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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Nicholas Gleason
Wolfcub Card.png
Portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Codename: Wolfcub
Affiliations: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters- graduate
Birthdate: May 2, 1992
Journal: Wolf's Howlings
Player: Available for Applications

Currently amnesiac after the attack on his gradation class and subsequent disappearance, "John" has gone to Muir Island to work as an orderly and hopefully regain his memories.


Character Journal: Wolf's Howlings

Real Name: Nicholas Gleason

Codename: Wolf Cub

Aliases: "John Doe"

First Appearance: June 10, 2009

Date of Birth: May 2nd, 1992

Place of Birth: Sun Prairie, WI

Citizenship: American

Relatives: William Gleason (Father – Deceased); Veronica Gleason (Mother – Deceased); Natalie Gleason (Sister – Younger); Kurt Sefton (Adopted Father)

Education: Highschool graduate, EMT training

Relationship Status: Single - previously in a relationship with Catseye, but currently unable to remember her.

Occupation: EMT/orderly

Team Affiliation:



Nick was the first of two children born to a particularly close-knit family in central Wisconsin. His father, a Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was very controversial in his stance to support and embrace the newly found mutant population, claiming that they are just another example of a minority population that needs all the support we can give them. His mother, a baker at a local pastry shop, devoted almost all of her free time to insure that Nick and his younger sister, Natalie, were well taken care of. It was a quiet, peaceful existence until a fateful day in Nick’s fifth grade class.

Being a scrawny kid, Nick was often the subject of much ridicule and bullying. One day an older boy took it a bit too far, pushing a young Nick over a bench, and breaking the boy’s arm. Nervous about what would happen if he was caught, the bully ran, leaving Nick alone, hurt, and consumed by anger. In his rage, Nick’s dormant mutant gene was triggered, spawning a transformation into a werewolf form. Still enraged, Nick crashed into his classroom, were he scratched the bully across the face and sprinted into the woods before anyone really knew what happened.

Embarrassed by his powers, Nick only shared his secret with his father. Although shocked, William Gleason still loved his son, making sure to protect him from the prying eyes of a judging world. Although William did his best to hide Nick from the view of others during his transformation, some spottings were made of a mysterious wolf-man in Wisconsin. But they all seemed relatively harmless until a hunter witnessed Nick transform in the woods. Running into town, the hunter began screaming about a freak he just saw. Unfortunately, the bar was the town meeting location for the Anti-Mutant group known as The Friends of Humanity.

Members of The FOH convinced the town not only that Nick was a mutant, but that his family needed to be punished for harboring one of his kind. In the middle of the night, The F.O.H. set the Gleason’s house on fire, trying to end the scourge they perceived. Nick, who was still in the woods after his transformation back to his human form, smelled the fire and ran to the house. Upon seeing the house on fire, Nick summoned all of his strength and triggered his first controlled transformation. He ran into the blazing home, but unfortunately was already too late to save his parents. He did escape the blaze with his sister in tow before leaving his past scorched behind him.

The next day Nick anonymously left his sister outside of the Milwaukee Police Department, knowing that they would be able to find a place more apt to raising the girl. He then left to find a quiet spot in the forest. While there, Nick realized how much his mutant powers had harmed those that cared about him. Seeing no other way out, Nick tried slashing his wrists with an old axe he found in the forest. But his story didn’t end there as an unknown stranger, brought the injured Nick to a mutant-friendly hospital in Northern Illinois. Nick most likely would have been released back into the real world if a nurse hadn’t walked in and saw him transform into his wolf form while trying to regain consciousness. After making sure that it was safe to reenter the room a new associate found his way into the room, Nathaniel Essex, told Nick about a special school that taught mutants to use their abilities. Seeing no way to sink down any further, Nick began making his way towards Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersafter making final arrangements with Essex.

Living At The X-Mansion

Nick was left at the mansion by Dr. Essex and was greeted by Shiro Yoshida, who became a reluctant mentor to the boy. He moved into a room with Johnny Gallo. Although still not knowing where everything is in the mansion, he has begun to be able to make his way around. He is still uncomfortable around others, but has begun to form a few friendships with other students, especially Catseye who has been shown to calm Nick. He hasn't partaken in many of the activities, although he was convinced to attend the Pride celebration in New York by some of his classmates and professors. However, things began to calm down for the boy after two events, his mentoring under the wing of a once reluctant Shiro, and the start of a relationship with Catseye.

Problems with Control

After his tragic accident in Japan, Shiro left the mansion for Muir Island, leaving Nick in a bit of a haze searching for a new mentor. Also, he was shaken a bit by a confrontation by Jay Guthrie and Forge over his relationship with Catseye. However, his continuing romantic ties with the cat girl were enough to keep the boy grounded until late 2009. But after taking on the lead role in a play, Nick was subjected to torment by a new villain, Regan Claremont, making the boy and his fellow students believe they had fallen into a version of Victorian London. Nick, in his wolf-form nearly attacked the other students, who were now lead by Julian Keller, who was trying to convince the other students to put him down. But Catseye was able to calm down Nick, and eventually Professor Sefton broke the illusion.

After the play, Nick became even more withdrawn. But Professor Sefton tried to get through to the boy, eventually leading him in an exercise against his rival, Julian. But the exercise went horribly wrong, with the boy scratching Julian and fleeing the mansion. During his run from the school, he stumbled across The Purifiers, a group of religious zealots trying to sacrifice a mutant in the name of God's work. Nick with the help of a group sent to rescue him were successful in saving the boy, but not before Nick was confronted by his sister, a new member of the group.

Back at the mansion, Nick was broken in the infirmary, but was given a light of hope. Kurt, noticing his student being extremely distraught, made a surprise offer to adopt him. An offer that Nick has accepted.

Reuniting with his Sister and Apparent Death

At the end of the 2009-2010 school year, Nick received an e-mail from his sister asking for help getting away from Matthew Risman. Believing that his sister had reformed, the boy convinced Kurt to retrieve his sister.

But it was not to be, as Natalie's presence in the mansion was meant only to gain information to help The Purifiers and Reavers to invade the mansion during Nick's graduation. During the battle, Nick jumped in front of a shot from Donald Pierce aimed at Julian Keller, opening up a huge gash in the boy. After Pierce was subdued by Keller and Kurt Sefton, they came to the shocking realization that Nick was gone despite not being in any condition to walk away himself.

While several members of the school continue to look for the boy, no sign or trace has been seen of him since graduation.

Finding "John"

On February 9th, 2011, Kurt and Julian made a surprising discovery while helping the accidents of a minor plane accident. One of the first responders appeared to be Nick, with one problem, he had no idea who they were or about Xavier's. After convincing the boy to accompany them to dinner, they eventually had him recount a story of waking up on an operating table, and turning into a large wolf to escaped. Convinced they were talking to Nick, they eventually convinced him to come back to the mansion. There, the Professor agreed with their assessment that they had most likely found an amnesic Nick, but concluded that it would be dangerous for himself or any of the other telepaths in the mansion to attempt to investigate his mind as combined with the recent trauma might be too much for the boy. In the mean time, "John" as he called himself remained at the mansion investigating a life that he doesn't remember. In January 2012, he discussed his situation with Charles and it was decided that a change of environment might help. As a result, he relocated to Muir Island, to work as an orderly and continue therapy.

He continued to be plagued by dreams of his old life, however. In January 2013 he reached out to Kurt, asking if he had ever owned a purple cat. In April 2014 he finally returned to the mansion to try and learn more about himself there. He re-met Catseye when he caught her spying on him, and the conversation jogged his memories.

Always reclusive, he continued his habit of laying low throughout 2014. Following his non-appearance after the Dark Phoenix Saga, he is counted as one of the "disappeared".

Physical Characteristics

Height: Normal – 5’6”; Wolf-Form – 5’10

Weight: Normal – 150 lbs; Wolf-Form – 230 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other Features: In his wolf-form, Wolf Cub’s entire body is covered by fur that’s the same color as his normal hair. His mouth also elongates into a snout, and his ears stretch out and become pointed in this form as he grows larger during the transformation as well.



Nick can transform his body into a near Werewolf-like form. Besides the physical growth associated with this transformation, he also gains enhanced senses (with enhanced night vision as well as the ability to hear and smell things for several meters past that of a human threshold), strength (with that of about 2 normal men), speed (with the ability to reach speeds of close to 29 MPH at a full sprint), agility (with the ability to leap close to 3.5 meters in the air), reflexes, coordination, balance, and endurance. Also in this form, Nick’s fingers and toes gain razor-sharp claws that along with the fangs in his mouth are often used as weapons. Originally, Nick could not control his transformations, instead only shifting at times of emotional arousal. Certain events have allowed for him to also gain the ability to transform into his wolf-form at will, however in periods of intense emotions he has been known to trigger an unwanted shift. A drawback to the transformation is that Nick cannot control his own emotions very well while transformed. He becomes almost animalistic, and in extreme cases, has been known to go almost completely feral. His mind becomes much more instinctual, seeking his basic needs such as food and protection from harm. Although with age he has become much more adept at controlling these emotions, he does have difficulty with control especially when flying into bouts of rage. Certain people at the mansion, most noticeably Catseye have been shown to have a calming effect on Nick, allowing him to control his emotions in his wolf form more than usual.


Nick always carries a pair of reading glasses on his person.


  • Nick was known for being a prankster before his powers manifested.
  • He is an aspiring student of theatre.
  • His favorite book is Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew"

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Player Icon Base: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Meta Trivia

Craig brought Nick into the game in June 2009 and played him until January 2012. He returned in January 2013 but was unable to stay and was removed from the game for non-contact and non-activity in January 2015.