The Corruptor

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The Corruptor.jpg
Portrayed by Joel Moore
Known Aliases: The Corruptor
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Bank Heist

"Where's the ratfaced one in the Hawaiian shirt?"

A telepath, the self-styled "Corruptor" attempted to use his powers for a life of crime, until the X-Men got in the way. Twice.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: The Corruptor

Affiliation: Independent

First appearance: January 31, 2005

Family: Unknown


Little is known about the true identity of the mutant calling himself "The Corruptor". A telepath who uses his powers to 'corrupt' others, he decided the best use of them was crime.

The Corruptor first came to official notice back in January 2005, when he was part of a gang of mutant bank-robbers along with Avalanche - Phase 1 and Mad Dog. They were apprehended by the X-Men and spent the next four years in Hazelton Penetentiary. In November 2009 during the country's biggest ever mass escape, all of the gang escaped but split up. The Corruptor tagged along with two members of the Brotherhood of Mutants and Ruckus, a mercenary, in the hopes they would provide him with protection. However, the Corruptor found himself outmatched by Catseye and was recaptured. He is currently in the Vault, serving out his sentence.


A telepath specialising in controlling others with his 'corrupting' touch.


X-Men Mission: Bank Heist

X-Men Mission: Jailbreak


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Previously socked by: Craig

PB: Joel Moore