - Wanda and Amanda have lunch and discuss, among other things, Jake, Angelo and Amanda's new role as mentor to Nico.

Nov 13 - Kyle tells everyone through his journal about water being found on the moon. Angel makes a bewildering post about driving and pickups; it turns out she and Crystal are going to the airport to pick up Sooraya, returning to the school from Afghanistan.

Nov 14 - Amanda and Bishop go out for beer and she talks about how little they know of him but he still remains as mysterious as ever.

Nov 15 - Julian's anger over his disownment boils over and it's up to Nico and Dori to calm him down. Jailbreak: Storm announces on x_team there has been a mass break-out of mutant felons during a transfer and all hands are needed; Search Party One - Rogue, Wildchild, Skin and Pants on Fire - come across the the Young Preservers and Avalanche - Phase 1 and manage to recapture two; Search Party Two - Cannonball, Dominion, Iceman and Catseye, acting as tracker - catch out two members of the Brotherhood of Mutants, the Corruptor and Ruckus raiding a laundromat for a change of clothes and while Iceman disregards orders to go after the Brotherhood, they manage to recapture Ruckus and the Corruptor; back at the prison, Blink, Discharge and Buttercup lend medical aid with a group of SHIELD agents, but instead come across Infectia's Anti-Bodies and Masque's idea of 'art'.

Nov 16 - Jailbreak: Overnight, Search Party Three - Nightcrawler, Beast, Wasp and Magma (Caldera) - catch up with Magnetic North and Mad Dog and a pitched battle ensues, with Arlee Hicks, Refrax, Gregor, Lexa Pierce and Mad Dog recaptured, but Wasp being injured after being thrown from a plane; the final search party - Sway, Meltdown, Hamster and Emo Blue - are directed to a train yard, where Toad, Wildside, Dragoness and Ricochet are trying to hitch a ride; another fierce battle occurs, with Wildside being killed after poisoning Hamster, Emo Blue going after Toad regardless of orders and winding up nearly suffocating from Toad's adhesive resin and Sway almost crushed by a building when her and Ricochet's powers clash. Laurie and Kyle talk after the mission, but some things just aren't easily talked about.

Nov 17 - Jay wakes up in Medlab and talks to Hank about what happened to him after his encounter with Toad. Amanda wishes Jubilee a happy 24th birthday. Jailbreak: Garrison and Adrienne visit the prison to try and get a reading and figure out where the riot started. Kyle SMS's Jay about food. Nick and Catseye play Guitar Hero and then go to talk to Nico about a magical gift. Marie-Ange visits Jean-Phillipe to give him the bad news about the Brotherhood escapees and a possible threat to his safety. Laurie posts about being crampy and purple after the mission. Kyle brings food for Jay and they bond and later, Jay feels better enough to go apologize to Lex, who has problems of his own. Dori continues with her crush on Kyle.

Nov 18 - Jailbreak: Garrison posts to the x_team journal, sharing information on those that escaped during the riots and what actually started it. Wanda posts about not feeling well. Jan wakes up and talks to Hank, who breaks some bad news to her. Dori and Julian visit a local comic store and Dori attempts to score a job. Dori posts about a possible comic store job. Tabitha e-mails Lex about training. Garrison finds Clarice at Harry's Hideaway and talks to about the events in Jailbreak. Clarice posts a series of expletives to her journal.

Nov 19 - Callie posts about algae sex. Nico posts about her class schedule. Jan posts about her post mission injuries. The men of the mansion watch beach volleyball and discuss the hotness merits of the females they know, also, naked volleyball and Betsy Braddock's modelling career. Catseye and Yvette pass their driving tests and end up talking to Kurt about their respective fathers. Later on Yvette, Catseye and Angel talk about Catseye being lonely and suite mates. Adrienne talks to Cammie about outstanding charges in Chicago. Megan posts about classes.

Nov 20 Charles Xavier enters Fred's mind in order to talk to him about his condition. Amanda posts about a mystery date. Stage of Illusions: Kurt posts about putting on another play. Warren meets Amanda for dinner and catching up. Wanda leaves a text message to Snow Valley about her illness. Marie-Ange posts about Wanda and the situation. Doug later posts an update on Wanda's condition. Adrienne and Morgan talk about Gambit and about Adrienne's relationship with Garrison. Morgan drops in on Lex and finds a way to help him relax. Nico asks some questions of Crystal about the school, the X-Men and Red X, and finds her very helpful.

Nov 21 - Dori auditions for the play, but stagefright intervenes and Nick tries to console her while Monkey Joe steals the stage.

Nov 22 - Manuel's birthday, and Amara makes him a cake, Jubilee sends him balloons and Amanda takes him out for dinner. Jay and Warren meet in the skies above the mansion and Warren fails to recognise his old student. Warren announces his return to New York and invites those of drinking age to Harry's; Jay hauls a drunken Warren home and lets him sleep in his bed - alone.

Nov 23 - Manuel emails Amanda, thanking her for dinner. Jay emails Amanda, letting her know where Warren ended up and how he feels about the other man's wings reminding him of his old ones. Sam apologises in person to Morgan for his earlier behaviour and the conversation goes about as well as could be expected. Amanda and Jubilee head back to work after seeing Wanda and indulge in some work-trained people watching.

Nov 24 - Jan plans Thanksgiving and Julian snipes at Callie in the ensuing thread; Callie emails Julian, asking him what his issue is; the two argue it out and resolve their differing responses to Fred's condition. Hank announces that Fred has been moved to Muir Island.

Nov 25 - Dori gets a job at the local comic shop and shares her news with the first person she comes across, Megan; Dori announces her new job on her journal.

Nov 26 - Remy and Ororo catch up, resulting in an unexpected thundershower to ensure privacy; Jay complains about getting soaked. Jan wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Yvette makes a Thanksgiving post of her own, asking people to share what they are thankful for.

Nov 27 - Stage of Illusions: Kurt emails Leo asking for help with a venue for the play; Kurt announces the play will be going ahead; Regan Claremont, a young mutant, spots Kurt checking out a potential venue and is plagued by memories of him from the Great Mutant Headache; Kurt helps Nick with controlling his wolf form for the lead role in Jekyll and Hyde. Megan helps Catseye experiment with hair dye in an effort to make her cat form less visible when she goes to observe her father.

Nov 28 - Stage of Illusions: Yvette confronts Julian about his attitude about Nick; Julian's frustration with Nick getting the lead role boils over during rehearsals and Kurt has to step in; Kurt has an odd encounter with Regan as he leaves the theatre. Adrienne and Garrison go to a charity art exhibition together.

Nov 29 - Amanda complains about pain from her gun training with Bishop and asks when they're going again. Warren and Jay go flying and flirting. Catseye talks to Kurt about image inducers and meeting her father. Megan asks about Christmas activities for those who aren't going home. Stage of Illusions: Something strange happens at the dress rehearsal when Regan casts one of her illusions and makes the students think they're in Victorian London; Nick barely controls himself and Catseye helps him while Julian reacts hostilely; Regan confronts the New Mutants and they aren't impressed as she challenges their loyalty to Nick; Kurt interrupts and knocks Regan out, but she manages to slip away.

Nov 30 - Crystal posts hoping everyone had a nice holiday and asks if she can attend the play some of the students are acting in at the local community centre. Stage of Illusions: Nick asks Julian to blast him with his powers if Regan returns and Nick turns on anyone in the audience during the play.


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