X-Men Mission: Bank Heist

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X-Men: Bank Heist
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Dates run: January 31, 2005
Run By: Willow
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He would certainly be more dangerous with training and discipline, but I do not think those rank very highly among his priorities--I will be a long time bathing before the stench of his drool is gone from my fur.

After a request for help from the FBI, the X-Men foil a gang of mutant bankrobbers.


Storm, Nightcrawler, Kylun, Scarlet Witch

Mad Dog, The Corruptor, Avalanche - Phase 1


January 31, 2005

Plot Summary

Acting on information received from the FBI's Fred Duncan via Madelyn Bartlet, the X-Men subdued and captured three mutant bank robbers - Avalanche, Mad Dog and Corruptor. They arrived on the scene to find a large group of bank staff and passers-by being mind-controlled by Corruptor and used as a means to keep the police from reaching the raiders - both by threatening to harm them and by causing them to get in the way.

Scarlet Witch and Nightcrawler took on Corruptor, with Nightcrawler first removing those under his control to a place of safety where they could recover. Meanwhile, when it was possible, Scarlet Witch used her powers to remove the threat without the risk of herself being touched and "corrupted". Kylun dealt with Mad Dog, since he had his swords and therefore could fight from enough distance to avoid being bitten - he was able to knock Mad Dog out with the blunt edge of one sword, and left him in police custody. Avalanche was incapacitated by Storm with a lightning bolt.

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Plotrunner: Willow

Mad Dog, Corruptor and Avalanche are all Marvel comics villains.