Karma Police

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Karma Police
Dates run: November 15-16, 2007
Run By: Nute
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"This is for the greater good, you must understand that."

When probability manipulators use their talents to warp reality, it's only so long before reality decides to push back. Wanda, Jennie, and Domino find themselves at the mercy of a group of individuals who insist that their meddling cannot continue.


Jennie Stavros, Wanda Maximoff, Domino

The Exemplars


November 15-16, 2007

Plot Summary

While out in New York training with their powers, Wanda and Jennie inadvertently cause a traffic accident that almost becomes a serious danger. Shaken by the sudden surge of random chaos, they decide to take a break from training for the day.

As they walk through the streets, they come across a pair of street performers doing mime. Distracted when one appears to attack the other, Wanda and Jennie get in close, and are surprised when the mimes pop up and gas them both with an anaesthetic, knocking them out.

Meanwhile, Domino's expected visit to see Nathan Dayspring and Angelo Espinosa hits a snag when she doesn't show up on time. Nathan assumes she's gone to visit Pete Wisdom, and emails some of the Snow Valley crew to confirm, only to realize they haven't seen Domino either.

Early the following morning, Jennie and Wanda wake up in an abandoned train station, restrained with ropes and finding Domino with them, along with half a dozen civilians in a similar predicament. What's more, they find themselves unable to use their powers in the presence of their captors, who seem to be blank spots with regard to chaos and probability. The rather ordinary-looking men who have them captive are introduced by the man standing as their leader, Minh Thien Tran, who introduces them as the Exemplars - men of varying backgrounds who share a common goal of protecting reality from outside interference. Through varying methods, they have discerned that the abilities that probability manipulators such as their captives possess are a threat to the general population, citing the near accident of the previous day as well as Jennie's activities in Monaco the previous year. Tran argues briefly with Jennie, then explains that their powers will simply be removed and they will be let go to resume their normal lives.

During Tran's speech, however, Domino manages to cause a distraction to get her hands on a piece of broken glass and begins to subtly cut herself free. As she does so, several of the other Exemplars realize that their suppression of the chaos is failing, and that probability anomalies are going wild. When the women stand up freed from their bonds, wildly improbable events start breaking loose with spectacular results. The tables are turned on the Exemplars in a quick fight, culminating in the incredibly improbable occurrence of a freight train being redirected right into the abandoned station.

After the melee, the Exemplars make their escape, unseen. Wanda, Jennie, and Domino decide to make themselves scarce as well while their fellow captives escape to return to their own lives. In the days following, despite best efforts to track down more information on the Exemplars, nothing can be found, leaving a dark cloud of suspicion over the events.

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Trivia and Meta


Many of the outlandish feats during the fight with the Exemplars reference scenes from The Matrix, which starred Wanda's PB, Carrie-Anne Moss.



The Exemplars as introduced in this plot bear no resemblance to the Exemplars from comics canon, borrowing only the name.