Wayward Sons

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Wayward Sons
Dates run: August 6, 2009 - February 10, 2011
Run By: Ryan and Craig
Plots: Malibu Madness, Stage of Illusions, Carry On, Call of the Wild, Noise and Confusion, A Brother's Protection, A Betrayal of Heart, There Will Be Peace, I'll Be Home

"If you lose control again, I'll be more than happy to smack you so hard you shift back."

Two boys. Two pasts. A whole lot of trouble.


August 6, 2009 - February 10, 2011

Arc Summary

Both new arrivals to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersin 2009, Nicholas Gleason and Julian Keller had issues from the start. Over time, with misunderstandings and rivalries for the attention of certain girls, exacerbated by powers control issues, those issues became a full blown rivalry.

Their personal issues with each other were reflected by their family problems; rich scion Julian, former gang member, found it harder to escape his past than he had expected, with the Lords of War turning up to reclaim him, again and again; while orphan Nick rediscovered his younger sister, now a member of the virulently anti-mutant group, the Purifiers. As they faced their pasts, the two boys found themselves reluctantly working together and developed a slow mutant respect. It was this respect that led to Nick seemingly sacrificing his life to save Julian's at the graduation invasion.

When Nick was found, amnesiac and confused, by Kurt Sefton and Julian, it proved to be a way for Julian to attempt to repay the debt, a life for a life.

Arc Plots

Malibu Madness: Things all go wrong when the New Mutants head to the Keller Malibu House for the end of summer.

Stage of Illusions: When the students try to put on a production of Jekyll and Hyde, the stage becomes a bit too realistic for anyone's liking.

Carry On: A trip to Dori's grandfather's farm in California brings Julian back in touch with his past again.

Call of the Wild: After another encounter with Julian, Nick disappears into the woods. His trip leads him to a surprise from his past, and a new threat for the X-Men.

Noise and Confusion: Valentines Day is cut short by the sudden appearance of Julian's old friend and new nemesis, Simon Gutierrez, in Salem Center.

A Brother's Protection: Family ties demand that Nick respond when his little sister contacts him, seeking escape from the Purifiers.

A Betrayal of Heart: The Class of '10 is set to graduate at the Salem Center, but things are suddenly changed as Donald Pierce and The Reavers, accompanied by Matthew Risman and The Purifiers, crash the celebration.

There Will Be Peace: The Lords of War strike again, this time aiming at Julian's family.

I'll Be Home: Julian and Kurt's attempts to head out west to visit family are brought up short by the last person they expected to see working at an airport.

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With Nick's departure in January 2012, still amnesiac, there still remains a need for closure between him and Julian.


Plotrunner: Ryan and Craig

Ryan and Craig began formulating this arc not long after their arrival in the game and played it out over the next two years.