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Project: Hounds
First Seen: Ahab (plot)

A Hound is a mutant, who has had enhanced physical abilities and a specific 'mutant sense' spliced directly into their DNA. They exhibit increased aggression, almost to the point of psychosis, and pack-like attributes. They are passive intellects, taking direction and orders but lacking in initiative and abstract thinking.

Rory Campbell created the Hounds Process with a combination of work stolen from Nathaniel Essex's Project Tearaway and telepathic brainwashing. Due to a combination of chemical and physical alterations to the brain, the telepathic brainwashing is impossible to undo without first undoing the physical component.

Marius Laverne, Kyle Gibney, and Jennie Stavros were the first successful survivors of the Hounds process. Campbell spliced specific mutant traits between the three, much like Kevin Mactaggart's DNA was grafted onto to the child who became Proteus. Campbell used the kids' own DNA, including Kyle's atavistic feral senses, Marius's mutant sense and Jennie's ability to read probability to create the perfect mutant hunter. Whether it was a specific combination of those traits or the fact that Rory had more practice equaled the process's success remains to be seen.

As revealed when David Haller worked to undo the psychic damage to Jennie's mind, the process has been sold to an unknown benefactor. In 2012 it was revealed that the Genoshan Government was using at least part of the process in its mutate program, before the destruction of the equipment during the Genosha Arc.


Ahab (plot)