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St. Croix/Laverne Family
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Cartier and Barbara St. Croix; Marius, Nicole and Claudette St. Croix; Amanti Laverne
Affiliations: Monet St. Croix and Marius Laverne
Socked By: Rossi, Dex, Tapestry
Introduction: Bleeding

The immediate family of Monet St. Croix and Marius Laverne, consisting of Cartier St. Croix (father), Barbara St. Croix (Monet's mother), Amanti Laverne (Marius' mother), Nicole and Claudette St. Croix (their twin sisters/half-sisters), and Marius St. Croix II (their elder brother/half brother).


First appearance: Cartier and Amanti (onscreen): October 21, 2006, Barbara St. Croix: June 8, 2007, Marius St. Croix II: June 30, 2007

Cartier St. Croix
father of Monet and Marius
Cartier st croix.jpg
Of French-Moroccan heritage and one of Australia's preeminent media moguls, Cartier's first appearance took the form of an email pleading Xavier to assist him with his unmanageable daughter Monet. He is married to Monet's mother, Barbara St. Croix. Despite his tendency to produce "unique" children he is an unexpectedly decent human being. Cartier is tall, dark-complected, wears gold wire-rimmed glasses, and is the progenitor of Marius' eyebrows -- as well as the St. Croix Nose.

PB: Mehdi Ouazzani

Barbara St. Croix
mother of Monet
Barbara st croix.jpg
An Australian Aborigine and Cartier's wife of many years, Barbara remarkably failed to divorce him despite knowledge of an affair which spawned an illegitimate child. She and Cartier met at a rugby game.

PB: Justine Saunders

Marius St. Croix II
Elder brother/half brother
Eldest child of Cartier. His father was forced to disown him for crimes not yet disclosed. Cartier used his fate as a cautionary tale for his other children, with various success. Named for his paternal grandfather. Due to a run-in with Monet in 2007, it was discovered that Marius the elder possessed a maladaptive mutation; the ability to create "psychic parasites" that could destroy a person's mind. Marius intended to infect his sister with these parasites and then usurp her body to avoid the eventual physical degradation that came as a side effect of his powers and extensive drug use. However, this plot was thwarted, and Marius currently resides in a nursing home in a semi-catatonic state. For further information, see his individual page

PB: Aaron Pedersen

Nichole St. Croix
Younger sister/half sister, twin to Claudette
Nichole st croix.jpg
One of twin girls, the youngest of Cartier's five children. They are much beloved by their sister Monet, and thus far the only offspring of Cartier not to do anything remarkably reprehensible. She straightens her hair and is more reserved than her sister.

PB: Melissa Gibson

Claudette St. Croix
Younger sister/half-sister, twin to Nichole
Claudette st croix.jpg
One of twin girls, the youngest of Cartier's five children. They are much beloved by their sister Monet, and thus far the only offspring of Cartier not to do anything remarkably reprehensible. More friendly than her sister, she tends towards curls and cuteness.

PB: Melissa Gibson

Amanti Laverne
mother to Marius Laverne
Amanti laverne.jpg
The daughter of both French and Moroccan privilege, Amanti engaged Cartier in an extramarital affair shortly after the birth of Monet and then promptly forced him into yet another stint as expectant father. Their romance cooled, but Amanti and Cartier maintained a close relationship regarding their son. Although she feels no need whatsoever to filter her opinions of Marius' stupider antics, she was also the one who convinced Cartier to stop respecting their son's long-standing wish for isolation after his mishap in Vitiation as "it has become increasingly apparent that those wishes are idiotic." Currently she resides in Brisbane. Amanti is attractive and impeccably well made-up. She shares many traits with her son, including fantastic hair and the ability to carry on an entire conversation without once requiring the input of an outside party. Astonishingly, Cartier has never considered leaving his wife for her.

PB: Aure Atika

"Gateway"/Real name unknown
maternal grandfather to Monet
Full blood Aboriginal, "Grandfather", as Monet calls him, has the ability to teleport and something of a wicked sense of humour, happily dumping his hapless granddaughter in the middle of Xavier's lake if she gives him cheek. He is a man of few words.

PB: Burum Burnum

Other Relatives: Marius St. Croix I (mutual paternal grandfather)


The St. Croix family is considered Australian 'royalty' - they have had controlling shares in the Australian media for several generations and have considerable wealth. The current generation, however, is known more for its antics than for its achivements, with the eldest son being disowned, the eldest daughter sent to school in the States after being expelled from almost every private school available in Austalia, and illegitimate son Marius Larvne openly acknowledged and accepted by both his father and his father's wife.



[1] - Cartier leaves a voicemail on Charles' answering machine pleading for help in finding his missing son.


[2] - After a little over a year without direct contact, Cartier and Amanti appear unannounced after Vitiation when their son ends up in the Medlab yet again.

[3] - Amanti and Ororo discuss Marius' future after the events of Bleeding and Vitiation.

[4] - Forge broaches a possible treatment for Marius' maladaptive mutation with Cartier.

Carmen Animi Vermium

Associated PCs

Marius Laverne

Monet St. Croix


These NPCs were jointly created by players Mel and Tapestry, the latter of whom applied for her PC not knowing much of the family had already been established in the game.

In the original Marvel comic Cartier was alternately portrayed as white and black. Tapestry went with the latter because that's how he was depicted in the only issue where the character was actually shown interacting with his children. But mostly because she just gave up.


Socked by: Rossi (Barbara), Tapestry (Cartier, Amanti)