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The beginning of October was fairly quiet at the school, despite Mystique's ongoing attempts to torture John Allerdyce, which Marie-Ange Colbert sensed in a dream (seeing Bobby Drake, who Mystique was disguised as, shifting into several forms, including Scott Summers and a 'big blue snake-lizard thing'). Alison Blaire became the new student counselor with a fair amount of glee and several ideas of how to serve the kids.

The quiet ended with a bang, however, when after finally getting their act and themselves together, Paige Guthrie and Jono Starsmore's first kiss caused Jono to lose control of his powers. This placed Paige in a coma for three days during which Doug Ramsey and Angelo Espinosa generally were overprotective and caring. They also got in some quality 'hopelessly in love with Paige' bonding time.

Charles Xavier called a meeting of his staff to discuss Essex's treatment of Betsy Braddock and their suspicions. Things turned sour as Xavier was forced to remove Essex from his position and expel him from the school.

Emma Frost began to make plans to take Jono off for some special training, which might not have been such a great idea as Marie-Ange had precognitive dreams featuring Emma in a straight jacket and her meeting a young, spanish DJ - Manuel 'Empath' de la Rocha, although she didn't know this at the time. However the plans were made and finalized, with Jono inviting Sarah Morlocke to come along for the ride and the time away from the school, and they headed out to Maine.

Pete Wisdom returned to the mansion from his attempts to hunt down Logan and, since he had lost his job in England, he offered his skills to the school. He suggested that he might be able to teach Betsy Braddock's dropped Self Defense class, but refusing to "teach kids to be spies" or "paranoia as a way of life". Instead he took on the Self Defense class despite being "much less attractive" than Betsy.

As the month ended there was a sudden scramble as people realized they had all but completely forgotten about Halloween. Costumes were discussed, plotted, planned and created, and in spite of the rush the kids managed to pull of a party at which, in a shocking turn of events that has not yet been repeated as of 2006, nothing out of the ordinary happened.


Oct 1 -

Oct 2 -

Oct 3 - Alison becomes the new Student Counselor.

Oct 4 -

Oct 5 -

Oct 6 -

Oct 7 -

Oct 8 -

Oct 9 -

Oct 10 -

Oct 11 -

Oct 12 - Marie-Ange has a precognitive dream about the fact that Mystique is once more pretending to be Bobby.

Oct 13 -

Oct 14 - Jono and Paige's relationship begins. Jono has a powers accident, placing Paige in a coma for three weeks and causing Jamie to have a flashback-related breakdown.

Oct 15 -

Oct 16 - Haroun posts inflammatorally on the journals about Jono's lack of control.

Oct 17 - Paige wakes up.

Oct 18 -

Oct 19 -

Oct 20 - Crimson Dawn: Dr Essex is removed from his position by Xavier and escorted out of the school.

Oct 21 - Marie-Ange has a precognitive dream about Emma and Manuel de la Rocha.

Oct 22 - Pete returns to the school. The first prank war begins between Jamie and Doug.

Oct 23 - Emma takes Jono and Sarah to Maine on a training retreat.

Oct 24 -

Oct 25 -

Oct 26 -

Oct 27 - Pete offers his experience to the school and officially joins the staff.

Oct 28 - Pete becomes the new Self Defense teacher. Jamie receives therapy and regains the use of his powers.

Oct 29 -

Oct 30 -

Oct 31 - The first Halloween party - nothing explodes.


Crimson Dawn

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