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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the group. For other uses, see Exemplars (disambiguation).

The Exemplars
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Jen
Introduction: Karma Police

The Exemplars are a cryptic order of philosophers, mathematicians, and theologians dedicated to, in their own words, protecting the fabric of reality.

First Appearance

November 15, 2007


There are at least twelve members of the Exemplars. Few have been identified by name, and either their records have been purged from all known databases or they are operating under aliases:

Minh Thien Tran
The de facto leader of the Exemplars. Tran is a well-spoken Vietnamese man in his thirties, erudite and educated in the philosophies of various Eastern teachings concerning chaos and predestination.

PB: Dustin Nguyen

Professor Emiliano
Father emilio.jpg
Spanish, appearing to be in his early fifties. Long-haired, with thick glasses. A professor of chaos theory and contemporary of Agatha Harkness.

PB: Sam Elliott

Father Ruprecht - deceased
A Jesuit priest who has advised the Vatican on matters of catechism concerning predestination and ineffability. Killed by Chthon cultists in 2011.

PB: None.

Mister Covington - deceased
Pale blond hair, presumably American. Knowledgeable about quantum theory and probability. Killed by Chthon cultists in 2011 after betraying his Order.

PB: None.


The Exemplars claim to be the latest generation of an order stretching back centuries, formed initially to protect this world from corruption from without. It has been implied that the previous incarnation of the order failed in their mission somehow, and the new generation has turned their attention to corruption from within. To this end, they orchestrated a plot to kidnap a number of probability manipulators and remove their abilities for the greater good.

The Exemplars are not malicious or inherently 'evil' in their actions, but believe that their goals are justified for the greater good. In their perspective, humanity wielding power over probability and chaos is equivalent to a young child with matches - the child might burn himself, but could also burn down his entire home and cause untold damage.

For some reason, when a group of the Exemplars is gathered in concentration, it becomes difficult and in some cases impossible for probability manipulators to affect the outcome of events through whatever methods they use. Even when caught by surprise, none of the Exemplars can be directly affected by manipulations of probability, as if they exist outside of whatever paradigm of chaos/entropy/fate that probability manipulators perceive.

The Exemplars came to New York in November 2007, drawn by the presence of several probability manipulators. Their attempts to remove the powers of their captives failed as they hadn't reckoned on the abilities of Wanda Maximoff, Jennie Stavros and Domino.

In October 2011, the Exemplars again returned to New York, but this time to strike an uneasy truce with X-Force as they brought news of a potential threat to all of them. However, they were betrayed by one of their own to the enemy. The threat - Nicholas Harkness and the Chthon cult he led - were defeated, but the Exemplars went into hiding, aware they were now a target.


Karma Police

Operation: Dasavatharam


Socked by: Jen

Formerly socked by Nute