X-Men Mission: Jailbreak

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.


Dates run: November 15-16, 2009
Run By: Rossi
Read the logs: Jailbreak

"You can't run forever. They'll catch you in the end, an' you know fugitives get more time added. You didn't kill anyone, is it worth it?"

A mass break out and riot of mutant prisoners has the X-Men and SHIELD scrambling to round the escapees up.


Search Party 1: Rogue, Wildchild, Skin and Pants on Fire

Search party 2: Cannonball, Dominion, Iceman and Catseye

Search Party 3: Nightcrawler, Beast, Wasp and Caldera

Search Party 4: Sway, Meltdown, Hamster and Emo Blue

Prison Medical Team: Blink, Discharge and Buttercup

Adrienne Frost

SHIELD, Nick Fury, Masque, Katu, Bloodhawk, Toad, Wildside, Dragoness, Young Preservers, Magnetic North, Ruckus, Mad Dog, The Corruptor, Avalanche - Phase 1, Ricochet


November 15-16, 2009

Plot Summary

Two years have passed since Magnetic North lost over half their membership to capture and imprisonment. The remaining three - Shalimar Fox, Lexa Pierce and Jesse Kilmartin – have spent the intervening time on the run, trying to regroup but lacking the connections needed to tap into potential new members. They have, however, come up with a surprisingly sophisticated plan to break their former comrades out of prison.

Those mutants charged with and found guilty of federal crimes are housed in various U.S. Penitentiaries across the country, usually in special divisions designed to deal with their powers. Captured in Washington D.C., the Magnetic North members wound up in Hazelton, West Virginia, along with a number of other mutant criminals sentenced in the state and surrounds. Magnetic North understood that getting their people out of a high security SHIELD prison was all but impossible. The news, however, provided a possibility: the prisoners involved were being moved to the 'Vault', a new SHIELD facility specifically designed to house mutants. Plans have been in the works since Magneto escaped federal prison years ago and were then pushed through faster with the escape of Apocalypse; the transfer provided Magnetic North with a golden opportunity to get their people back.

Magnetic North’s plan was deceptively simple – they cut a deal with someone on the inside to supply their people with Kick, in order to break themselves out, where Magnetic North will meet and escape with them. The trouble is, the person on the inside used a go between who screwed it up, so the Kick ended up in the hands of Infectia instead. She used it, knowing she was one of the first people on the bus for the transfer from the temporary area in Hazelton, and basically spread spores from the moment she left her cell to the moment she boarded the bus and came under range of the inhibitors designed to deal with the transfer. By the time three of the six buses were on the move, her drones erupted at both the prison and in the buses. She was counting on the multiple issues to give herself time to get clear and she didn't really care about anyone else, so she went for maximum carnage and confusion. SHIELD turned up to deal with the mass break-out of mutant prisoners and a full-scale prison riot, and found themselves hopelessly underresourced, leading to a quiet phone call from Nick Fury to the X-Men.

Posing as 'consultants' with SHIELD, the X-Men split up into four search parties and one medical team, who remained at the Hazelton prison in order to assist with casualties there. Due to his knowledge of the Young Preservers, Skin was called back into action and Catseye accompanied a search party in order due to her tracking skills.

Search Party One - Rogue, Wildchild, Skin and Pants on Fire - came across the the Young Preservers and Avalanche at an abandoned gas station and managed to recapture two, Rust and Frost.

Search Party Two - Cannonball, Dominion, Iceman and Catseye, acting as tracker - caught out two members of the Brotherhood of Mutants, the Corruptor and Ruckus raiding a laundromat for a change of clothes and while Iceman disregarded orders to go after the Brotherhood, they managed to recapure Ruckus and the Corruptor

Blink, Discharge and Buttercup lent medical aid at the prison with a group of SHIELD agents, but instead came across Infectia's Anti-Bodies and Masque's idea of 'art', being forced to confront any number of tortured and disfigured victims. The incident unsettled all three of them deeply.

Overnight, Search Party Three - Nightcrawler, Beast, Wasp and Caldera - caught up with Magnetic North and Mad Dog and a pitched battle ensued, with Arlee Hicks, Refrax, Gregor, Lexa Pierce and Mad Dog recaptured, but Wasp being injured after being thrown from a plane.

The final search party - Sway, Meltdown, Hamster and Emo Blue - were directed to a train yard, where Toad, Wildside, Dragoness and Ricochet were trying to hitch a ride; another fierce battle occurred, with Wildside being killed after poisoning Hamster, Emo Blue going after Toad regardless of orders and winding up nearly suffocating from Toad's adhesive resin before being knocked out by Hamster's wild electrical blasts and Sway almost crushed by a building when her and Ricochet's powers clashed. Ricochet was picked up by Dragoness, who knew a good potential partner in crime when she saw him and the pair vanished, along with Toad.

Two days later, Adrienne and Garrison visited Hazelton, where Adrienne used her powers in order to determine how the escape happened.

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Mechanisms of Revenge



The Vault

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Husk, Legion and Knuckles remained at the mansion, on communications duty.

Storm, Roulette, Emplate, M and Logan were positioned at the Vault, to assist with the transfer of prisoners in case of further problems.

All X-Men was passed off as SHIELD 'consultants' and were brought in by Nick Fury specifically.

This was the first mission for trainees Emo Blue and Buttercup, and the first one since returning to the team for Discharge, Iceman and Beast.


Plotrunner: Rossi

This was Rossi's first X-Men mission plot. The only logging she did was socking.

The cut tags are all from the AC-DC song "Jailbreak".


Ryan: SHIELD, Nick Fury

Tapestry: Masque

Craig: Katu, The Corruptor

Nathan (player): Bloodhawk, Ruckus

Al: Toad

Aura: Dragoness

Frito: Frost and Rowan

Rossi: Seabourn and Rust, Mad Dog, Ricochet

Seraph: Ash

Mon: Magnetic North, Wildside

Jen: Avalanche