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Portrayed by Michael Sheen
Known Aliases: Mad Dog
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Bank Heist

He would certainly be more dangerous with training and discipline, but I do not think those rank very highly among his priorities--I will be a long time bathing before the stench of his drool is gone from my fur.

A barely-sane feral, Mad Dog has a tendency to attach himself to others in an attempt to satisfy his pack urges.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: Mad Dog

Affiliation: X-Men Mission: Bank Heist, Magnetic North (for a short period)

First appearance: January 31, 2005

Family: Unknown


Little is known about the true identity of the mutant styling himself as "Mad Dog". A feral, he is also rather unstable, taking on animalistic behaviours to suit his appearance. He is prey to his instincts, tagging himself to groups in order to satisfy his need for a pack.

Mad Dog first came to official notice back in January 2005, when he was part of a gang of mutant bank-robbers along with Avalanche - Phase 1 and the Corruptor. They were apprehended by the X-Men and spent the next four years in Hazelton Penetentiary. In November 2009 during the country's biggest ever mass escape, all of the gang escaped but split up. Mad Dog attached himself to Magnetic North in the hopes of finding a newer, more successful pack, but during an altercation with a team of X-Men, he was taken down by Caldera and recaptured. He is currently in the Vault, serving out his sentence.


A feral with healing factor, Mad Dog has the usual enhanced agility and speed that comes with a feral mutation. He also has sharp teeth and claws, which could prove dangerous in a fight should he ever learn any kind of self-control.


X-Men Mission: Bank Heist

X-Men Mission: Jailbreak


Socked by: Rossi

PB: Michael Sheen