Minoru Family

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Minoru Family
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Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Tina and Robert, Arcana (The First Minoru)
Affiliations: Nico Minoru
Socked By: Mackinzie, Aura and Rossi
Introduction: The Gift

The Minorus, parents of Nico Minoru, are the latest in a long, matrilineal line of witches. Desperate to free themselves of an ancient pact with a demon for power, they see Nico, "The Last Minoru", as their only hope of salvation and will stop at nothing to secure her aid, willingly or not.


First appearance: [November 7, 2010]

Tina Minoru
In her forties, Tina was a harsh, domineering type of woman, controlling everyone around her, including her husband. She and her husband were always, always together, having met back in their college days. Both from humble households, a common sense of self-improvement made them soul mates at first sight. There was also, of course, the matter of magic. While they were just above the average magician on terms of magical powers, their continued use of magic artifacts to aid them has proved to improve their powers more than once; they hunted down diverse items their whole lives, and were well trained on using whatever power they had to its fullest. If they properly armed –and they usually were- the Minorus were a dangerous pair, capable of holding their ground against enemies that should easily overpower them. Tina really, really disliked her daughter's new mentor. She was killed by Arcana during a ritual intended to contain her in September 2011.

PB: None

Robert Minoru
Passive and obediant to his wife, Robert tried to use the path of being 'reasonable' to get his way, appealing to his daughter's sense of decency to try and get her to cooperate. Introduced to the world of the occult by Tina in college, he liked it a good deal, discovering his own talent for it. Robert wouldn’t know of what it truly meant being with Tina until the moment of their wedding, when she explained everything about the Minoru curse to him. And he said yes. He was killed by Arcana during a ritual intended to contain her in September 2011.

PB: None

Arcana Minoru
"The First Minoru"
The first of the line, who made a pact with The First for power and eternal life - she possesses the eldest daughter of each generation when she comes of age. See individual page for more details.

PB: Meiko Kaji.


The Minoru family goes way back to China, but at a point in time they settled on Japan; any link the family might have possessed with China is long gone, with the exception of the family name itself; Minoru means “reality, harvest” in Chinese, and “bear fruit” in Japanese. The Minoru Family is matrilineal –although this is kept secret-, and thus the husband adopts the last name of the wife. Of that line, every Minoru woman has only one child, and it’s always a girl –this is also kept secret-.

The first Minoru –who lacks records of any kind, if you rule out the Book of Minoru- was Arcana Minoru. Arcana made a pact with a demon that calls itself The First, allegedly being one of the first beings in the universe to come to existence –or the very first, it would say-. The pact was simple; Arcana would take over the body of every daughter of the Minoru family once they came to age, with all her memories and the added power of every Minoru that she had possessed this way, the last vessel simply dying at that moment. It was then when the “only one, and a female” rule was set. In return, the First made a prophecy; it would come the day when the Minoru Family would come to an end, and The Last Minoru would be born; Arcana would go on to posses this girl too, but soon after hand her over –and all the power gathered through time- to The First itself, who would use it to posses the girl, and mix his power with her to rip open a portal to this reality, obviously with plans to conquer it. Soon after the pact was made, Arcana severed a part of her soul and created The Staff of One as a mean to channel her power through new bodies. The Staff would serve anyone that wielded it, but only a Minoru could use it to its full extent. Arcana received the Book of Minoru from The First, in which was written everything that would happen to her family line until the moment The Last fulfilled her destiny.

And time passed.

At one point in history, a young Minoru decided she wouldn’t bend over and allow an ancestor to have her body. This was also a particularly strong witch, and managed to prepare a spell before her coming of age. The spell required so much energy though, that she was forced to destroy a small town in order to shield herself from the spirit trying to posses her. She would pass down the knowledge to her daughter, and since that moment the Minoru women would be capable of keeping the spirit at bay, but not destroyed. In 1945, Hope Minoru made a trip to Asia, carrying a Seal her mother had obtained somehow, but she would eventually return to America, but not before performing the spell. Later in her life, Hope Minoru would give birth to Tina Minoru, and start working in a way to keep the spirit at bay without killing so many people, terrorized as she was after seeing a whole town become nothing in front of her eyes. They would manage to “break down” the spell in several parts; as long as Tina managed to perform a smaller spell with certain regularity, Arcana would be unable to reach her. Tina and Robert would periodically perform the spell, which needed the life of a person to work, and study the book of Minoru, finding out at last that it was Nico the one about to end the world when she became an adult.

Personality-wise, both of Nico's parents are pretty similar. Workaholics, most of their lives are guided by different goals, such as become more powerful, keep themselves safe, and watch over her daughter. Robert and Tina can lie with such ease they could probably pass a lie detector easily. The end justifies the means for them, and they rarely stop to think twice about the morality of their acts while they pursue a new goal. A lifetime of gathering information and doing magic freely has made them highly efficient at keeping their operation secret, and their economic success allows them to move freely on several different levels of society; they can be cold and calculative to inhuman degrees if needed. They have grown to somewhat discredit other magicians, considering them to be too bound to their knowledge and pitying their self imposed restrictions. While they don’t wish to expose magic to the world at large, they consider that powerless people are not in the same level of those with magical aptitude, or even a mutation, although they consider this a “flaw” in humans. Nico’s latent X-gene was enough to make the Minorus watch her daughter with something close to disappointment. Add to that her apparently poor magical aptitude and there is no wonder that the Minorus would end up distancing themselves from her once she started to grow into her late teens.

Robert and Tina designed a plan then, working on a spell that would not only kill Nico, but also destroy Arcana and keep The First from attempting to enter their reality. But Nico found them killing a young girl before the right time, escaped, and went under the protection of people they can’t attack directly, and now they are running out of time. Their attempt to perform the ritual after abducting Nico went awry; they escaped with their lives, thanks to Amanda Sefton and the X-Men.

In September 2011 they resurfaced, contacting Amanda and requesting protection from Arcana. After consulting with X-Force, Amanda agreed to help them trap Arcana, in return for information about a serial killer targeting magic users, potentially the individual they had recently encountered heading the Chthon cult. Something went wrong during the ritual, however - Arcana was raised, but shrugged off attempts to contain her. She possessed Tina and when X-Force tried to take her down, immobilised them and killed Robert.


The Gift

The Curse


Socked by: Mackinzie - Tina, Aura (Tina and Robert) and Rossi (Robert)