The Nasty Boys

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The Nasty Boys
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Gorgeous George, Hairbag, Ramrod, Ruckus, Wipeout
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Various
Introduction: Ahab (plot)

The Nasty Boys are a group of mutant mercs-for-hire that Rory Campbell has been using to find and collect his subjects for testing in the Hounds process. They are well paid, amoral, and in one case, downright sociopathic.


"Gorgeous George" Blair
Gorgeous george.jpg
A mutant whose body is composed of an unspecified semi-solid, tar-like substance, possessing limited shape-shifting powers enabling him to elongate, inflate, or open holes into his body at will. He is Australian, and is the only one of his team with anything coming close to morals or a conscience.

PB: Colin Cole

Michael "Hairbag" Suggs
Possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, and resistance to injury, his body is covered in fur and sports several animalistic features. Escaped during X-Men Mission: Jailbreak. He was later captured again by the X-Men in Hungary in November 2012.

PB: Caeser

Patrick "Ramrod" Mahony
Can psionically control wood and plants. Irish. Frequently incomprehensible. He was captured by the X-Men in Hungary in November 2012.

PB: Glen Quinn

Clement "Ruckus" Wilson
The field leader, possesses the mutant power to absorb ambient sounds, amplify them in his body and scream them back with great force. Escaped during X-Men Mission: Jailbreak, but was recaptured.

PB: Sonny Sandoval

Christopher "Slab" Anderson
The team's resident powerhouse, able to increase his size and thereby boost his strength and durability. British and well-educated. He was captured by the X-Men in Hungary in November 2012.

PB: Vinnie Jones

real name unknown
A mutant with the ability to negate other mutants' abilities. Chubby and a complete sociopath.

PB: Chris Farley


Following the X-Men's intervention during Ahab (plot), many of the Nasty Boys were apprehended. 'Gorgeous George' appeared to be blown up by Nathan Dayspring and quietly slipped away to pursue a slightly less amoral career in obscurity.

In November 2009 during the country's biggest ever mass escape, Ruckus and Hairbag both escaped. While Hairbag vanished, Ruckus was recaptured by a team of X-Men and has been incarcerated in the Vault.

Wipeout's DNA was discovered to have been used by Genosha in 2012, providing his powers to a special type of mutate.

Hairbag eventually met up with his buddies Ramrod and Slab and together they started running a mutant slavery ring. The X-Men put a stop to this in Hungary in November 2012.


Ahab (plot)

X-Men Mission: Jailbreak



Socked by:

Ahab (plot): Lauren - Wipeout, Ruckus, Al - George, Da'mien - Ramrod, Nute - Slab, Kate - Hairbag (mostly)

X-Men Mission: Jailbreak: - Ruckus - Nathan (player)

Katabasis: Azzy - Ramrod & Slab, Eva - Hairbag