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Portrayed by Meiko Kaji
Known Aliases: "The First Minoru"
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Aura
Introduction: The Gift

"As much of an honor it is to be confused by my Master, I am not the First."

The First of the Minoru clan, Arcana was a powerful witch who made a deal with a demon for eternal life.


Name: Arcana Minoru

Aliases: "The First Minoru"

Affiliation: None - strictly self-interest

First appearance: October 31, 2010

Family: Minoru Family, Nico Minoru - descendants


The first Minoru -who lacks records of any kind, if you rule out the Book of Minoru- was Arcana Minoru. Arcana made a pact with a demon that calls itself The First, allegedly being one of the first beings in the universe to come to existence - or the very first, it would say. The pact was simple; Arcana would take over the body of every daughter of the Minoru family once they came to age, with all her memories and the added power of every Minoru that she had possessed this way, the last vessel simply dying at that moment. It was then when the "only one, and a female" rule was set. In return, the First made a prophecy; it would come the day when the Minoru Family would come to an end, and the Last Minoru would be born. Arcana would go on to possess this girl too, but soon after hand her over - and all the power gathered through time - to the First itself, who would use it to posses the girl, and mix his power with her to rip open a portal to this reality, obviously with plans to conquer it. Soon after the pact was made, Arcana severed a part of her soul and created The Staff of One as a means to channel her power through new bodies. The Staff would serve anyone that wielded it, but only a Minoru could use it to its full extent. Arcana received the Book of Minoru from The First, in which was written everything that would happen to her family line until the moment the Last fulfilled her destiny.

Arcana has been pursuing Tina Minoru as the next in line, held off by various rituals. She has possessed Nico once - during the ritual performed by her parents to 'skip' a generation - but declared the girl was "not ready" and had Amanda Sefton release her. She has a strange interest in Nico's mentor as well, which is confusing and troubling to the older witch.

In September 2011, Amanda and Nico's parents summoned Arcana in order to bind her magically. The ritual failed, with Arcana possessing Tina Minoru at long last and killing Robert Minoru before departing. She is currently abroad in the world, pursuing her own agenda.


Powers-wise, Arcana was already a very powerful witch when she made the pact in an attempt to gain immortality. Over the generations she has amassed the power and abilities of a long line of Minoru witches (up until the point they realized they could circumvent her/the First with human sacrifice) and as a result is one of the more powerful magical entities around. Obviously, her magic is tainted by her pact with the demon, and she is restricted to black arts. She's more powerful than Selene was at her best, but not as powerful as a pure demon such as Belasco or the Repodemon.


The Gift

The Curse


Socked by: Aura

PB: Meiko Kaji