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The start of the month was marked by recovery from the events of Thirteen Days and a return to normalcy. Various injuries were treated and began to heal, and the students returned from evacuation. Charles met with the President and it was revealed the space laser had been the brain child of a rogue element in the Russian government, since dealt with.

Another old face returned - Jane Doe, at an impasse in her investigations into her origins and stuck for cash, came back to the school to regroup. Bobby Drake decided to remain in Ireland, taking his teaching degree there, and Jonothon Starsmore moved out of the mansion to the hopefully less-stressful environment of an apartment in Salem Center.

Jay Guthrie and Kevin Ford established their relationship, to a mixed responses from Jay's friends. Forge in particular was not enamoured of the idea, or Jay's stating he wanted to become an X-Man. Jay got a less hostile response from Scott when he sought him out to talk about it, but was referred to Charles, much to his reluctance. Laurie Collins and Janet Van Dyne both received their trainee codenames - finally.

Wanda Maximoff, Jennie Stavros and Domino were targeted by a group claiming to be protecting the natural order of things from probability manipulators. They freed themselves and several other captives, but lost their captors in the confusion.

Monet St. Croix continued her rehabilitation, much to her frustration, and asked Amanda Sefton for help in tracing down her elder brother Marius St Croix's background so that she might better understand him.

And finally, Halloween was celebrated a month late, with the Nightmare Before Christmas Party.


Nov 1 - Kevin runs into Kurt in the kitchen and names the new puppy Triscuit; Yvette posts about being glad to be back. Thirteen Days: Amanda discovers Angelo is back and awake, and comes to see him, having a wiggins about him being sucked into space; Scott regains consciousness briefly; Laurie checks on Scott and finds him too woozy for serious conversation; Nathan and Ororo talk about what was accomplished; Laurie checks on Marie, watching over Garrison. Marius is disgruntled about his lack of drugs in the face of everyone else's stoned posts. Lorna posts pictures of her dog dressed up as a cowgirl for Halloween. Jono's birthday. Kevin decorates Clarice's cast. Terry goes back to Cassidy Keep and Bobby tells her he'll be going back to college there. Shiro visits Clarice and she thanks him for the rescue.

Nov. 2 - Dani returns to the school to chaos in the office. Angelo mentions forgetting what day it was. Kevin gives Jennie her birthday sculpture and she is suitably pleased.

Nov 3 - Laurie is confused to have Nori following her around. Jay mentions poking Eddie the crab to see if he was alive, and Kevin gets protective. Kyle announces he has tooth buds. Amanda checks on Nathan, on behalf of Angelo, and they talk about the mission. Kevin has an encounter with Logan in the rec room. Jay tells Forge about his "new relationship".

Nov 4 - Angelo is pleased by Amanda's being sneaky about Day of the Dead make up celebrations; Nathan checks on Rachel, and finds she's quite happy with Angelo and Amanda. Kevin finds Clarice in the rec room knitting, and has a rather random conversation.

Nov 5 - Farouk queries an unnamed paper. The trainees have a debriefing of their own, care of Forge's additions to Boiler Beach. Kyle visits Angelo and is thanked for saving his life.

Nov 6 - Scott gets restless and wants out of medlab; Kyle is traumatised by the teachers talking about sex and Yvette is prim; Jean asks Scott to stop pouting in her brain. Nathan interests Kevin in what Elpis does. Kyle announces they have a codename for Laurie - "Discharge" - and Jan acquires one as well - "Gidget". Laurie and Kyle make those date plans.

Nov 7 - Thirteen Days: Charles meets with the President and finds that the space laser was the result of maverick elements within the Russian government who have since been exposed. Terry complains about losing study time. Angelo asks for his text books back, and proves he's not concussed any more. Laurie emails her suitemates present and former to squee about her upcoming date.

Nov 8 - Crystal posts baby photos of Forge, obtained through his mother. Kevin is overwhelmed by the amount of reading Nathan assigned him. Forge confronts Kevin about his 'relationship' with Jay, and Kevin is confused; Kevin talks to Jay about the conversation with Forge, and a certain accommodation is reached.

Nov 9 - Laurie questions the puddle of water in the hallway, and complains about her homework. Jennie asks for methods to deal with the snobby girls in her dance class and Logan is a little graphic in his response. Amanda announces the bus run will go on as normal. Jennie posts an embarrassing picture of Marius as a child, but he's shameless; Wanda finds Cain Marko| Cain's yearbook and posts his picture. Doug posts a lolcat picture for Crystal, who doesn't understand the concept.

Nov 10 - Tabitha offers people pomegranates. Karma Police: Domino emails Nathan, announcing her intention to visit. Angelo complains about not being allowed to smoke after his space-related lung damage; Laurie checks on him and they discuss why he smokes. Scott is released from medlab.

Nov 11 - Julio complains about school and expresses his plan to become a lounge singer. Scott and Jennie discuss Nimrod.

Nov 12 - Garrison announces he is being recalled to Canada for an undisclosed amount of time. Crystal posts her own lolcat. Lorna talks about her parental visit over the weekend. Doug asks Remy to train him further and Remy explains there's no going back if he does.

Nov 13 - Logan asks Farouk to get him some cigars the next time he makes an order.

Nov 14 - Forge discovers he doesn't get school credit for his Attilan time. Karma Police: Wanda announces she and Jennie will be going out for the day. Yvette announces she's grown a whole two inches.

Nov 15 - Yvette wonders about Ororo's lack of powers usage on the student comm. Angelo and Nathan discuss Elpis' new project and Juliette lets slip Domino is coming to visit. Karma Police: Whilst training in New York, Jennie and Wanda are involved in a lucksnap and deal with it, but then are kidnapped by mimes; Forge asks Marius if he's heard from Jennie; Nathan emails Doug, Amanda and Marie-Ange to see if Domino is with Pete. Laurie starts a Silly Hat Thread. Jay lets Forge know he wants to talk to him. Jane Doe finds herself in a tight spot and calls Charles, asking to come home.

Nov 16 - Karma Police: Wanda and Jennie come to, finding they aren't alone - Domino and several other probability manipulators have been captured by a group calling themselves the Exemplars, who plan to eradicate their powers as an affront to order; their interference causes a massive lucksnap, and in the confusion the captives free themselves and fight back; the Exemplars escape; Jennie and Wanda make their reports; Wanda asks some of the Snow Valley staff to check into the Exemplars and make sure Agatha Harkness is all right. Jan posts her own hat thread. Kyle emails Yvette about Ororo, and Yvette and Angel about an idea for their cooking final. Yvette finally talks to Tommy about last month's encounter with Jay.

Nov 17 - Nathan, Angelo and Domino catch up at Harry's. Jane comes back to the school and announces her return on the journals.

Nov 18 - Scott comes across Haller making Lorna a birthday cake; Lorna announces her birthday. Angelo checks on Domino and they discuss Elpis' interest in mutant child soldiers.

Nov 19 - Clarice suggests having a Halloween party to make up for missing the actual day; Clarice has a costume idea for Kyle. Terry asks for ideas to avoid going to Bobby's family's house for Thanksgiving. Forge and Jay have an argument over Jay's suggestion that he join the team, and his relationship with Kevin; Terry is a bit more sympathetic, and gives Jay some good advice; Jay is upset over the fight, and Kevin thinks it's his fault. Terry and Jennie watch 80s videos in the rec room and discover Jennie's mother in one of them. Angelo and Jane catch up over ice cream. Kyle and Nathan discuss tactics after a Danger Room session.

Nov 20 - Laurie buys a lot of folk jewellery and realises she might have been ripped off. Monet does rehabilitative training with Cain.

Nov 21 - A thread in Kyle's journal gets out of hand when Kevin jokingly suggests experimenting with Kyle's healing factor and Kyle reacts badly. Mark announces Thanksgiving dinner for the Snow Valley crew at his place. Scott emails Jean about the Stepford Cuckoos being annoying. Jennie is excited about Thanksgiving break. Kyle emails Jennie about avoiding the underage drinking lecture. Angel decides Kyle must taste lobster and demands one. Jane and Angelo catch up. Jay asks Scott about joining the team.

Nov 22 - Thanksgiving. Cain is thankful for the house not being blown up. Kurt offers to help Monet with her physiotherapy. Clarice takes Monet to her families' Thanksgiving dinners.

Nov 23 - Laurie announces she and her mother are taking leftover food to the local homeless shelter. Nathan has to admit his loss in a pool game, involving having to wear a dress and recite poetry.

Nov 24 - Tabitha has insomnia. Jane and Amanda catch up over the bus run; Amanda runs into Dani at the end of the day, and they have a surprisingly civil conversation; Kurt finds Amanda on the back porch and she is talked into puppy-sitting whilst he's in Japan. Doug and Marie-Ange discuss Doug's new training with Remy. Ororo goes to New Orleans to meet Remy, and is introduced to Tante Mattie.

Nov 25 - Shiro has the 'flu.

Nov 26 - Dani gets bored and decorates people's doors with Christmas themes, then offers to cook. Medusa emails Crystal, bored with official life. Alex checks on Shiro and they take the next step in their relationship.

Nov 27 - Mark catches a lift with Amanda to the mansion, and has to find his own way back to New York; Esteban, Farouk's manservant, comes to the rescue, and a bit more besides. Warumbe: T'Challa lets Ororo and Nathan know he is coming to New York for a conference. Jane asks about the Nightmare Before Christmas party.

Nov 28 - Farouk wonders where his assistant has gone; Amanda emails Mark about him looking extra pleased with himself and discovers his liaison with Esteban; Remy, Marie-Ange and Doug wonder about Mark's change of wardrobe and general demeanour. Forge asks about parentage. Garrison emails Marie from Canada about his uncertain status and about going to Japan for the conference. Medusa comes to New York for a visit and talks to Nathan about doing work with Elpis again; Medusa has lunch with Mark and shares news and gossip.

Nov 29 - Laurie is random. Paige posts about Jono moving into an apartment in Salem Center; Forge asks if things are okay with her and Jono. Ororo asks Amanda for help with her costume for the Nightmare Before Christmas party. Scott eases back into things with a new Danger Room program design. Nathan has an argument with another bureaucrat and Angelo is frustrated at his boss's lack of foresight.

Nov 30 - Ororo dresses as a punk for the Nightmare Before Christmas, with Amanda giving her a mohawk; Ororo's costume gets various reactions. Monet asks Yvette for help with her costume and they discuss animal cruelty and lobsters. Jishin Da! Kyle panics about packing and being green at the airport for the next day.


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