Malibu Madness

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Malibu Madness
Dates run: 6, 24-27 August 2009
Run By: Ryan
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"In the matter of Green Versus Green, after careful consideration of all factors and testimonies given here in this court. It is the opinion and decision of the duly empowered servant of the great state of California, that custody of Ryan Green should be awarded to Michael Green. All other arrangements for separation of assets have been agreed upon by both parties. The cause for concern in this case is the mother's ability to provide a stable household while working so many jobs, which would have an adverse effect upon the development of a healthy psyche within her son. While the court does recognize the need for a maternal influence in a boy's life, we are not restricting visitation rights, so long as the child is not endangered in Miss Green's care."

Things all go wrong when the New Mutants head to the Keller Malibu House for the end of summer.

Part 1 of the Wayward Sons arc.


Julian Keller, Inez Temple, Doreen Green, Catseye, Angelica Jones, Yvette Petrovic, Johnny Gallo, Meggan Szardos, Nicholas Gleason, Fred Dukes - Phase 1, Victor Borkowski

William Keller, Cassandra Morgan, Blake Carter, Cameron Beckwith, Maureen Green, Michael Green, Ryan Green, Sean Gallchobhair, Captain Stu, Simon Gutierrez


August 6, 24-31 2009

Plot Summary

On a clear blue day William Keller showed up at the mansion with a deal for his son: go til the end of the month without spending more than $500, and he and his friends could come out to the Malibu beach house before school started back up. It was obvious that he was not expected to be able to complete this challenge. On August 24th, 2009, the a group of young mutants set out for a week of fun in the sun in Malibu. By the end of the week, nothing would ever be the same again.

Upon arrival the group discovered the Malibu beach house empty, with only a note left behind by William Keller essentially reading 'family went to Hawaii' as their welcoming committee. A call was made and an agreement reached that they will be allowed to stay there so long as the older kids keep track of the younger ones and Angelica is in charge due to her trainee status.

The next day, Julian and Doreen were walking along the beach when they ran into Cassandra "Cas" Morgan and Blake Carter from their old High School. The humans started to pick on the two outcasts, which caused Julian to nearly fling them into the ocean. Doreen was able to get him to back down and the two head back to the beach house. Meanwhile, Yvette ran into an old friend, Cam, who she had developed a crush on during their last meeting. Later in the day, Dori headed home to see her mother, Maureen Green, where her mother's lawyer informed her that she is now required to show up to court the next morning for a competency hearing.

The following morning Doreen went to the LA County Courthouse where it became increasingly obvious that her mother and father weren't going to work things out; Dori spent the rest of the day with her mother after her father snubbed her in court.

The next day she returned to the beach house while her mom was at work. Accompanied by more people this time, Dori headed down to the beach and was again confronted by the bullies from her old high school. The bullies were playing beach volleyball and the trippers challenged them to a game with the stakes being beach rights. The bullies underestimated the all mutant team and were sent off the sands in disgrace. Meanwhile, out at sea, Catseye and a couple other trippers take their first snorkeling adventure.

The next day at the beach, Yvette meets up with Cam for psuedo-date, which goes well. Meanwhile Julian misinterprets an interaction between Nick and Angel and found himself getting jealous- thus driving him to Inez. Doreen gets asked to come back to court for some more questions. There, her father's lawyer badgered her, attempting to get her to go feral. Fortunately for Doreen, she controlled the impulse and didn't break down.

The next day, Doreen was due in court for the reading of the verdict and her friends accompanied her. Helpless to do anything, they listened as the judge divided up the estate, awarding custody of Ryan Green to Doreen's father. Saddened, Doreen spent the night at her mom's place as everyone else slunk back to the beach house. While everyone else sat around the television, Yvette went off to find Cam, only to discover him on a date with another girl. Upset about this sudden change of the status quo, she and Angel bonded over how boys are jerks.

The group's final day in paradise came with the next sunrise. While everyone enjoyed the sandy beaches (including Doreen's mom, under her daughter's insistence that some time outside would be good for her), Julian and a few others headed back to the house to get lunch ready. While walking up the path to the rear deck, the iron gate leading into the front yard from the street came flying over the house and embedded itself in the sand nearby. Charging toward the front yard, the trippers met Simon Gutierrez, a member of Julian's old street gang who was there to kill his old pal. After a brief scuffle, Simon and the thugs hurried off, Julian tries to chase them but was stopped by Angel & Yvette. The incident prompted the trippers to relocate to the West Coast Annex. Doreen's mother then made an open invitation which allowed anyone who wanted to to relocate to the the family farm for the night to do so. That night, the truth about the attacker was shared with the other New Mutants. Julian begged their silence and in fear that the Professor would expel him for his previous gang activity. Doreen and her grandfather talked about his being a feral mutants- a secret he'd kept for years.

The next morning, Julian headed back to the mansion with supervisors to get the last of the group's things and to survey the damage done in the fight. After making a call for some construction workers to come fix things up, before his parents return, he stops to look at a family portrait, whcih is new since he left for Xaviers. Unable to contain his frustration, Julian tore it in two with his telekinesis and took the only picture of his family that he's in with him as he leaves.

Boarding the corporate jet, the trippers return to Westchester County, sad that their trip has gone the way it has, but with many memories and forever changed from the experience.

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The working titles for this plot included Malibu Mutant Mayhem and Teenage Mutant Surfer Mutants.


Plotrunner: Ryan, Craig, Mon, Rossi

This plot was inspired by the New X-Men: Academy X- Hellion's mini-series and was originally intended to involve The Kingmaker.