Silly Hat Thread

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Event: Silly Hat Thread
Silly hat thread.jpg
First Seen: Unknown

As one of the in-character running jokes, several of the 'second' and 'third' generation of students have icons where the character is wearing a hat. Some of them have -many- hat icons.

An on-going joke that frequently resurfaces in the in-character journals in the form of icon 'wars'. It is frequently used during times of stress to break the ice.


This started with Forge's claiming of "The Genius Hat".

Known Hats

Kyle: Many (Bad Hat, Elf Ears Hat, Not-the-Genius-Hat, Trucker Hat, Backwards Black Hat, Ugly Yellow Hat)

Marius: Cunning Hat, Dance of the Cunning Hat

Jennie: Sailor Hat

Jan: Generic Hat

Laurie: Jayne Cobb-esque Genius Hat, Dork Hat

Mondo: Khaki Baseball Hat

Dani: Stolen Genius Hat

Nori: Pink Hat

Crystal: Miscellaneous Hats

Similar Threads

Another version of the Silly Hat Thread is the Shoulders War, where participants posted icons of themselves with bare shoulders/backs. It was considered more risque than the Silly Hat Threads. The first incidence is unknown, but Kitty Pryde, Jamie Madrox and Alison Blaire were frequent participants.