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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Stepford Cuckoos (disambiguation).

Phoebe, Sofie (deceased), Esme and Celeste Stepford
Portrayed by Clemence Poesy
Known Aliases: Stepford Cuckoos
Affiliations: West Coast Annex
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Scary Little Blonde Girls

The Stepford Cuckoos - Sophie, Esme, Celeste and Phoebe - were the telepathic subjects of a long-running study of their unique group mind. When the study was shut down by the government, they were moved to what was considered the next best place for them - Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.


Names: Sophie (deceased), Esme, Celeste, and Phoebe Stepford

Aliases: None

Occupation: Students

First appearance: X-Men Mission: Scary Little Blonde Girls

Family: None known. 'Stepford' is the last name given to them by the scientists at the facility where they were being studied.

Nm esme.jpg Esme Nm peobe.jpg Pheobe
X-character.jpg Sophie - deceased Nm celeste.jpg Celeste


When the McKenna administration shut down all programs and facilities involving mutant experimentation, it was discovered that a group of four sisters, all telepaths, were the sole research subjects at a small laboratory. The government took the girls into custody and Charles Xavier was contacted and asked if he would take them on at the school as students, as they were badly in need of training and had no family that could be found. The pickup was more difficult than expected, as the girls were traumatized from being moved unexpectedly from the lab to a government safehouse and lashed out with their powers, but the X-Men successfully brought them back to the mansion. The girls adapted somewhat to life at the mansion, but preferred their own company and made few friends among the other students. They are not well-liked, as they tend to use their telepathy instinctively and have a penchant for nasty practical jokes.

In February 2008, the events on the astral plane and the stresses it inflicted on the mansion's telepaths drove them to an unwise decision. They created a telepathic avatar, hoping to clear their minds of all the fear and anxiety the situation had caused. Unfortunately, the avatar, who appeared as a fifth Stepford sister calling herself 'Mindee', took on a life of her own and started to make the girls' lives miserable. It took the intervention of Nathan Dayspring, Jane Doe, and Tabitha Smith to figure out what was happening and call in Charles for his expertise. A further incident revealed they were not yet ready to integrate into normal society. Consequently, although the girls have graduated high school, their unstable powers and their still-delayed emotional and social development mean that they will be staying at the mansion for the forseeable future.

In July 2011, tragedy struck - during an invasion of the mansion by a vengeful telepath and his minions, Sophie was killed through psychic overload. Her sisters barely survived and are undergoing intensive therapy in dealing with the loss of one-quarter of their 'mind'. The remaining sisters, however, decided they could not remain at the mansion where their sister had died. Instead they chose to move to California and stay at the West Coast Annex in August 2011 while they applied to transfer their studies to San Diego State University.


Individually, the Stepfords are strong telepaths. They also share a group mind, something whose limitations and possibilities have been little-explored during their time at the mansion. When they combine their powers, they are capable of overwhelming even a trained telepath's defenses through sheer force.


X-Men Mission: Scary Little Blonde Girls

Twisted Sister

Pas de Trois

Don't Close Your Eyes


PB: Clemence Poesy

Socked by:

Formerly socked by Alicia