Marius St. Croix

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Marius St. Croix
Portrayed by Aaron Pedersen
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Carmen Animi Vermium

With a scowl, he rubbed at his temples. Headaches never seemed to go away these days, especially not when he was straight.

Disgraced eldest son of Cartier St. Croix and brother to Monet, Marius became the victim of his own maladaptive powers and took unethical - if depserate - steps to cure himself, using his sister's 'perfect' DNA. He is now living in supported accomodation with significant brain damage from powers backlash.


Name: Marius St. Croix

First appearance: June 30, 2007

Family: St. Croix/Laverne Family: Cartier St. Croix (father), unnamed mother; Monet St. Croix (brother, disowned), Nicole and Claudette (younger twin sisters); Marius Laverne (half-brother); 'Grandfather' (maternal grandfather).


The eldest son of the media baron, Cartier St. Croix, Marius spent his childhood and adolescence in exclusive private schools, where he excelled at sports and was academically gifted.

All of this changed once his powers, a form of mal-adaptive telepathy characterised by psychic “worms” that were able to eat into any given psyche, including his own, manifested, requiring him to repeatedly empty the worms into other minds, to avoid doing too much damage to himself. He began hearing voices as a result of the telepathy and feeling the effects of worms, both of which combined to force him into a lifelong cycle of self medication with legal and illegal drugs.

Marius dropped out of school and was unable to hold down a job, even with Cartier’s influence. He eventually became involved in small scale drug dealing in Bali, owing largely to the availability of drugs on the island at the time. Cartier’s influence was able to save him from jail time and further consequences after he was arrested for dealing and other things whilst in Bali, the event prompting Cartier to disown him.

He spent most of the next fifteen years in and out of unskilled jobs and doing periodic stretches in jail as he would turn to minor dealing and petty crime whenever he was unable to find work.

His self medication and addiction problems eventually led to kidney failure, among other medical issues, including distorted thought patterns caused by his psychic worms. Faced with his own death, Marius attempted to use his psychic worms to erase his sister Monet’s mind in order to steal her body.

This failed and the consequent powers backlash caused significant brain damage.

Marius is now living in supported accommodation.


Low-level maladaptive telepathy, characterised by psychic worms that are capable of eating into people’s minds. Unable to turn his powers off, the worms continually ate into Marius’ own mind if he didn’t periodically remove them by expelling them into others’ minds. Marius may have also possessed the ability to telepathically swap his consciousness into a body that was "hollowed out" by his psychic parasites, but this ability had never been tested.


Carmen Animi Vermium


Socked by: Dex

PB: Aaron Pedersen