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Sarah Morlocke commented on Jono Starsmore's touring gig, indicating he had sent her a postcard.

Doreen Green became a trainee with the X-Men, eventually receiving the trainee name "Rocky". Fellow trainee - and friend - Julian Keller went lone wolf, trying to rescue his family from the Lords of War, with the X-Men intervening and ensuring all members of the Keller Family were safe. Julian was suspended from the team for a time, and accepted a grounding as his punishment for his recklessness.

One kidnapping solved, the X-Men found themselves dealing with another almost immediately - Nico Minoru, having gone after Julian with Dori in tow, vanished along with Dori and Crystal Amaquelin from LAX. The culprits were revealed to be Nico's parents, yet again attempting to seize their daughter back for some arcane ritual. An earlier attempt to take her from the mall at the start of the month had been foiled by the presence of Amanda Sefton; using the distraction created by Julian's issues, it was a day before their actions were noticed.

X-Factor continued the search for Nick, despite having found no trace of him. Doug Ramsey, on behalf of Tabitha Smith, gave them a new assignment, tracking down the resources of one Telford Porter, the teleporter who had been Tabitha's "Fagin" when she was a teen, Doug's interest having been piqued by Tabitha's mention of a possible connection with the Black Court.

Jean Grey revealed to Garrison Kane that all was not peace and harmony in her marriage to Scott Summers. Jared Corbo, as confusing as always, muddled the question of his sexuality even further when he attempted to drunk-kiss Jean-Phillipe Colbert. Meanwhile, in New Orleans, Jean-Phillipe's absent cousin, Marie-Ange Colbert, continued her investigation into Shirow Ishihara, brother of the head of the New Orleans Guilds| Forger's Guild.


Nov 1 - New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain: At the morgue, Marie-Ange gets a lesson in Guild poisons and seeks information into the odd death of a former high school coach at the school New Orleans Guilds|the target of her visions attended.

Nov 2 - Amanda emails Nico to apologise for missing her birthday and suggests an outing; Nico mentions she has something to discuss. John returns from India dead on his feet and emails Angelo; Angelo mentions on the journals that John is sick and asks for advice on treating dysentry.

Nov 3 - Dori announces her traineeship on x_team in typical Dori fashion.

Nov 4 - Kevin catches Laura stalking him in New York and they wind up having a lengthy chat about relationships over lunch.

Nov 5 - Yvette wishes Fred a happy birthday and teases him about forgetting it when he responds.

Nov 6 -

Nov 7 - The Gift: During their birthday outing in Salem Center for Nico, Amanda and her student fall into a trap set by Nico's parents; Nico faces down her father and wins, while Amanda tangles with Nico's mother and manages to counter the lack of a power source with bastard fighting tricks; Nico overloads and Amanda calls in Kurt for a pick up once the Minorus flee.

Nov 8 - Amanda posts to x_snowvalley, explaining what happened and asking for a greater focus on finding where the Minorus are hiding.

Nov 9 -

Nov 10 - Amanda and Wanda talk about finding Nico's parents and about the waiting game. There Will Be Peace: Julian gets a mysterious letter that appears to be in code.

Nov 11 - Jean stops by Garrison's office in the city with coffee and donuts, the two talk about Jean's visit with her family and why she's been so quiet about the West Coast Annex.

Nov 12 - Yvette posts about the Serbian president apologising to Croatia, and about wanting to know more about her father.

Nov 13 - Fianchetto: Tabitha contacts Doug trying to find out more about the Black Court of the Hellfire Club. There Will Be Peace: Julian gets a visit from a security consultant, who asks about his parents but doesn't reveal why.

Nov 14 - Kyle posts to ask Jubilee if she can do the 'fireworks from the boobs' thing a la a Katy Perry video. Jared shows up at Jean-Phillipe's door after a bartending/drinking class and intends to play bi-curious.

Nov 15 - Jared sends a text to Kyle about his kiss with Jean-Phillipe. Dori is excited about an upcoming World of Warcraft event.

Nov 16 - Warren is cranky about Piotr Rasputin|Piotr's]] presence so Amanda inflicts a punk club on him as a distraction.

Nov 17 - There Will Be Peace: Julian gets another visit, this time from Agent Coulson of SHIELD, who reveals his parents and brother have been missing since the beginning of November; Julian suspects Gordon McPhearson is responsible.

Nov 18 - Crystal wishes Lorna a happy birthday. Sarah lets everyone know that Jono is on tour. Fianchetto: Doug gets X-Factor to help track down a teleporter by the name of Telford Porter.

Nov 19 - Laurie makes a post in her journal about panaphobia. Jubilee admits to forgetting her own birthday but hopes she'll be sent somewhere nice to celebrate. Warren invites everyone to the Rockies for Thanksgiving and Jared is his usual tactless self. Kyle and Jean-Phillipe have lunch and talk about Jared's drunken make out attempt on Jean-Phillipe.

Nov 20 - Jean-Paul sends Jean-Phillippe a text message regarding the kiss between Jean-Phillipe and Jared. Kevin makes a complaint about being unable to understand what his lawyer is saying half the time and gets the help of Warren and Angelo. Kevin sends Warren an email about Jared. Jan sends an email to Jared regarding his recent conversation with Kyle. Ororo and Remy spend some time in New Orleans as a break.

Nov 21 - Charles Xavier makes two announcements on the journal; Scott Summers and the West Coast team will be visiting Hungary, whereas he himself will be away from the mansion for a period of time as he will be heading off to Muir Island to lend his assistance to the staff. Artie and Piotr chat about an art assignment. Kyle drags Dori out for an early morning workout and training session.

Nov 22 - Piotr sends an angry email to Jared about what he said to Warren; Nico posts to her journal about all the tension and various discussions of Jared's behaviour (and other topics including what Logan was like as a baby) ensue; Jared texts Jean-Phillipe asking if he needs to apologise; Laurie sums up the situation pithily. Lex has a powers accident while out running in the woods and comes to Jean for first aid, but is more distracted by his concern about his relationship with Vanessa; Lex texts Vanessa asking her out. Vanessa updates X-Factor on the search for Nick, which is proving fruitless, and on Doug's request that they track down Telford Porter.

Nov 23 - Kyle emails Doug about World of Warcraft, in light of his concerns about Dori's lack of sleep due to playing too much. Laura pines for the country. Lex and Vanessa go for Japanese and to Lex' relief (and surprise) their relationship survives. There Will Be Peace: Warren lends Julian a vehicle so that he can go make a visit; Julian visits Simon in the Vault and learns that McPhearson is behind the abduction of Julian's family; Julian gets permission to go to LA from Jean, but on the condition Angel goes with him; Julian lets Dori and Nico know he's going and that they can't come, but they follow him anyway using Nico's magic.

Nov 24 - Lorna takes food orders for Thanksgiving and lets people know she'll be in Hawaii for a week after the holiday. Amanda announces she'll be in Japan for a few days.

Nov 25 - Jan wishes everyone a happy Turkey Day. There Will Be Peace: En route to LA, Julian lies to Angel about the reason for the trip.

Nov 26 - There Will Be Peace: Jean and Jan notice Dori and Nico are missing and track them down to LA; Julian's scam is uncovered as he and Angel arrive at the beach house to find Dori and Nico already there; McPhearson teleports in and tells Julian what he wants of him in return for his family's release - three high-level crimes in three days; Jean and Jan arrive and Julian reluctantly tells Jean and Angel what is going on.

Nov 27 - There Will Be Peace/The Gift: Julian finds Nico brooding about her family's prophecy and does his best to console her. Fianchetto: Doug takes Tabitha to a Hellfire Club function and they see Telford Porter has managed to get invited.

Nov 28 - Yvette visits a sulking Jared and manages to help him start thinking about his situation a bit more constructively. There Will Be Peace: Julian requests a meeting with McPhearson so that Jan can hide herself on his person and attempt to find out where his family is being held; Beast posts a call up to the x_team community for a mission to Los Angeles.

Nov 29 - The Gift: Crystal arrives to take Nico and Dori back to the mansion, but they are suddenly overwhelmed by an unseen foe at the airport. There Will Be Peace: A team of X-Men arrives at the West Coast Annex to prepare for the rescue mission; Beast, Angel, Iceman and Hamster attempt to rescue Julian's brother from a packing crate in San Francisco; Wildchild, Meltdown, M and Wallflower rescue Julian's mother from a mineshaft in Eastern California but not without casualties among the Lords of War.

Nov 30 - The Gift: Amanda posts to the x_snowvalley community about the disappearence of Nico, Dori and Crystal. There Will Be Peace: Phoenix, Firestar, Skin and Lazybones go after Julian's father, being held in McPhearson's bunker hideout; McPhearson manages to take away the powers of Skin, Firestar and Julian, but they and Phoenix track him to where he has a gun on Julian's father; timely intervention from a hidden Wasp gives the X-Men an opening; McPhearson overloads Julian's powers but is taken down by Firestar and Skin; Jean psychically calms Julian to avoid him bringing the whole building down on top of them and he finds himself battling a child version of himself in his mind, with her help; Wallflower helps Phoenix interrogate McPhearson and discover Crystal and the girls weren't taken by him.


New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain

The Gift


There Will Be Peace

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